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Seulement les descriptions de haut niveau Royal Ontario Museum Pièce
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C. Horne's journal

  • CA ON00259 SC 34
  • Pièce
  • January 1, 1834-June 3, 1844

Item is one volume descriptions and drawings of the flora, fauna, and people of Cuttack, India, labeled 'Miscellaneous Kutukensie or Cuttack odds and ends.' Most of the drawings are coloured, and most are labeled 'Landour.'

Horne, C.

E. R. Hunter's bird sightings journal

  • CA ON00259 SC 37
  • Pièce
  • 1919-1941

Item is a volume documenting bird sightings at De Grassi Point, Lake Simcoe, from 1915-January 4, 1941. In addition, there is a sketch by Dr. E.M. Walker. The bulk of the notes were written by Hunter, with the notes from May 1940-January 1941 made by Elizabeth Walker. The notebook opens with an explanatory statement by E.R. Hunter regarding the nature of this journal, noting that some observations were made by Dr. E.M. Walker (the entomologist), and others by Hunter and his uncle. Another note states that the notes for May 1940 to January 1942 were made by Elisabeth Walker, who was a cousin of E.R. Hunter, and Dr. Walker's niece. The journal primarily deals with the area around De Grassi Point, Lake Simcoe. The early entries in the journal are copied from older notebooks not included in this fonds. The first entries are just lists of birds observed and the date of observation. The rest of the entries are organized chronologically and contain more details about the birds that were observed, as well as information on weather conditions. On pages 288-297, there is an index to the text of the journal which lists the birds by species and the pages on which mention of them may be found. In addition, on page 299 a hand-drawn map of De Grassi Point is glued into the notebook. The map indicates that it is based on R. BIrdsall's map of the area from 1820, but it does not indicate who drew this copy. The sketch of Bigelow has some notes written on its reverse, but the hand-writing is hard to decipher.

Hunter, E.R.