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Brian McFarlane fonds
Fonds · 1943-2001, predominant 1980-2000

The fonds is arranged in 3 series consisting of: manuscripts; articles, documentary outline, interview, introduction, notes and material by others.

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Fonds · 1916-1999

Fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, service books, Vestry minutes, Advisory and Parish Council minutes, Women's Guild and Sunday School minutes, financial records, and photograph albums. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 4 reels, numbered 367-372.

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George Arnet fonds
Fonds · 1732-1742

The fonds consists of a bound manuscript containing a sermon Arnet preached titled "A sermon, preach'd at Wakefield, at the visitation held there, by the Reverend Mr. Hayter, Archdeacon of York June, 30, 1732". The pages are numbered [1], 2-56. It is bound together with a letter to Philip Fruchard by Arnet, 12 July 1742, 2 p., introducing the sermon and making note of their friendship. Mr. Fruchard was a London merchant.

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Oswald Mosley fonds
Fonds · [before 1727]

The fonds consists of a bound manuscript, 234 pages in length, containing prayers appropriate for different occasions, times of day, Sabbath prayers, and so on. There is an index on the inside front and back covers. Also written on the inside cover is: This book of devotions in the handwriting of Oswald Mosley, Esq. (father of the first Sir Oswald) who died A.D. 1726 in the 87th year of his age. Oswald Mosley." Pasted on the inside front cover is a bookplate containing the Mosley family coat of arms, with the family motto "Mos Legem Regit" followed by "Sir Oswald Mosley Bart., Rolleston House". Stamped on spine is "Prayers Mss."

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R.G. Everson fonds
Fonds · 1902-1992, predominant 1955-1983

This fonds consists of six series: correspondence with family, friends, publishers and other poets such as Al Purdy, Gabrielle Roy, Louis Dudek, Dorothy Roberts, Dorothy Livesay, John Colombo, Ray Souster and Irving Layton; reviews and public performances; manuscripts; Everson family; photographs; and three-dimensional artifacts. There are a number of cassettes in the public performance series which include readings by Everson and interviews with him.

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Richard C. Hilborn fonds
Fonds · 1946-2000, predominant 1946-1963

Fonds consists of: correspondence from Viscountess Nancy Astor to Hilborn; a brief family history of the Astor family by Hilborn; and a typescript and published version of Hilborn’s It’s Been Fun.

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F.B. Carron fonds
Fonds · 1907-[199-], predominant 1914-1919

This fonds consists of four series: correspondence, photographs, hospital inspection records and scrapbook.

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Lester E. Denonn fonds
Fonds · 1940-1980

The fonds has been arranged into two series: correspondence, royalties, and photographs and manuscripts and typescripts. The library which has not yet been catalogued consists of many books as well as articles and offprints. It was used to assist in the preparation of A Bibliography of Bertrand Russell (1994).

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Margaret Watkins fonds
Fonds · [ca. 1800]-1969

Fonds consists of seven series: ancestral records, personal correspondence, business records, photographic work, personal notes and manuscripts, diaries and ephemera and newspaper clippings.

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L.W. Shemilt fonds
Fonds · 1950-1999

The fonds has been arranged into three series: lectures and addresses, correspondence and calendar books, and professional and personal activities. Included in the professional and personal activities series is Dr. Shemilt’s report to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

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Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey
CA ON00176 34-2002 · Fonds · [1927]

The collection consists of the typescript of Bailey’s first book of poetry, Songs of the Saguenay and Other Poems, and three other poems (“Autumn Night”, “Belle Isle”, and “Tadoussac without You”). With the exception of one leaf, all leaves are signed by Bailey. The typescripts are on the rectos of each leaf.

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Gisela Commanda fonds
CA ON00176 07-2004 · Fonds · 1937-1993, predominant 1961-1979

The fonds consists of correspondence, autobiography/journal notes, “books” and notes for books, personal material and photographs, graphic materials and realia. Fonds is comprised of the following series: correspondence autobiography/journal notes “books” and notes for books personal material and photographs graphic materials and realia

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Denis Martin Shaw
CA ON00176 03-2004 · Fonds · 1935-2003, predominant 1946-2003

This fonds contains personal materials, correspondence, manuscripts, research, Geochemical Society and Meteoritical Society notes, teaching notes and lessons, and photographs. Fonds is comprised of the following series: personal correspondence manuscripts research Geochemical Society and Meteoritical Society notes teaching notes and lessons photographs

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Robinson, Alfred Langsford
CA ON00176 33-2002 · Fonds · 1916-1918

The album contains 191 photographs. Subjects of the photographs include training at the riding school in Ottawa, the troops en route on the Adriatic, and photographs of time spent at Shorncliffe and Crowborough. Some photographs were taken at the Perkins Bull Hospital for Convalescent Canadian Officers and the Shrewsbury Aerodrome AAP. There are also photographs of Ireland, particularly Cork-Killarney.

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Friends of McMaster fonds
Fonds · 1953-1983, predominant 1955-1983

There has been one accrual which has been arranged as follows: correspondence, minutes of meetings, miscellaneous documents. Correspondence relating to specific people (H. Lyman Hooker, H.N. Stephens, Sidney E. Garber, B.G. Galef) is located in Box 1. Boxes 1, 2, and 3 contain the general correspondence of the Friends of McMaster from 1952-1978. The minutes of meetings can be found in Boxes 3 and 4. Boxes 4 through 9 house miscellaneous documents arranged into folders, such as bank statements, receipts, expenses, equipment, as well as some additional correspondence. Box 9 photograph proof sheets of an Alumni meeting in 1972.

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Tim Buck collection
Fonds · 1939-1953

The collection consists of an Ontario Provincial Police report of a meeting held by Tim Buck in 1939, 4 audio discs duplicated onto 2 audio cassettes containing speeches by Buck, a printed foreword by Buck to litho prints by Avrom Yanovksy as well as the prints, and fourteen b&w photographs concerning the Labor-Progressive Party, Today Magazine, and the International Economic Conference in Moscow in 1952. The Conference proceedings are also included in the collection as well as an offprint of an article by Buck.

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Vera Brittain fonds
Fonds · 1900-1970

There have been six accruals: one main accrual, the first, and five smaller accruals.The first accrual has been arranged in the following series: A: Major Published and Unpublished Manuscripts B: Contributions to Books C: Juvenilia D: Journals and Diaries E: Scrapbooks and Albums F: Lectures G: Published Articles, Pamphlets, Book Reviews, and Letters to the Editor H: Published and Unpublished Articles, Book Reviews and Letters to the Editor I: Unpublished Articles, Book Reviews, and Letters to the Editor J: Incoming Correspondence, 1916-1965, arranged alphabetically. Note: The archivist has written the outgoing reply date on each letter. K: Outgoing Correspondence, arranged chronologically, 1929-1970 up to Box 16. Boxes 17-39 are arranged alphabetically first, and then chronologically, and consist of letters to family members and close friends. Correspondence to Edith Brittain. Other series: Photographs. News Clippings Realia: Edward Brittain scroll and medals.The following materials are not yet arranged: boxes of material in S.W. 83-5, 226 and 254. S.W. 254 contains two boxes of correspondence awaiting interfiling with the main correspondence series. There are a few documents in S.W. 261. There are some original documents in the master file. The audio cassette contains her speech about Winifred Holtby given at the Guildhall in Hull on 29 September 1960.Other accruals consist of: Second accrual: Television scripts for Testament of Youth. Third accrual: Correspondence to the Society of Authors. Fourth accrual: Photographs of the Brittain and Catlin families. Fifth accrual: Letter from Vera Brittain to George [Catlin], 8 March 1957. Sixth accrual: (16-1996) Memoir of Vera Brittain by her former daughter-in-law, Jennifer, Lady Balfour of Burleigh. Ts., 5 p.

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John Barclay collection
Fonds · Reproduced in 1991 (originally created 1937-1938)

Fonds consists of photographs of Peace Pledge Union activities and participants in 1937-1938 including John Barclay, Dick Sheppard, Maurice Rowntree, Vera Brittain, J. Middleton Murry, Max Plowman and others.

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Canadian Youth Congress fonds
Fonds · 1934-1972, predominant 1934-1945

The fonds consists of administrative and financial records, correspondence, briefs, publications, photographs and newspaper clippings all relating to the CYC (1935-1942), provincial and local youth councils, and to the World Youth Congress. Included is a copy of “Brief on a National Youth Administration”, from the book Canadian Youth Comes of Age (1939) by Kenneth Woodsworth, who was co-secretary of the CYC. There is, in addition, a microfilm record of several items collected by the Victoria Youth Council (1966-1972). The fonds has been arranged into the following series: administration, finances, correspondence, activities, research files, news clippings and scrapbooks, and publications received.

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Fonds · 1979-1997

There have been two accruals. The first (00-1994) measures 40 cm, and is arranged into the following series: minutes; labour negotiations; grievances; financial; correspondence, bylaws, senority and officer lists; employer relations. The second (13-1999) has not yet been arranged or described.

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