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Financial Records

This series contains financial records generated by the Ayr Public Library over the Library's lifetime as an independent organization, between 1899 and 1968. These financial records represent the day-to-day operations of the Library, as the series includes the cancelled cheques the Library used to make payments, as well as the receipts and bills that indicate to whom the money was owed. The cheques and receipts indicate the wide range of goods and services that the Library purchased, including many regular bills for utilities, cleaning services and fuel, as well periodic purchases of equipment, furniture, repairs and, naturally, books. The series also contains monthly bank statements from the Canadian Bank of Commerce (predecessor of CIBC), including both handwritten deposit and statement books and loose-leaf printed statements. As well. there are annual financial statements prepared by Library staff; several surviving ledgers, in which were recorded financial transactions; and an eclectic collection of the tax forms for the Library's small staff. Series is arranged chronologically.

Wartime Newspapers

This series consists of newspapers saved by the Ayr Public Library during the Second World War. The newspapers were saved by staff likely for their great historical interest. The full newspapers are either from the beginning of the War in September of 1939, or from the surrender of Germany in May of 1945. The newspapers themselves include the Globe and Mail, the Evening Telegram and the Kitchener Record. There are also several newspaper clippings dealing with the early part of the War. This series is arranged chronologically.

British Empire Newspapers

This series consists of newspapers collected by the Ayr Public Library that were of interest to the staff as they pertained to moments of historical importance for the British Empire (and Canada). Since Canadians felt stronger ties to Britain during the years that these editions were published, the Library retained copies as important historical documents. The newspapers collected here pertain to the death of George V, the coronation and abdication of Edward VIII, the coronation of George VI in 1936, the Royal Visit to Canada in 1939, and the death of Winston Churchill in 1965. There is also a commemorative booklet about the Royal Visit of 1939. Series is arranged chronologically.

Ayr School Centennial

This series consists of a scrapbook created by the Ayr School Centennial Committee to collect newspaper clippings, documents and photographs relating to the celebration of the One Hundred Anniversary of the Ayr Public School in June of 1990. The series contains many articles from the Ayr News about the planning and development of the Centennial Celebration, as well as articles about the history of the school, interviews with former pupils and teachers, notices about goings-on at the school and letters to the editor about the event. There are also letters from the Queen and other dignitaries, a large collection of photographs documenting the day of the Centennial and a guest book showing all the former pupils that attended the event.

Kitchener-Waterloo Local History Reference

This series contains materials relating to the history of the Kitchener-Waterloo area as collected by the Ayr Branch of the Region of Waterloo Public Library. The series consists of several publications about the history of Waterloo County, the City of Kitchener and the City of Waterloo, a play titled "Himmel", written by an area local in 1973, a photograph of Cambridge MP Janko Peric and a set of newspapers dating between 1867 and 2014, including the Elmira Signet, the Cambridge Daily Reporter and the Waterloo Record. The newspapers include articles on various events of local significance, most notably the Cambridge Flood of the 1970s. Series is arranged chronologically.


This series contains reports generated about the Ayr Public Library. This series consists of a single 2002 report from Beckman Associates Library Consultants Inc., and relates to the construciton of a new building for the Ayr Branch of the Region of Waterloo Library. The report provides recommendations about where the new library should be located, as well as what the building's design should contain.

Insurance Policies

This series consists of insurance policies taken out by the Ayr Public Library between 1911 and 1962. These policies were taken out with several different companies, including the Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance Company and the Gore District Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This series contains both full fire insurance policies issued when a new policy was created, as well as the smaller renewal certificates issued whenever the Library continued an existing policy. The Library had several different policies taken out at the same time, with one policy to insure the building and another to insure the books and the furniture. Series is arranged chronologically.

Visitor Records

This series consists of records relating to the visitors of the Ayr Public Library. The series contains a ledger with an alphabetical listing of the residents of Ayr in 1947, so that they could keep track of who was eligible to borrow books. There is also a guest book showing comments from visitors to the Library's new building and a list of the donors who assisting in the creation of the new building.

Ontario Library Association

This series contains documents sent by the Ontario Library Association to the Ayr Public Library. These documents include reminders to update their membership, programmes for the Annual Meetings and various announcements and circular letters meant to inform the libraries of Ontario. These documents were meant to be sent to all members of the OLA, and were not addressed specifically to Ayr.The series is arranged chronologically.

Library Board

This series contains records created during the routine duties of the board of the Ayr Public Library. It consists of minutes and motions generated by the Board as they made decisions concerning the governing of the Library, along with publications created specifically by the Board.

Carnegie Library Construction

This series consists of the records relating to the planning, construction and opening of the Ayr Public Library's Carnegie building in 1911. Although the Public Library used part of Ayr's Masonic Hall in its early years, disagreements over space and rental fees led the Board to consider alternative locations for their collection. As Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate, was at this point offering grants for North American communities to construct libraries. Carnegie agreed to a grant of $5,000 for Ayr in late 1909, and throughout the year of 1910 the Board considered different plans for the library, enlisting Listowell architect W.E. Binnings to design the building and William Hallman to construct it. Construction finished in October of 1911.

This series contains blueprints and building specifications drawn up by Binnings, as well as the building contract and correspondence between the Board, Binnings, Hallman and the suppliers of books, materials, furniture and fixtures. Some of the correspondence is from other libraries looking to also obtain Carnegie grants for their own buildings. It also contains some photographs used by the board to determine how they wanted the library to look, as well as shots of the site that the Village had purchased to build the library upon. Lastly, the series contains speeches and documents commemorating the opening of the Library on October 31st, 1911.


This series contains photographs of the members of the Ayr Seniors Club at various events between 1986 and 1993. Events included potluck dinners, celebrations, mock weddings and fundraisers.


This series contains two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the Ayr Seniors Club. The clippings document the Club's various activities, meetings and events. The clippings run from 1986 to 1999. At the rear of each scrapbook are a collection of obituaries of late members. The obituaries run from 1991 to 2004. Series is arranged chronologically.

Mock Trial Vows

This series consists of a set of humorous vows used during mockwedding events held by the Ayr Senior's Club. A mock wedding was a humorous (and often bawdy) parody of a wedding party often used for funding raising purposes. The wedding vows used by the Ayr Seniors Club refer to an "awfullly wedded life" and name the bride and groom as Phyllis Diller and Archie Bunker, respectively, which give some idea of the tone of the performance. Series is arranged chronologically.

Minute Books

This series consists of the Minute Books kept by the Ayr Travel Club. Each meeting of the club is recorded, and the records state who attended, where the Club met, what was discussed, as well as comments on the Hostess' refreshments and the talk that was given. The minutes indicate that the Travel Club met weekly between the months of October and March, before adjourning for the Spring and Summer months. The series is arranged chronologically.

Annual Programs

This series contains yearly programs for the Ayr Travel Club. Each member of the club was responsible for hosting a meeting and for also reading a paper on a subject related to the country the Club was studying that year. The programs show the schedule that the members planned to follow for the different upcoming club "seasons". The series is arranged chronologically.

Annual Reports

This series contains several annual reports from the Ayr Travel Club, dating between 1933 and 1940. These annual reports summarized the Club's activities during the previous 'season' , including the number of meetings, how well they were attended, how sucessful the different events were, the nation of study, and other such things that the membership would find interesting. The series is arranged chronologically.

Financial Records

This series consists of the financial records of the Ayr Travel Club for 1951-1977. It contains a record of revenue and expenditure, and also tracked whether club members have paid their dues. The series is arranged chronologically.

United Emergency Fund for Britain

This series consists of letters addressed to the members of the Ayr Travel Club by Britions who had received food packages from the Club. After the Second World War, Britain remained under heavy rationing. To help allieviate the limited diets of the British, the United Emergency Fund for Britain was established, which allowed Canadians to send food parcels to British families. As the Ayr Travel Club sent packages to several different families, there are responses from several different persons. Most correspondence was exchanged by Air Mail. The series is arranged chronologically.

Anniversary Celebration Papers

This series consists of documents used at celebrations of the Ayr Travel Club's Anniversaries. Documents include photographs of 'days gone by', old menus for dinners and reproductions of the first meeting minutes of the Club in 1911.
This series contains three sub-series: the 10th Anniversary, the 60th Anniversary and the 70th Anniversary.

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