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Eramosa bridge

This photograph shows the Eramosa bridge and Eramosa Hill as well as the Guelph Carriage Works.

Wyndham Street

This photograph shows the intersection of Wyndham and Woolwich Streets with Eramosa Road. To the right is Trafalgar Square. The New Wellington Hotel is shown on the left and from there, proceeding to the right of the image can be seen the factor...

Alfred A. Baker

This photograph shows Alfred A. Baker, First Division Court Clerk, embracing all Wellington County (1844-1889). More detailed biographical information can be found on the back of the photograph.

Crowe family

This photograph shows, from left to right, Robert Crowe, Lt. Col. Charles R. Crowe, and John Aldenby Crowe.

Stevenson family

This photograph, probably a copy, shows the Stevenson family standing on the porch of their home "Maplebranch" at the corner of Grange and Stevenson Streets.

Speed River

This photograph looks west over Guelph across the Speed River from Palmer Street.

Guelph looking east

This photograph looks east across the Speed River towards Arthur Street. The second house from the left is near where the Heffernan footbridge now crosses.


This view of Guelph looks westwards across the downtown.

General store

This photograph shows the General Store and Post Office in Killean Ontario.

Rockwood Academy

This photograph shows students standing in front of the Rockwood Academy.

William Wetherald

This photograph shows William Wetherald, founder of the Rockwood Academy.

Donald McCaig

This photograph shows Donald McCraig, 2nd principal of the Rockwood Academy (1832-1905) and his wife Ellen A. Smith.

General Hospital

This photograph shows the first General Hospital in Guelph, located on Delhi Street.

Goldie's Mill flood

This photograph shows Goldie's Mill and the Speed River flooding over its banks after Goldie's dam broke in the 1920's.

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