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Brogdin, George Commerce et entreprises
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Robertson to Smith Correspondence

File consists of correspondence from Peter Robertson to Seth Soper Smith regarding Mrs. Brown's balance sheet, undated.

Brogdin, George

Wing vs Gilchrist Financial Records

File consists of a list of debts of Charles Gilchrist to James A. Wing, George Brogdin and H. Ruttan, undated. Charles Gilchrist (1827-1912) was a constable in Port Hope in 1856.

Brogdin, George

David Prince Creditor Papers

File consists of balance sheets and correspondence related to creditor problems from David Prince, 1857. David Prince was the proprietor of a clothing and dry goods store and a cigar and cap factory on Walton Street.

Brogdin, George

Bank of Upper Canada vs Conger et al Legal Documents

File consists of a notice of Plead Declaration regarding the Bank of Upper Canada vs. Conger et al, 1860. Alfred Rubidge represented the Bank of Upper Canada; and George Brogdin represented Wilson Seymour Conger, James Ashford, Robert Mitchell (1798-1865) and John Ashford (d. 1869).

Brogdin, George