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Archival description
Iris Birtwistle fonds
CA ON00093 2012/17 · Fonds · [194-]

Fonds consists of one small photo album with handwritten notes and fifteen small black and white photos taken during the Second World War. Includes two small newspaper clippings. These photos were collected by Iris Birtwistle and other female volunteers at the Catholic Soldiers Club in Aldershot, United Kingdom. Also includes five mounted photographs, some duplicates, of members of 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Coy., Canadian Active Service Force (C.A.S.F.) and Headquarters 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade.

Robert A. Logan fonds
CA ON00093 75/117 · Fonds · Photocopied [197-?]

Fonds consists of material documenting Robert A. Logan's activities with the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1922 to investigate conditions effecting aircraft in the Arctic Islands. Includes correspondence re Logan's aerial photography training and aerial navigation training, the early history of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and the First World War operations, arctic flying and sovereignty questions in 1922. There is are various documents about the RCAF Ground Instructional Section and Photographic Section during the early 1920s.

Lloyd Samuel Breadner fonds
CA ON00093 74/707 · Fonds · Photocopied [197-]

Fonds consists of correspondence between Lloyd S. Breadner and his parents, and documenting his service and activities with the Royal Naval Air Force during the First World War in Great Britain and France. Subjects discussed include his training, flights, life with various squadrons, his receiving the Distinguished Service Cross, and family life. Also includes some post-war correspondence.

CA ON00093 74/619 · Fonds · Photocopied [197-]

Fonds consists of selected correspondence relating to Ferry Command and No. 44 Group during 1942-1943 and to reports of Air Ministry production during 1940-1942 and documents concerning air operations and the analysis of bombing tactics and strategy. There are also British Cabinet and Allied Command papers relating to Operation "Overlord".

Gordon M. Ward fonds
CA ON00093 2001/28 · Fonds · [198-]

Fonds consists of a brief manuscript, entitled "Forty years after". The manuscript contains Ward's recollections of his experiences as a flying control officer in the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. There is also a brief newspaper clipping announcing his promotion to Squadron Leader.

CA ON00093 2012/16 · Collection · [201-]

Collection consists of research material on Ernest Donat Therrien’s experience as a prisoner of war during the Second World War. Includes emails between Janie and Gary Therrien and Dr. Steve Harris listing the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s movements from mobilization until the end of the war. Also includes emails describing different sources of information that were consulted including Library and Archives Canada, The Red Cross, and The Memories Project. The research material contains an excerpt from the book “A Measure of Protest” written by A.H. LeReverend who was a POW at Stalag XIB with Ernest Therrien. Copies of the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s War Diary for 24 October 1944 to 29 Oct 1944, and Orders for 27 October 1944 are included in the research along with emails exchanged between Jakke Arnouts in Essen, Belgium and Janie and Gary Therrien in relation to the precise location Ernest Therrien was captured and a possible tour of the site.

Frank Birch Caldwell fonds
CA ON00093 2011/5 · Fonds · Reproduced 19- (originally created 1657, 1978)

Fonds consists of miscellaneous material from Commodore Frank Birch Caldwell’s naval career, from the period 1953-1973. Includes photographs of various ships and some crew. A few photographs have captions on the back. There are maps of Canada dated 1969-1973, as well as reproductions of historical maps of the world. The fonds also includes a citation for a Naval Medal awarded to Caldwell by the Portuguese navy, a caricature, and other memorabilia. There are reproductions of an account of Admiral Nelson’s victory over the French fleet at the battle of the Nile, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, originally published in The Times on 3 October 1798.

Jean V. Allard fonds
CA ON00093 84/126 · Fonds · [ca. 1666], 1875, 1939-1996

Fonds consists of 272 files that document both Allard's professional and personal life. Textual documents include correspondence, telegrams, memoranda, and reports. There are various personal records relating to Allard, including genealogical information, autobiographical memoirs, scrapbooks and agendas and daybooks used by Allard. There are newspaper and journal articles collected by Allard on various topics of interest to him, as well as numerous articles about him. There are also several transcripts of speeches, addresses and lectures given by Allard, as well as transcripts of interviews about him or with him.

In addition to textual records, there are approximately 450 pictures, most of which are in black and white. Many of these are of Allard at various stages of his life. Other photograph subjects include Allard's family and his ancestors, and various military ceremonies. Many of the pictures lack captions or other explanations. There are also approximately ten maps, mainly of European locations where Allard fought during the Second World War, a few drawings, blueprints, travel albums, flags, badges, greeting cards, and certificates.

Each of the stages of Allard's life is documented. From his childhood, to his personal participation in the Second World War, the Korean War, as well as Canada's more general involvement, to his years in the USSR and West Germany, to his role in the unification of the armed forces and his time as CDS, Allard's rich and varied experiences can be largely reconstructed from the diverse materials found in this fonds.

CA ON00093 81/520; 2010/15 · Fonds · 1729-2004, predominant 1939-1966

Fonds consists of reference files compiled by the Naval Historical Section during the 1950s and kept up-to-date until 1965-1966. Documents added after 1966 were added by staff at the Directorate of History, or later by the Directorate of History and Heritage, and, therefore, were not part of the original collection. Most of the documents cover the period of E.C. Russell's tenure as Naval Historian during 1952-1966, and also includes material collected by the first Naval Historian, Dr. Gilbert Norman Tucker, during the Second World War. The material documents the history of the Royal Canadian Navy from the First World War up to the 1960s, with the Second World War being the most covered.
In addition to individual files, there are also 38 series of files with finding aids. These include:

  1. 1000 General Information - Subject Files
  2. 1000-5 History and Activities of the Canadian Naval Service
  3. 1000-100/2 Naval Board
  4. 1000-100/3 Naval Staff
  5. 1000-973 Torpedo Anti-Submarines
  6. 1250 Combined Operations
  7. 1320 Communications - Signals, Telegrams and Cables
  8. 1440-5 Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) History (General)
  9. 1440-6 Halifax, Nova Scotia
  10. 1440-7 Esquimalt, British Columbia
  11. 1440-166/25 Newfoundland
  12. 1440-186 University Naval Training Division
  13. 1480 Naval Intelligence - Soviet Union
  14. 1480-157/100 Great Britain. Admiralty Naval Intelligence Division
  15. 1612 Hydrography - Oceanography
  16. 1650 Operations and Plans (Royal Canadian Navy)
  17. 1650 U-boats (General)
  18. 1650 U-boats (German)
  19. 1650 U-boats (German) - Personnel (Prisoners of War)
  20. 1650-DS U-boats - Daily States: HMC, HM and Allied Ships
  21. 1650-1 U-boats - Naval lans and Policies
  22. 1650-1 U-boats - Operations ans Plans (NATO)
  23. 1650-239/187 Korean Operations
  24. 1700-100/78-78A Naval Historical Section Administrative Files
  25. 1700-100/219 Air Sqaudrons and Groups
  26. 1700-905 Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
  27. 1886 Current History Books
  28. 4000-100/14 Service Personnel
  29. 4531 Personnel Selection
  30. 8000 Ships and Shipping
  31. 8000-160 Canadian Minesweeping Squadrons
  32. 8000-260 Canadian Escort Squadrons
  33. 8280 Sydney Files
  34. 8280 Convoys and Convoy Organization
  35. 8280 Convoys Naval Messages
  36. 8440 Escort Groups and Forces
  37. 8700 Movements and Programmes - Warships
  38. 8885 Staff Requirements
Pierre Perret collection
CA ON00093 2008/25 · Collection · 1762-1781

Collection consists of reproductions of late eighteenth-century documents that belonged to the heirs of Madame DesBoisrenard and related to the lands near the village of Vimy, France and the present-day Canadian National Vimy Memorial. Documents include a surveyor's map of the lands with a report, and legal documents listing the various pieces of land with their limits, names of tenants and rents in money and goods collected from the properties.

CA ON00093 2006/2 · Fonds · 1939-1996; Scanned in 2006 (originally created 1776-2006)

Fonds consists of files containing forms, messages and correspondence between chart depots at various locations in the world and the Hydrographic Services Office in Halifax, N.S. Includes files regarding dispersal of hydrographic supplies, dangers and aids to navigation, chart and map procurement, admiralty publications and the administration of the Hydrographic Services Office. Also, fonds contains various lists and logs, such as Chart Correction Logs and Folio Indexes, Consecutive Lists of Admiralty Charts and Candydrolants, and the HSO log for 1942-1945, as well as 26 compact disks of miscellaneous naval images from the Hydrographic Services Offices in Halifax. Includes eight published volumes of maps, including an ice atlas of Canada and an incomplete set of the US Navy Marine Climatic Atlases. Also includes There are five series:

  1. Reference Numbered Files
  2. Central Registry Files
  3. Lists, Logs, etc.
  4. Published Maps
  5. Miscellaneous Electronic Images
CA ON00093 93/249 · Fonds · 1784-1993, predominant 1990-1991

Fonds consists of 16 folders containing 89 files in total, a few of which are in two parts. Files deal with the organization, methods of operation and approach of the 1 Canadian Division Intelligence Company and the 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group during the Oka crisis. Fonds contains post-operation reports, conference minutes and operation instructions for Operation Salon. A wide range of intelligence collected from Kahnawake, Oka and the Warrior Society in the early 1990s is also included. It is comprised of reconnaissance (the geography of the area, layout of buildings and other structures, and resources available to the Warriors to resist the military) and the personalities, aims and activities of the influential members of the Mohawk community, as well as some non-natives who took the Warrior side. Fonds also contains a book on traditional Native Teachings from 1984, the 1916 Constitution of the Iroquois, and background information regarding plans, proposals, RCMP logs and other memoranda, as well as legal and quasi-legal documents from the Six Nations, the Assembly of First Nations and the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation in the 1780s.

CA ON00093 2003/27 · Fonds · 1800-1863, predominant 1810-1814

Fonds consist of correspondence with the Secretary of War from November 1800- September 4 1863, including the War of 1812. Correspondence covers operations of the army, administration of the War Dept., appropriations, military commissions, military posts and establishments, general courts martial and annual reports, appointments, militia lists, promotions, pay lists, accounts, and rolls. Signed persons include the President of the United States James Madison, Secretaries of War John Armstrong and James Munroe, Chief Clerk Daniel Parker, Adjutant General Charles Nourse and US Marshall to the District of Columbia Tench Ringgold.

M.S.M. Ferguson collection
CA ON00093 2001/8 · Fonds · 1808-1942, predominant 1867-1909

Collection consists of 13 files dealing with the Nova Scotia Militia prior to First World War. It includes excerpts of books and newspapers, manuals, notes and statistics, and correspondence.

Brereton Greenhous fonds
CA ON00093 2011/16 · Fonds · 1813-2002

Fonds consists of Brereton Greenhous’ research papers and genealogical research. It includes various topics such as Billy Bishop, the War of 1812, Dieppe and Vimy Ridge, among others. There are numerous copies of articles and books. Also included are various personal certificates and diplomas. The fonds is divided into three series:
I: “The Making of Billy Bishop”
II: Personal and Miscellaneous Research
III: Hitsman Research (War of 1812)

Jean-Pierre Gagnon fonds
CA ON00093 98/18 · Fonds · 1839-1999

Fonds consists of material documenting Jean-Pierre Gagnon's research on Canadians in the First World War. Includes transcripts from interviews that Gagnon conducted in 1983 with First World War Royal 22e Régiment veterans, Canadian Expeditionary Force files used for his research, and photocopies from the National Archives of Canada of the military records of soldiers and officers who were in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). Also includes miscellaneous pamphlets and publications, military training manuals published by the Dept. of National Defence in the 1970s and in 1991, and chronological accounts of French-Canadian units during the Second World War. There are 11 series:
I. Interviews (n.d., 1983)
II. Miscellaneous Pamphlets (1916-1994)
III. Canadian Expeditionary Force files (1914-1946)
IV. Miscellaneous Documents (1940-1997)
V. Military Training Manuals Published by the Dept. of National Defence (1973-1991)
VI. Chronological Accounts of French Canadian Units during the Second World War (1995)
VII. Documents Related to Canadian Expeditionary Force and First World War (1914-1988)
VIII. Biographical Information on Jean-Pierre Gagnon
IX. Academic work with comments of teacher
X. The 5th Brigade
XI. Translation and Critics of the Book "The 22nd Battalion"

Bern Anderson fonds
CA ON00093 91/324 · Fonds · Photocopied [199-]

Fonds consists of correspondence between Bern Anderson and Samuel E. Morison regarding their work on "The History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II". Also includes a register of the Bern Anderson Papers at the Naval War College.

John Wimburn Laurie fonds
CA ON00093 71/159 · Fonds · 1867-1907

Fonds consists of copies of documents dealing with discussions on naval defence matters on the East Coast from 1867 to 1907, mainly during the turning of the century. They were written by or to General Laurie. Includes correspondence, minutes of meetings and new law proposals. The focus was on the creation of a colonial naval reserve in Canada, from among the fishermen in Nova Scotia and possibly Newfoundland.

J. David Perkins fonds
CA ON00093 2011/19 · Fonds · 1875-2004

Fonds consists of research material and photographs pertaining to J. David Perkins’ research on submarines and other naval topics. Research topics include submarine classes, submarine ships, and Canadian submariners. Fonds includes correspondence, files copied from Library and Archives Canada and other archives, book excerpts, newsletters, newspaper articles, photographs, technical drawings, maps, and essays written by J. David Perkins. There are 9 series:
I. Research Papers
II. Biographical Files
III. Reports Relating to Ships and Ship Classes
IV. Newsletters, Articles and Newspapers
V. Essays
VI. Drawings, Photographs, Technical Drawings and Maps
VII. Correspondence
VIII. Miscellaneous
IX. Photograph Binders and Loose Photograph Sets

James Robert Near fonds
CA ON00093 2002/20 · Fonds · 1876-2016

Fonds consists of material documenting the state of Canada's Army in the 1990s and issues facing the Army in the 21st century, and relating to Canadian Forces policies and doctrines, specifically, plans for special operations, the development of a new CF Spectrum of Conflict, the development of an operational level doctrine as well as policies on non-lethal weapons. There are also records on NATO/Canada activities concerning the Alliance defence planning, as well as CF training and training exercises, primarily Combat Readiness Evaluation (CRE), Land Force Development, and other Human Resources issues. Also includes first person accounts, scripts and reports of United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Balkans as well as papers prepared by General Romeo Dallaire, as well as information regarding "leadership failure" within the Canadian Forces. Finally, there are documents detailing the development of the Canadian Army’s keystone doctrine manual “CFP 300 – Canada’s Army.”
There are 10 series:

  1. Canadian Forces Doctrine
  2. Training
  3. Other Human Resources Issues
  4. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
  5. General Romeo Dallaire Material
  6. Leadership in the Canadian Forces
  7. Army Renewal, Restructure and the Future of the Army
  8. General Reference Files
  9. NATO/Canada Material
  10. CFP 300 - Canada's Army