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CA ON00402 ÉSHHS · Colección · 1969-1970, 1999-2001

The collection includes an incomplete series of the newspaper L'Écho des Jeunes (October 1999 to May 2001). A document listing the evening courses offered by Hearst High School in 1969-1970, is also part of the collection.

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Société des débats français fonds
CA ON00345 fonds 58 · Fondos · [1900]-1964, 1976-1995

The fonds contain files which document the functions of the Société des débats français. It includes constitutions ([1947-1948], 1957),minutes (1980-1984, by-laws (1941), correspondence (1910-1915, 1926-1948, 1957-1958, 1962-1964), four year reports (1984-1988), financial documents (1926-1927, 1951-1952, 1957-1958), debate reports (1933, 1940-1946, 1951), programs of debates (1934-1941), files of plays presented by the Society (1921-1922, 1925-1927, 1929-1930, 1934, 1938, 1940-1942, 1944), press releases (1933, 1944), a souvenir album (1924), guides, 1980-1995. It also includes photographs of copies pulled from the souvenir album.

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Barbara Elliott fonds
CA ON00340 f3629 · Fondos · 1977-1992

Fonds consists of correspondence re Commissioned ministry, 1977-1979; Minutes and correspondence of the Consultation on/Committee on Commissioned/Diaconal Ministry, 1980-1982; records re National Committee on Diaconal Ministers, 1984-1990; National Diaconal Association, 1984-1992; Minutes and correspondence of the Saskatchewan Diaconal Ministers meeting, 1980-1992; Correspondence re diaconal training at the Centre for Christian Studies, 1979-1990 and filed-based diaconal training, 1988-1992.

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Collection Yvon Morneau
CA ON00402 YM · Colección · 1953-1961

The collection contains nine photos, showing the logging village’s installations and members of the Morneau family, from 1953 to 1961.

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CA ON00419 YAM · Fondos · n.d., 1913-1973, predominant 1925-1973

Fonds contains the technical and operational files relating to the Canadian Marconi Co./Canadian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation operation of the Yamachiche wireless receiving station in Yamachiche QC, 1913-1973. It includes correspondence 1925-1931, some operational files, technical files on wireless receivers at the station and blueprints of receiver schematics 1934-1952; manuals and instruction books for receivers made by Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co., Canadian Marconi Co., Hasler Ltd., Northern Electric Co., Philips Telecommunications etc., 1942-1964. Operational files from the Canadian Overseas Telecommunications Corp. which include its corporate memos and procedures and various types of weekly and monthly technical reports, 1955-1971. A selection of logs for telegraph, telephone and graphs for wireless circuits to major cities in Europe, Asia and South America, 1963-1973. Also trade literature and catalogues produced by Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd. and other manufacturers, 1927-1963.

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W.H. Bartlett collection
CA ON00344 XZ5 MS A067 & XZ5 MS A068 · Fondos · 1960

The collection consists of original drawings by William Henry Barlett and other material collected by George Henry Virtue of Arthur Hall, Virtue and Co., Barlett's publisher. The collection consists of forty-nine wash drawings and pencil sketches, as well as books, primarily on religion and travel which are illustrated. The four books illustrated in the hard-cover album are: Footsteps of our Lord and his Apostles in Syria, Greece, and Italy, 1851; Pictures from Sicily, early 1853; The Pilgrim Fathers or The Founders of New England, in the Reign of James the first, late 1853; and Jerusalem Revisited, 1855. All were published in London by Arthur Hall, Virtue and Co.

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L.M. Montgomery Collection
CA ON00344 XZ5 MS A001-3, XZ1 MS A027-93, XZ1 MS A094, 097, XZ1 MS A098086-093, XZ5 MS A001-40 · Fondos · c. 1875-present

Collection consists of: photographs, negatives, videos, needlework, handwritten journals, scrapbooks, correspondence, microfiche of newspapers, books, author's will, papers relating to her estate and business and lawsuit with L.C. Page. fonds consists of the following series: Fonds is comprised of the following series: L.M.M. Publications L.M.M. Private Library L.M.M. Pictures L.M.M. Papers L.M.M. Journals L.M.M. Scrapbooks L.M.M. Artifacts L.M.M. Framed Photographs L.M.M. Videos

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L.M. Montgomery collection
CA ON00344 XZ5 MS A001-3, XZ1 MS A027-93, XZ1 MS A094, 097, XZ1 MS A098086-093 · Fondos · ca. 1875-present, predominant 1900-1935

Collection consists of: photographs, negatives, videos, needlework, handwritten journals, scrapbooks, correspondence, microfiche of newspapers, books, author's will, papers relating to her estate and business and lawsuit with L.C. Page. Fonds is comprised of the following series: L.M.M. Publications L.M.M. Private Library L.M.M. Pictures L.M.M. Papers L.M.M. Journals L.M.M. Scrapbooks L.M.M. Artifacts L.M.M. Framed Photos L.M.M. Videos

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Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS B021 and XZ1 MS B022 and XZ1 MS B023 and XZ1 MS B024 · Fondos · 1963-

Fonds consists of material created from the Workshop’s founding in 1963 through the late 1990s, and includes: correspondence; publicity and fundraising project event information; general financial ledgers; posters; sponsors' information; minutes for directors’ and committees’ meetings; programs; festival presentations; scripts, plays, bulletins; newsletters and other publications by PWM. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Administration XZ1 MS B021 Posters XZ1 MS B022 House Programs XZ1 MS B023 Publicity XZ1 MS B024 Performance Files XZ1 MS B025

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William Hutt fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS B020, XZ1 MS B027, XZ3 MS B020 · Fondos · 191?-2005

Fonds consists of materials created and collected by William Hutt in his personal life and professional career. The time period covered is 1910s to the present. The fonds is not organized in series. Approximately half the material is textual, and includes correspondence, reviews and articles, Hutt’s diary from the Second World War and scripts. Published plays served as Hutt’s rehearsal scripts and feature his annotations. As well, there are 34 videocassettes with recordings of his work, and a wide array of graphic materials (predominantly photographs, costume drawings and posters). Three plaques commemorate awards won by Hutt.

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Tony Van Bridge fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS B016000 - XZ1 MS B016216 · Fondos · 1924-2001

The fonds includes photographs, newspaper clippings, reviews and articles, personal correspondence, posters and other material.

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Gordon Armstrong fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS B012-B015 · Fondos · 1962-1996, predominant 1978-1996

Fonds consists of script, poetry and prose drafts, house programs, publicity materials, reviews and articles, grant applications, business and personal correspondence, interviews, clippings and magazines, relating to the life of Vancouver playwright Gordon Armstrong (1960-1996). Fonds also includes business records of the Betty Lambert Society and the O.H. Lettuce B. Fools of: Society, as well as the contents of six sketchbooks, from grade school art to professional design work.

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Eric Donkin collection
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS B007 · Fondos · 1917-1998

The fonds includes textual, audio and visual materials relating to Eric Donkin’s personal and professional life. It includes items collected by Donkin dating as far back as 1917. The fonds’ coverage ends in 1998. Records consist of scripts, house programs, a set of Stratford season brochures, production photographs, personal photographs, play books, script books, notebooks, scrapbooks, posters, reviews and articles, contracts, correspondence and finance files.

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Richard Rose fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A990-A993 · Fondos · 1970-2000

The fonds contains Richard Rose’s personal, academic and professional papers, in the form of correspondence, poetry, diaries, undergraduate notes and projects, reviews and articles, scripts, teaching materials, administration records, production files, conference files, and photographs. Graphic materials include posters, lighting designs, set designs and costume sketches. Fonds also includes film reels, videocassettes and audiocassettes pertaining to various productions. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Biography, correspondence, diaries, miscellaneous XZ1 MS A990; Undergraduate and graduate studies, technical and teaching projects, film XZ1 MS A991; Produced scripts (including opera, musical productions and dance) also workshops XZ1 MS A992; Miscellaneous unproduced scripts XZ1 MS A993; Oversize posters, designs, etc. XZ3 MS A990-A992

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Great Canadian Theatre Company Archives
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A980-995 · Fondos · 1975-

The fonds consists of financial records, scripts, newsletters, production files, administration files, programs, posters, reviews, pubilcity materials and photographs of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Performance Files Posters Performance Videotapes Administration Records General information GCTC Board meetings

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Necessary Angel Theatre Company fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A973-A979 · Fondos · 1976-1998

Fonds consists of house programs, reviews and articles, performance files, administration papers, a small amount of publicity materials and technical drawings, audio cassettes, video cassettes, slides, compact discs, and photographs, which document the Necessary Angel Theatre Company from its inception in 1978 to the present. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Publicity XZ1 MS A973 House Programs XZ1 MS A974 Technical Drawings XZ1 MS A975 Reviews and Articles XZ1 MS A976 Performance Files XZ1 MS A977 Administration XZ1 MS A978 Photographs XZ1 MS A979

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Playwrights Union of Canada fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A890 & XZ5 MS A891 & XZ1 MS A893-XZ1 MS A899 · Fondos · 1983-

The fonds includes administrative records, ca. 1970-86, a collection of plays published by Playwrights Union of Canada, and issues of the PUC newsletter, CanPlay, 1985-90. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Playwrights Union of Canada. Miscellaneous Records. XZ1 MS A890 Playwrights Union of Canada. Data Files. XZ5 MS A891 Playwrights Union of Canada. Plays. XZ1 MS A892 Playwrights Union of Canada. Newsletters. XZ1 MS A893

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Tomson Highway Script Collection
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A889 · Fondos · 1985-1999

The collection includes manuscripts of plays in draft and revised versions written by Highway between 1985 and 1999. Also included are one folder of miscellaneous correspondence and information, two published collections of reviews and articles on his work, and a videocassette containing a television biography. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Correspondence Scripts Reviews and Articles

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Native Earth fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A870-XZ1 MS A889 · Fondos · 1989

The fonds includes programs, reviews, photographs, audio and video tapes, performance and administrative files, scripts, posters, and slides, 1982 to the present. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Native Earth. Reviews and Articles. General. XZ1 MS A870000 Native Earth. Reviews and Articles. Production XZ1 MS A870001 Native Earth. House Programs. XZ1 MS A871 Native Earth. Publicity. Promotional Materials. XZ1 MS A872000 Native Earth. Publicity. Press Releases. XZ1 MS A872001 Native Earth. Publicity. Newsletters. XZ1 MS A872002 Native Earth. Posters. XZ1 MS A873 Native Earth. Technical Drawings. XZ3 MS A874 Native Earth. Performance Files. XZ1 MS A875 Native Earth. Production Photos. XZ1 MS A876 Native Earth. Company Portraits. XZ1 MS A877 Native Earth. Set Models. XZ3 MS A878 Native Earth. Performance Videotapes. XZ1 MS A879 Native Earth. Administration. XZ1 MS A880 Native Earth. Administration. Financial. XZ1 MS A881 Native Earth. Unproduced Reading Scripts. XZ4 MS A882 Native Earth. Designs. XZ3 MS A883 Native Earth. Audio-visuals. XZ1 MS A884 Highway Performance Files. XZ1 MS A888 Highway Scripts. XZ1 MS A889

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CanStage fonds
CA ON00344 XZ1 MS A850-869 · Fondos · 1987-

Fonds consists of files regarding the administration, operation, and creation of CanStage Theatre productions. Files are comprised of house programs, performance files, production photos, reviews and articles, posters, technical drawings, press releases, publicity, promotional materials. Fonds consists of the following series: CanStage Performance Files - XZ1 MS A850 CanStage House Programs - XZ1 MS A851 CanStage Publicity - XZ1 MS A852 CanStage Reviews and Articles - XZ1 MS A853 CanStage Production Photos - XZ1 MS A854 CanStage Play Development - XZ1 MS A855 CanStage Administration - XZ1 MS A856 CanStage Posters - XZ3 MS A851 CanStage - Technical Drawings - XZ3 MS A860

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