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Thamesford Mill fonds
Item · 1917-1923, 1933

The fonds consists of financial records related to the operations of the Oxford Mill in Thamesford.

George Hogg and Sons Flour Mill (Oxford Mill)
Glenna Murdoch fonds
Item · 1923-1988

The fonds consists of records related to Glenna Murdoch, and mostly contains personal diaries and accounts written by her. It is arranged into the following boxes:

Box 1: 1923 – 1932

Box 2: 1933 – 1942

Box 3: 1946 – 1954

Box 4: 1955 – 1967

Box 5: 1968 – 1975

Box 6: 1976 – 1980

Box 7: 1981 – 1984

Box 8: 1985 - 1988

Glenna Murdoch
Item · 1839-1855

The fonds consists of Marriage Records compiled by various ministers throughout the District of Brock (later Oxford County) and surrounding townships from 1838-1855.

Various Ministers
Miriam Burland Fonds
CA ON00419 BUR · Fonds · 1924-1983

Fonds consists of correspondence, notes, drafts, publications, clippings photographs, educational aids (star map and constellation abbreviations), and other material from the academic, professional, and post-retirement career of Miriam Burland. University records include a scrapbook from a tour she took as an undergraduate, a graduation photograph, and notes taken from the astrophysics course given by A. V. Douglas at McGill University from 1926-1927. Records from her career at the Dominion Observatory include photographs as well as correspondence and texts she wrote as an astronomer and later as a public relations education officer. The fonds also contains materials related to her work with the Ottawa Centre section of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and with the National Museum of Science and Technology. The records are arranged in rough chronological order.

Burland, Miriam S.
Mary Grey fonds
CA ON00419 GRE · Fonds · 1866 – 1977, predominant 1974-1992

Fonds primarily consists of material accumulated during Mary Grey’s career at the National Museum of Science and Technology (renamed in 1999 the Canada Science and Technology Museum). The fonds is arranged into three series: GRE-1) Astronomy Lantern Slides; GRE-2) Curatorial career files; and 3) Second World War memorabilia. GRE-1) consists of 524 lantern slides illustrating 23 different subjects. The slides were collected by Mary Grey over her career. Series GRE-2) Curatorial Career consists of slide shows, photographs and research material. The series primarily consists of her work on Haley’s comet. GRE-3) Second World War memorabilia consists of correspondence and ephemera related to several women during the war.

Grey, Mary W., 1927-1996
CA ON00419 DOC · Collection · 1903-1971

Fonds primarily consists of material on the history of the Dominion Observatory, and technical and graphic material covering its 15-inch telescope and lens. The fonds is arranged into two series: DOC-1) Textual records; and DOC-2) Photographs. Series DOC-1 consists of 12 files of textual records on the history of the Dominion Observatory, including original correspondence, programming, and research documents created by Observatory staff, as well as subject research files created by Museum staff. The files often contain a few photographs that relate directly to the textual material in their files. Series DOC-2 consists of photographs, slides and negatives illustrating the construction of the Dominion Observatory, the 15-inch telescope, staff, interior and exterior images of the building. The lantern slides in the series seem to have been used for public lectures and educational programs. There are also approximately 300 black and white 9.5 x 11.5 cm photographic prints that may be observational data.

Dominion Observatory (Canada)
Lanty S. Youngs
Item · 1831-1876, nd.

The fonds consists of records relating to Lanty Shannon Youngs, including property records, maps, and correspondence.

Item · 1916-04-26 - 1919-03-25

The fonds consists of one minute book belonging to the 12th Line Red Cross Club.

12th Line Red Cross Club
Item · 1855-1885

The fonds consists of three bound ledgers related to the day to day operations of the North Oxford and West Zorra Road Company between the years 1855 to 1885.

North Oxford and West Zorra Road Company
Item · 1964-2002, nd.

The fonds consists of records related to the activities of the Blenheim Plowmen’s Association and are arranged into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Minutes
Series 2: Financial
Series 3: Directors and Members
Series 4: Plowing Matches
Subseries A: Locations
Subseries B: judges
Subseries C: Questionnaires
Subseries D: Affidavits
Subseries E. Entry forms
Subseries F: score Cards
Subseries G: contests and winners
Series 5: Prize Lists
Subseries A: programmes
Subseries B: Entries
Series 6: Correspondence
Series 7: Insurance

Blenheim Plowmen's Association
Fonds · 1930-1953

Fonds consists of scrapbook albums illustrating the history of the Girl Guiding movement in Burlington, Ontario between 1930 and 1953. The albums include reports from brownie and guide units and the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, lists of leaders and commissioners, photographs, correspondence, certificates, badges, postcards and copies of newspaper articles. Newspaper articles and photographs of the opening of the Trefoil Lodge and the Junior Band are included.

Douglas, Jean
Collection · [197-?], predominant [191-?]

Collection consists of one postcard album and several loose postcards. The postcards offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the city of Guelph and its history. Included are images of Park Ave, Paisley street, London road, main street, Eramora road, Bell Piano and Organ Company, the Opera House, and Jubilee Park. Images of the Speed River and various panoramic views of Guelph are also evident. There are also photographs taken by 19th photographers such as W. Marshall and T. Smith. The album includes approximately 40 pieces of paper ephemera.

David Bain
CA ON00126 F92-F92-0-8 · Series · 1973-2005
Part of Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

Series consists of correspondence sent and received by the club. Included are notes, bonspiel luncheon details, membership fees, curling times, and various entry forms. There are a few folders not included in the listing, but includes correspondence for the years 1997, 2001 to 2005.

CA ON00126 F92-F92-0-7 · Series · 1973, 1976 1983-2022
Part of Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

Series consists of annual meeting minutes documenting the decisions of the club. In some cases, there may be financial materials, correspondence, and roaster materials in the minutes. In other cases only agendas exist.

Financial Statements
CA ON00126 F92-F92-0-5 · Series · 1976-1981-2001, 2002-2003 - 2005-2011, 2014-2023
Part of Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

Series consists of financial statements documenting the use of the club's funds. Includes two ledgers book of financial records for 2002-03 to 2014-2015. There may be some duplicate minutes contained within the financial statements. There may also be some rosters and correspondence included within the financial statements.

CA ON00126 F92-F92-0-3 · Series · 1988-2007
Part of Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

Series consists of Rosters for the Guelph Interfaith Curling Club. The rosters include the name, address and email contacts for various members.

Annual Reviews
CA ON00126 F92-F92-0-2 · Series · 1978-2001
Part of Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

Series consists of a review of activities that occurred during the year. Topics ranged from new initiatives undertaken by the club to pricing policies, activities of the club and other highlights. Some correspondence, financial statements and annual meeting minutes were sometimes included in these reviews.

CA ON00159 P149 · Fonds · 1928-2009 (originals 1928-[1952?]) (predominant 1943-1947)

The records of the Florence Isabella Craig fonds attest to her career as journalist, editor, and author. Moreover, they document the period of WWII and of the contributions of women in the labour force.

Many of the research notes and typed articles are scripts or background information for Claire Wallace’s radio programs and cover various subjects such as weather phenomenon, birth control, history of well-known Canadian families, medical issues, fashion, mine sites, and even finger prints and ‘Black Magic.’

The scrapbooks contain clippings of articles written by Craig for the Toronto Star, the Sudbury Star, and Fore Sight, but also publicity images mostly depicting the role of women in the labour force during WWII.

The fonds also includes research notes, drafts, and different proofs of the book Craig wrote with Claire Wallace, as well as for other books she worked on. There are also notebooks with her poetry.

Craig, Florence Isabella