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As Built Consultant Drawings

Primarily folded construction drawings relating to sewers, sidewalks, parking lots, traffic lights, etc. and some letters from the Telephone Department, Thunder Bay Hydro and Centra Gas.

Assessment Rolls

The Office of the City Clerk reports to the City Manager and is responsible for maintaining all
legislative and administrative requirements necessary for the effective functioning of the City.
The primary responsibilities of the Office of the City Clerk include managing the registration
of vital statistics information, preparing agendas for City Council and providing advice to
Council regarding the policies and operations followed by the City. Another major
responsibility of the Office of the City Clerk is to oversee the assessment of property tax.
Assessment Rolls are compiled each year by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
(MPAC), the provincial government body responsible for the assessment of property value for
properties in all municipalities across Ontario. The City Clerk directs the certification and
amendment of Assessment Rolls prepared by MPAC each year within the City of Thunder
Bay. The information recorded in the Assessment Rolls is used by the City to calculate
municipal property taxes.

Series consists of Assessments Rolls covering residential, commercial and government owned
properties. Assessment Rolls include the following information: parcel number, name and
mailing address, religion, location and description of the property being assessed, school zone
including school support, tax class, total valuation, exempt distribution and taxable
distribution. Earlier Assessment Rolls from this series may include additional information
such as; marital status, occupation and year of birth. Recent Assessment Rolls also specify
whether or not there were any changes in property ownership for the years that the Assessment
Roll covers.

The Assessment Rolls are arranged by ward and subdivision. Assessment Rolls produced
between 1970 and 1979, are divided into wards for Fort William, Port Arthur, McIntyre
(Shuniah) and Neebing. Later Assessment Rolls, from 1980 onward, are divided into seven
different wards; McIntyre, Neebing, Current River, Northwood, McKellar, Red River and

Assessment Rolls can also be navigated by municipal address and name for the years 1976 –

  1. See Related Series: Series 41: Street Indexes to Assessment Rolls; and Series 42: Name
    Indexes to Assessment Rolls.

Also included in this series are Supplementary Assessment Rolls and Total Current Value
Rolls. Supplementary Assessment Rolls detail changes in ownership and provide information
on proportionate assessments for new property owners. Total Current Value Rolls include
statistical information on the total assessed values for properties which have been divided into
the following categories; residential (includes English and French separate school and public
school), commercial, office building, industrial, exempt, parking lot and multi-residential.

Bridge Drawings

This series includes copies of blueprints of bridges located in the City of Thunder Bay, as well as some textual material.

Canada Games Complex Administrative Files

The Canada Games Complex, located at 420 Winnipeg Avenue, Thunder Bay, Ontario, was constructed as a venue for aquatic events for the 1981 Canada Summer Games. Construction began in 1979 and the Complex officially opened on July 2, 1981. The Canada Summer Games took place there August 9-22, 1981. The Complex was built to host swimming, diving, and water polo at the Summer Games, but ancillary facilities were also included in the interests of the long-term viability of the Complex as a total fitness and recreation centre facility within the community. Among its amenities are a waterslide, exercise equipment, a running track, weight room, facilities for racquet sports, a restaurant, and a pro shop. In addition, the Complex offers a wide range of fitness and recreation programs and courses.

Originally created as a separate department, the Canada Games Complex was eventually put under the purview of the Parks and Recreation Department. In 2006, the Canada Games Complex was under the auspices of the Recreation & Culture Division of the Community Services Department of the City of Thunder Bay.

This series contains records relating to the operation of the Canada Games Complex, including policies, procedures, planning, correspondence, marketing, program development, and involvement in community fitness initiatives

Certificates of Approval (Ministry of the Environment)

These are copies of applications submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for Certificates of Approval, primarily for drinking water and sanitary sewer systems. Copies of the actual Certificates are included in some files. This series begins in 1970. Format of applications changes in 1987.

City Manager's Files

Under the Municipal Act (2001), the City Manager is responsible for the overall management and control of the municipal government and the general administration and direction of all departments within the City. Reporting directly to City Council, the City Manager performs research on behalf of Council and provides advice to Council with regard to the development of business plans, programs, policies, procedures and the overall objectives of the City. The City Manager also works with City Council in the development of long term strategic plans.

Departments currently reporting directly to the City Manager include Corporate Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Human Resources and Corporate Safety, Management Studies and the Office of the City Clerk. As of September 2011, Emergency Medical Services, Internal Audit and Continuous Improvement no longer report to the City Manager. The City Solicitor and Corporate Council also report to the City Manager and City Council.

In 1975, a major review of the organizational structure of The City of Thunder Bay was performed. As a result of this review, the position of Chief Administrative Officer was created to replace the role of the City Coordinator. With the implementation of a Chief Administrative Officer, long term corporate and strategic planning became a primary function of the position. The title of City Manager replaced the title of Chief Administrative Officer.

Previous City Managers include: Bruce Thom (1994 – 1996); Brian McRae (1998 - 2002); Robert Petrie (2003 - 2007); and Tim Commisso (2008 - present).

Series consists of records of the City Manager covering a range of topics including, reports and correspondence relating to the management of departments under the City Manager’s control, records relating to the development of the Fast Forward Plan from 2000, reference material relating to the development of strategic plans, organizational charts and other records relating to planning and corporate structuring of the City, correspondence with associations and other levels of government relating to the development of regional boards addressing community issues and economic development in the area, correspondence with other
municipalities in the northwestern Ontario region regarding activities and corporate structuring.

City of Fort William fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1892-1969

The fonds consists of minutes, by-laws, agreements, correspondence, reports, financial records , maps and plans which documents virtually all aspects of municipal rights, responsibilities and activities. As a result of a disastrous fire in March of 1903, which destroyed the original Town Hall and almost all of the municipality’s early records, there is relatively little documentation covering Fort William’s first decade. The post 1903 records, however, reflect all categories of municipal functions, and responsibilities including council, administration, finance, waterworks, roads, planning, building, engineering, public transportation, parks, recreation, telephone, welfare, police and fire service.

City of Fort William (Ont.)

City of Port Arthur fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1884-1969

The fonds consists of minutes, by-laws, agreements, correspondence, reports, financial records, maps and plans which document virtually all aspects of municipal rights, responsibilities and activities. Including council, administration, finance, waterworks, roads, planning, hydro-electrical power, building, engineering, public transportation, parks, recreation, telephone, welfare, police and fire service.

City of Port Arthur (Ont.)

City of Thunder Bay fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1970-

The fonds consists of minutes, by-laws, reports, correspondence and financial records which document all aspects of municipal rights, responsibilities and activities including council, administration, finance, waterworks, waste management, roads, planning, development, land sales, building engineering, public transportation, parks, recreation, telephone, systems, health, social services, police and fire service. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 40 Assessment Rolls, 1970-1997 Series 41 Street Indexes to Assessment Rolls, 1976-1995 Series 42 Name Indexes to Assessment Rolls Series 43 School Support Lists Series 92 Aerial Photographs, 1949-1987 Series 97 Neighbourhood Improvement Program Files, 1974-1985 Series 98 Thunder Bay Original By-laws, 1970-1993 Series 112 City Co-ordinator Files, 1965-1973 Series 117 City Clerk's Files, 1970-1992 Series 120 Mayor's Office Files, 1983-1991 Series 120 Mayor's Office Files, 1983-1991 Series 126 In Camera Agendas, 1984-1995 Series 128 City Clerk’s Photograph Collection Series 129 Fire Dept. Photograph Collection Series 130 Sewer & Water Photograph Collection Series 131 Planning Photograph Collection Series 132 Mayor’s Office Photograph Collection Series 135 Tax System – Name Cross Reference Reports, 1978-1987 Series 136 Tax System – Street Cross Reference Reports, 1978-1987 Series 141 Thunder Bay Voters Lists 1970-1997 Series 142 Police Services Board (formerly Board of Commissioners of Police) Agendas, 1970-1996 Series 144 Duplicate By-law Files, 1973-1985 Series 148 City of Thunder Bay Council Minutes, 1969-1988 Series 149 Ward Meeting Minutes Series 150 City of Thunder Bay Administrative Committee Minutes, 1987 Series 151 Special Committee Minutes Series 152 Ad Hoc Committee Minutes Series 153 Reports Listings Series 154 Birth Registers Series 155 Death Registers Series 156 Central Files (Administration, Parks, Community Recreation) Series 159 City Coordinator's Annual Reports, 1969-1975 Series 165 Thunder Bay Record of Fire Series 175 Urban Renewal Reference Files Series 176 Urban Renewal Operations Files Series 194 Waterfront Park Records Series 197 Facility Enterprise Manager's Administrative Files Series 198 Parks & Recreation Reference Files Series 200 Recreation, Education and Community College Files Series 202 Census Reports, 1970-1981 Series 205 Enumeration Composite Reports Series 216 Payroll Registers Series 217 General Manager's Division Files - Corporate Services

City of Thunder Bay (Ont.)

Community Housing Administrative Files

The Municipal Housing Corporation, "Thunder Bay Non-Profit Housing Corporation, was established in 1977. In 1990, the Corporation adopted the trade name "Thunder Bay Community Housing." In 2011, the department underwent another name change to Property Management Services.

The Thunder Bay Community Housing department's mandate is to develop, build, and operate affordable rental housing for modest income families, seniors, single people or for those individuals identified as having special housing requirements in Thunder Bay.

Largely, the Community Housing Administrative Files series consists of Minutes, Agendas, and Administrative Report Summaries from the Board of Directors monthly and annual meetings. These meetings summarize the status of the Thunder Bay Community Housing department’s finances outlining schedules of income and expenses; the building, equipment, and grounds maintenance of the facilities and status of individual projects; and Reports for Information conveying other information concerning the operation of the department (Tenant Move-Outs/Vacancies, correspondence, ONPHA, etc.)

The Thunder Bay Community Housing department has kept detailed annual Financial Statements that summarize the activities of facilities for the given years. For a more in-depth perspective audit reports are available for specific facilities. And a number of files of correspondence have been preserved, particularly correspondence with the Board of Directors, Ministry of Housing, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

This series has information on the following projects The facilities are listed with the year they opened: Sequoia Park(1977), Andras Court(1977), Glenwood Court(1982), Paterson Court(1983), Royal Edward Arms(1986), McLaughlin Court(1986), Blucher Park(1986), Picton 1(1987), Ross Court(1987), Cumberland(1987), North Vickers Court(1988), Habitat(1988), Tamarack(1989), Lendrum Court(1990), Picton 3(1990), Parsons Avenue(1990), Walkover(1991), Frederica Street(1992), Gore/Neebing(1992), and 1200 Jasper(1992).

Community Recreation Manager's Files

This series includes records relating to planning and management of city parks, recreation program and facilities, policies, studies, correspondence and memoranda, as well as minutes of committee upon which the community recreation manager served, such as the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

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