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Matthews-Wells Company fonds

  • CA ON00126 F56
  • Fondos
  • [193-?] - [196-?]

This fonds consists of photographs and textual records created and or received by the Matthew Wells Company in Guelph, Ontario during the course of their business activities. The photographs include aerial shots of the plant in Guelph and of one based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. There is also a photograph of the plant’s employees, a woman’s sport team and of the company’s products such as bottles of jams and jellies likely used for promotional or advertisement purposes. The textual components consist of the company’s stationary, examples of labels for use on their products, payment vouchers and a booklet entitled, NPPA Sponsored Fundamental Research Unraveling the Mysteries of Pickling, 70 Years of Progress: The Pickle Fair. There is no further arrangement to these records

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Harold Richards fonds

  • CA ON00259 SC81
  • Fondos
  • 1907-1983

Fonds consists of material related to Harold Richards’ activity as a bird bander. It includes banding records, banding registers, returns, schedules, daily logs of bird activity, daily registers, encounter reports, recovery reports, reference material and correspondence.

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Woodstock Barbers' Association

  • Item
  • 1927-1973, nd.

The fonds consists of records related to the operations of the Woodstock Barbers’ Association and is arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Legislation
Series 2: Minutes
Series 3: Financial
Series 4: Correspondence
Series 5: Petitions and Surveys
Series 6: Ontario Barbers’ Association
Series 7: Miscellaneous

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Oxford Pride fonds

  • Fondos
  • 2016 - ?

The fonds consists of records related to the operations and activities of the Oxford County Pride Committee, as well as the events and community outreach programs the committee organizes. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Publications
Subseries A: Pride Guide

Series 2: News Articles

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Spring Cheese Manufacturing Company fonds

  • Item
  • 1902, 1904, 1913

The fonds consists of legal records related to the pipeline used to convey water to the cheese company, as well as the sale of the factory in 1913.

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Les McKerral fonds

  • Item
  • 1938-1974, 1992-1999

The fonds consists of financial records created by Les McKerral, Woodstock Barber and range in dates from 1938 to 1999.

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Henry Vogan fonds

  • Item
  • 1900-1914

The fonds consists of one financial ledger created by Henry Vogan between the years 1900-1914.

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Ethel Canfield fonds

  • Item
  • 1888-1968

The fonds consists of records created and compiled by E.J. Canfield related to the history of Oxford County. It is arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Scrapbooks
Series 2: Notebooks
Series 3: Correspondence
Series 4: Publications
Series 5: Miscellaneous

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Wolverton S.S. No. 25 School collection

  • Item
  • 1868-1945

The fonds consists of records related to Wolverton S.S. No. 25, between the years 1868 and 1945, and are arranged into the following Series:

Series 1: Minutes
Series 2: Financial

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Garden Club of Burlington

  • Fondos
  • 1961-2002

Fonds predominantly consists of photographic albums and scrapbooks created and accumulated by the Garden Club of Burlington.

Roland L. Bird Political Records and Memorabilia Fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1910-2001

The fonds consist of primarily textual records of Roly Bird’s time in office as the mayor of Burlington. This includes meeting minutes, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, artwork, plaques, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous political files and records.

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Dr. F. W. Luney fonds

  • CA ON00279 SJH-F01
  • Fondos
  • 1907 - 1974

The Dr. F. W. Luney fonds consists of 14 series (and 2 subseries) of records chronicling his scholarly beginnings as a medical student at the University of Western Ontario, his appointment as Senior Pathologist at Victoria Hospital, and the extent of his professional career as Clinical Laboratory Chief at St. Joseph’s Hospital until his retirement in 1961. During his career, Dr. Luney would enlist in the Canadian Army Medical Services Division during WWI, establish a Clinical Pathology Laboratory at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1928, conduct extensive research in blood transfusion techniques, direct the opening of the Blood Bank Department and St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1945, establish private consulting services for smaller hospitals in southern Ontario, and create the Dr. F. W. Luney Fund to raise funds for the Medical Library at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Records of note include: well-maintained, original photographs of Dr. Luney and fellow classmates posing with a cadaver; records created to document body parts and organs donated to Luney’s private “Museum”; personal notebooks outlining his medical training and professional experiences; a selection of diplomas and certificates; records of his $5,000 donation to the Medical Library at St. Joseph’s Hospital; photographs depicting the two-person multiple syringe apparatus he invented; notes from lectures and seminars that he gave on pathology and blood transfusion-related subjects; and a 60th anniversary portrait of Dr. F. W. Luney with his fellow 1914 graduates.

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S.S. No. 6 West Zorra, Youngsville School fonds

  • Item
  • 1917, 1920, 1930-1963

The fonds consists of records related to S.S. No. 6 West Zorra, Youngsville School and are arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Daily Registers
Series 2: General Registers

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Eileen McKenzie fonds

  • Item
  • ca. 1931-1941, 1953

The fonds consists of records created and compiled by Eileen McKenzie related to local politics, the Board of Education, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1939, and Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953. It consists mostly of newspaper clippings, including ones that mention her husband, as well as a few invitations.

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George E.S. Crawford fonds

  • Item
  • 1859-1904

The fonds consists of records created by George E.S. Crawford and are arranged into the following Series:
Series 1: Diaries
Series 2: Accounts

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St. Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Ont. fonds

  • CA ON00279 F06
  • Fondos
  • 1890-2009

The fonds consists of essays, annals, a memoire, correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, financial papers, newspapers, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, floor plans, fact sheets, orientation booklets, bylaws, yearbooks, speeches, programmes, invitations, cards, newsletters, posters, flyers, press releases, membership roll, and certificates.

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Medaille Retreat House series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S094
  • Séries
  • 1969-2014

Series contains scrapbooks and photo albums, notes, cards, DVDs created and used by staff, meeting minutes, financial records from the Time Out program (1975-1980), program brochures, administrative records, annals from 1975-1990, newspaper articles about Medaille Retreat House, colour photographs, colour photograph negatives, and historical information about the retreat centre.

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Missions-St. Philippe d’Argenteuil series

  • CA ON00279 50-0009
  • Séries
  • 1985-1988

This series contains records related to the ministries in St. Philippe d’Argenteuil, Quebec, carried out by the Sisters of St. Joseph in the Pembroke diocese. The parish comprised about 550 families. The records contain annals, correspondence, photographs, a souvenir booklet, a newsclipping, and a few parish bulletins. The photographs depict the convent, Sister Constance Lacroix, one of two Sisters missioned there, and the church. The souvenir booklet celebrates the centennial of the arish in 1988. It is illustrated with photographs and is in French. The correspondence is in French and in English, and the primary correspondents are Sister Margaret Glofcheskie, the General Superior, Bishop Charles Valois, Sister Constance Lacroix, and two parish priests. The annals were kept by Sister Constance who arrived in the parish on August 31, 1985 to serve as the parish coordinator and a pastoral animator with the Laurentian School Board. The annals note interesting local events such as the feast of the cemetery held on the second Sunday in September during which people came to pray for the dead and to ensure the graves were decorated. As Sister Constance notes, “I felt that I could carry out what our first Sisters did in 1650, but I in 1986,” as she embarks on her ministry in the parish. She was to give guidance to parents for baptism, couples for marriage, and on burials. Sister Constance was joined in December 1986 by Sister Alice Meilleur.

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Missions-Ottawa series

  • CA ON00279 50-0018
  • Séries
  • 1964-2001

This series contains records related to the Ottawa, Ontario houses and ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the Pembroke diocese. The records contain annals, correspondence, photographs, and records related to renovations and property purchase such as invoices and a deed for the Wilbrod Street building. The annals are for Emmaus (Argyle Street) house, the Hull house, Laetare house, the Lebrun Street house, and the Wilbrod Street house. The Wilbrod Street house and the Lebrun Street house files contain a small number of photographs of the Sisters who lived at these houses as they took part in daily life, special events, and trips. Another file for Wilbrod Street contains a large number of photographs that were removed from an album, and depict the building, Sisters ministering in the community, and daily life. The series is interesting in that it shows experiments the Sisters undertook in community living and in vocation work.

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