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Toronto General Hospital
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Annual General Meeting minutes

The first Annual General Meeting for the University Health Network occurred on September 15th, 1999. Series includes the contents of a binder labeled “Annual General Meeting Minutes Jun 1947-2005”. This binder included minutes of the University Health Network’s Annual General Meetings (1999-2005) as well as the minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Subscribers of its predecessor corporations The Toronto Hospital (1987-1998) and the Toronto General Hospital (1947-1986). The original purpose of these meetings was to elect Trustees. The annual meeting was extended to several meetings in 1947 and 1949 due to a lack of nominations. Minutes from September 17, 1997 are missing. Most minutes are signed originals.

University Health Network. Board of Trustees


Series consists of photographs accumulated by the Public Affairs and Communications department from their predecessor departments. Files 3.6.1 to 3.6.5 are large composite class photographs of students in the Armed Service Radiologists School at the Toronto General Hospital. Files 3.6.6 to 3.6.7 are photographs that were originally mounted and framed for display and had exhibit captions affixed to the back of one of the frames. The caption for file 3.6.6 read:

Private Patient’s Pavilion, 1940
The first of a series of photographs taken in the early 1940s. Most likely taken as a marketing tool for the Private Patient’s Pavilion (now called the Main Pavilion). View taken from the south, the Fell Pavilion now sits on the driveway.

The caption for file 3.6.7 read:

New Aid for Medical Research, circa 1967
“One of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes has been installed in Canada’s leading cancer research centre as the centennial gift of The Canada Life Assurance Company. Here Dr. T.C. Brown, chief pathologist of Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, examines the 3,200-pound instrument with A. H. Lemmon, president of Canada Life and president of the Canadian Life Insurance Association. The EM 300 will be used in the fight against cancer, arthritis, muscle degeneration, and diseases of the kidney, liver and skin. It is capable of magnifying an image 500,000 times.” 1967 photograph label.

Miscellaneous publications and minutes

Series consists of publications, minutes, correspondence, reports, and staff handbooks which were accumulated by the Department of Public Affairs and Communication. Files 2.9.48 to 2.9.52 appear to be correspondence and documents sent to Gloria Bishop, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications from the President’s Office.

Board of Trustees fonds

Fonds includes eight series of minutes:

8.1 TGH/TTH Board of Trustees minutes
8.2 Toronto Western Hospital Board of Trustees Minutes
8.3 Toronto Western Hospital Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Members
8.4 Audit Committee minutes
8.5 Clinical Quality Assurance Committee minutes
8.6 Finance Committee minutes
8.7. Human Resources Committee minutes
8.8 Planning Committee minutes

The Toronto Hospital. Board of Trustees

Miscellaneous records

Series consists of bound minutes and documents accumulated by the Office of the President. Much of the material relates to the Toronto General Hospital. File 9.1.4 includes a banking by-law from October 16, 1989.

The Toronto Hospital. Office of the President

Correspondence & Administration

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence accumulated by William Louth who served as TTH Executive Vice-President from 1986 to1992. Most files relate to the TGH/TWH Merger.


Sub-series consists of a very small sample of the minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees and its various sub-committees.

File 1.3.5 contains minutes of sub-committees to consider practical issues relating to the plans to move the TGH to its College St./University Avenue location: Committee to Consider the Reorganization of the TGH Constitution and Government; Committee to Consider Provisions for Treating Pulmonary Tuberculosis at TGH; Building Committee (re: choosing an architect); and the Committee on the Reorganization of the Medical Staff. File 1.3.6 contains a series of excerpts from the minutes of the Board of Trustees March 1926-April 1930, concerning plans for expansion, the building fund campaign, construction and opening of new buildings.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Membership Lists

Sub-series consists of lists of members of the Board of Trustees.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Correspondence with Medical Advisory Board

Sub-series consists of correspondence between the Assistant Superintendent, Medical and the Medical Advisory Board concerning the medical management of the Hospital.

Sub-series has three files:
3.2.1. Correspondence, 1941
3.2.2. Correspondence, 1942
3.2.3. Correspondence, 1943

Toronto General Hospital. Office of the Assistant Superintendent, Medical

Emergency Department Committee records

Sub-series consists of minutes of meetings and related correspondence, reports and other materials distributed and considered at meetings.

Toronto General Hospital. Emergency Department Committee

Infections Committee records

Sub-series consists of minutes of meetings and related correspondence, reports and other materials distributed and considered at meetings.

Toronto General Hospital. Infections Committee

Operating Room Committee records

Sub-series consists of minutes of meetings and related correspondence, reports and other materials distributed and considered at meetings.

Minutes for 1968 are missing.

Toronto General Hospital. Operating Room Committee


Sub-series consists of one file including lists of members of the Medical Advisory Board and its committees for the years 1971-1972:

4.16.1 List of members of the Medical Advisory Board and its committees for 1971-1972

Public Relations Department records

Series consists of copies of two staff/community publications: Generally Speaking and Monitor; issues of the Medical Staff Bulletin; newspaper clippings pertinent to the TGH supplied under contract to the Department by the Canadian Press Clippings Service; and various materials associated with the Department’s coordination of the Hospital’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 1979.

The series includes five sub-series:

7.1 Generally Speaking [1982-1989]
7.2 Monitor [1968-1989]
7.3 Medical Staff Bulletin [1970-1972]
7.4 Newspaper clippings [1976-1980]
7.5 TGH Sesquicentennial Celebrations [1978-1979]

Toronto General Hospital. Public Relations Department

Interdisciplinary Task Force of Behavioural Sciences and Allied Groups records

Series consists of minutes of meetings and the Task Force’s interim and final reports. The final report contains the Task Force’s recommendations and administrative summaries of the various departments represented in the Task Force.

Toronto General Hospital. Interdisciplinary Task Force of Behavioural Sciences and Allied Groups

Social Service Department records

Series consists of a copy of a booklet published in 1950 by the Social Service Association: Social Service in the Toronto General Hospital 1911-1949: A History of the Association and an Account of the Growth and Development of the Social Service Department.

Toronto General Hospital. Social Service Department

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