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Morrison Ayrshires fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1915 - 1924

The fonds consist of various materials related to John Morrison’s Ayrshire breed including:1 booklet entitled “Official Canadian Records of Ayrshires”. – 191720 Canadian Record of Performance Certificates given by the Canadian Ayrshire Breeders As...

Morrison, John

The Oxford Rifles fonds

  • ca. 1850 - 1989, nd.

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of the Oxford Rifles and is organized into the following Series and Subseries:Series 1: Administrationa) Constitution/By-lawsb) Minutesc) Financiald) HistorySeries 2: Military papersa...

Oxford Rifles Militia

Woodstock sewers fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1890 - 1943, nd.

The fonds consist of letters and reports re. sewer work, drainage, estimates, calculations, sewage effluents from factories, etc (1890-1910, nd.); approx. 100 sewer plans/drawings (1899-1917); and 19 sewer permit booklets (1903-1943). Most of the ...

City of Woodstock - Public Works

Woodstock Field Naturalist Club fonds

  • 1965 - 1989, nd.

The fonds consist of Minute Books (that include newsletters, newspaper clippings, bird censuses, etc) and a couple of Financial Ledgers. A copy of the Club’s Constitution and By-laws and Procedures, dated 7 November 1977, is also included.

Woodstock Field Naturalist Club

Innerkip West 4-H Club fonds

  • ca. 1972-1992

The fonds consists of a Treasurer’s Book (ca. 1972-1992) and a Scrapbook of various materials related to the operation and activities of the Innerkip West 4-H Club between the years 1980-1982. Such materials include: Attendance sheets Awards Progr...

Innerkip West 4-H Club

Innerkip Area Ratepayers Association fonds

  • 1977-1985

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the establishment and administration of the Innerkip Ratepayers Association. Such materials include: Application for Facilities Rental - 1985By-laws and Resolutions – 1977 Correspondence from G.A...

Innerkip Area Ratepayers Association

Herbert Milnes fonds

  • 1930s - 1970s, nd.

The fonds consist of the following Series:Series 1: Essayson various Flora and Fauna topics including a number of observational essays on Turtle, Snake and Bird behaviourSeries 2: Watercolour sketchesmostly depicting local flora found in places su...

Milnes, Herbert

Norwich Community fonds

  • Fonds
  • approx. 1964-1986

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of Norwich and the County of Oxford, as well as various local groups and organizations. Such materials includes:Reports, Plans and Agreements related to the Official Plan, Ayr Dam and...

Dickson, W. Leslie (Les)

Woodstock United Appeal Association fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1963-1966

The fonds consists of Notices of Meetings, Meeting Minutes and Reports, some correspondence and newspaper clippings related to the Woodstock United Appeal Association from 1963 to 1966.

Woodstock United Appeal Association

Roy A. Bigham diaries fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1926-1970

The fonds consist of 33 diaries written by Roy A. Bigham over the period of 1926-1970. Some diaries include such items as loose news clippings, letters, obituaries and photographs.

Bigham, Roy A.

Hayden I.O.O.F. Lodge 152 fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1874-1990

The fonds consists of the following series:Series 1: Membership RecordsSeries 2: Financial RecordsSeries 3: Death Cards for Members

Hayden Lodge No. 152 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.)

Hickson Women's Institute and Tweedsmuirs fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1919-2005, 2014

The fonds consist of the following Series:Series 1: Minute Books (1924-1996)Series 2: Programmes (1919-1920, 1931-1995 – not inclusive)Series 3: Scrapbooks (1955-2005)Series 4: Tweedsmuirs ([199- ])Series 5: Miscellaneous ([after 1939?], 1955, 2014)

Hickson Branch, North Oxford Women's Institute

L.B. Denton and Company fonds

  • CA ON00394 F 267
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1919

The fonds consists of records related to L.B. Denton and Company. It includes subject files concerning job applications, correspondence, orders, disputes, war time production, as well as financial .

L.B. Denton and Company

George A. Calder Scrapbooks fonds

  • 1971-1978, 1997

The collection consists of 11 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to:File 1: Utting-McKinney Northgate Towers High Rise, Woodstock. – 1971-1974.File 2: Goff High Rise Application Huron Street, Woodstock. – 1971-1975.File 3: Happening ’73, W...

Calder, George

Vansittart Area Association Inc.

  • 1969 - 1981

The fonds consist of a wide spectrum of documents that relate to the reconstruction of Vansittart Avenue and the formation, and subsequent activities of, the Vansittart Area Association Inc. Records range from the local, provincial and national l...

Vansittart Area Association Inc.

Innerkip Community fonds

  • 1854-1994, nd.

The fonds consists of various materials related to the history of the Village of Innerkip. Such materials include:Brochure entitled “Take a walk through time” A walking tour of homes and historic buildings. – ca. 1991.Correspondence. – 1870, 1898,...

Innerkip Community

Leonard K. Coles Papers fonds

  • ca. 1967 - [198-]

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of Oxford County and its administration (1850 – 1980s), including its predecessor the District of Brock (1839 – 1849). Such materials include:By-laws for the County of OxfordAnnual Re...

Coles, Leonard K.

Admiral Vansittart IODE fonds

  • 1903 - 2011

The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Admiral Vansittart Chapter of the IODE and is arranged into the following series and subseries: Series 1: Administration Subseries A: Minute Books Subseries B: Annual Repo...

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Admiral Vansittart Chapter

Bud Case fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1960’s -

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of Oxford County and is broken down into the following Series and Subseries:Series 1: Photographsa) Gordon Pittock Dam Project (+ contact prints and negatives)b) John Meathrell Bridge...

Case, Bud

Epworth League, Dereham Centre

  • Fonds
  • 22 April 1909 - 28 September 1911

The fonds consists of one Minute Book of the Epworth League from 22 April 1909 – 28 September 1911. In addition, a name index by page has been compiled by Eleanor Gardhouse.

Epworth League (Dereham Centre)

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