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"The Making of Billy Bishop"

Series consists of research and documentation related to Brereton Greenhous’ book “The Making of Billy Bishop”. Included in this series are some research papers and correspondence of Philip Markham, Greenhous’ research materials and correspondence as well as press files and clippings surrounding “The Making of Billy Bishop”.

(IX/C) Second Leader of the Opposition General Correspondence

Series consists of photocopies of correspondence from Diefenbaker’s second term as the Leader of the Opposition. It principally includes documents concerning the funeral of Vice Admiral H.T.W. Grant and the frigate construction program.

(VI) PMO Numbered Series

Series consists of photocopies of John Diefenbaker’s correspondence, incoming and outgoing, when he was the Prime Minister of Canada. It includes letters from military officers, politicians and the general public. Some of the main subjects covered include: British and American submarines; naval refits, housing and military life in the RCN; Canadian defence policy; and the USS Seadragon successful completion of the Northwest Passage.

(VII/A) General References

Series consists of photocopies of documents collected when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and during his second term as Leader of the Opposition. Includes correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings. Some of the major subjects covered include: the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defence; the funeral of Vice-Admiral Harold T.W. Grant; the equipment program for the Canadian Forces; and nuclear weapons.

(XII) Personal and Confidential Series

Series consist of photocopies of documents collected when Diefenbaker was the Prime Minister of Canada. It includes memoranda to the Prime Minister, correspondence with leaders of others states, messages prepared for the House of Commons, speeches, statements, reports of various meetings, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, letters and telegrams. This series reflects Canadian and international defence and political issues during Diefenbaker’s mandate. Some of the main subjects covered include: Emergency Measures; Defence Production Sharing program; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Berlin and Cuba crisis; Law of the Sea; and Nuclear Weapons (Acquisition and Disarmament).

(XIII) Reference 1940-1957

Series consist of photocopies of the magazine “Canadian Shipping and Marine Engineering news: Royal Canadian Navy issue” for 1953.

(XIV) Memoirs

Series consist of photocopies of documents collected during the period when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister. It includes memoranda to the Prime Minister and notes covering such subjects as: nuclear weapons; the Bomarc missile; the Cuban Crisis; and Canadian Defence.

(XXIII) Cabinet Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Series consists of photocopies of statements and speeches when John G. Diefenbaker was Prime Minister. Includes an address to the Joint Convention of the Navy Leagues in 1960 and a statement at the NATO Council Meeting in 1957.

1 Air Division Europe Headquarters fonds

  • CA ON00093 73/423
  • Fonds
  • 1953-1955

Fonds consists of an operations plan and interim operations plans for 1 Air Division when it was stationed at Metz, France during 1953-1955. The operations plan was designed to meet a situation in which war had been forced upon the NATO nations by acts of aggression of the USSR or her satellites. The interim operations plans were designed to prepare Air Division units for the transition from peace to war operations with the maximum degree of combat effectiveness.

Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Air Division Europe, 1. Headquarters

1 Canadian Division Intelligence Company fonds

  • CA ON00093 93/249
  • Fonds
  • 1784-1993, predominant 1990-1991

Fonds consists of 16 folders containing 89 files in total, a few of which are in two parts. Files deal with the organization, methods of operation and approach of the 1 Canadian Division Intelligence Company and the 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group during the Oka crisis. Fonds contains post-operation reports, conference minutes and operation instructions for Operation Salon. A wide range of intelligence collected from Kahnawake, Oka and the Warrior Society in the early 1990s is also included. It is comprised of reconnaissance (the geography of the area, layout of buildings and other structures, and resources available to the Warriors to resist the military) and the personalities, aims and activities of the influential members of the Mohawk community, as well as some non-natives who took the Warrior side. Fonds also contains a book on traditional Native Teachings from 1984, the 1916 Constitution of the Iroquois, and background information regarding plans, proposals, RCMP logs and other memoranda, as well as legal and quasi-legal documents from the Six Nations, the Assembly of First Nations and the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation in the 1780s.

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Division Intelligence Company, 1

1 Canadian Division fonds

  • CA ON00093 94/231
  • Fonds
  • 1990 or 1991

Fonds consists of a document in 1990 or 1991 outlining the structure of the support component of Joint Force Headquarters. This document details the various branches of the support unit and their responsibilities as well as the concept of support for the unit. Information on contingency planning and an example of a possible contingency deployment sequence are also included in the document.

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Division, 1

1 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, Detachment Cold Lake fonds

  • CA ON00093 76/309
  • Fonds
  • 1970-1971

Fonds consist of an unofficial journal recording the daily activities of the 1 CFFTS, specifically the detachment located at Cold Lake, between 1970 and 1971. The journal provides information concerning pilots, candidates, personnel, training missions, flying progress, test results, the level of flying activity, aircraft supply and serviceability, weather conditions, maintenance, accommodations, meetings and annual inspections. Journal entries are written on a four-day basis.

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Forces Flying Training School, 1. Detachment Cold Lake

1 Canadian War Crimes Investigation Unit fonds

  • CA ON00093 98/28; 159.95 (D1); 159.95.023 (D1-D11)
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1954

Fonds consists of transcripts of Record of the Evidence, Record Proceedings, witness statement and evidence for the trial of Kurt Meyer. Also includes documents for many others trials for alleged War Crimes. In addition, there are several miscellaneous documents and there are also reports of No. 1 Canadian War Crimes Investigation Unit on miscellaneous War Crimes against members of Canadians Armed Forces. There are two series:

  1. Kurt Meyer Trial (98/28)
  2. Reports of Proceedings, Evidence and Witness Statements (159.95 (D1) and 159.95.023 (D1-D11))

Canada. Canadian Army. Canadian War Crimes Investigation Unit, 1

1 Combat Engineer Regiment fonds

  • CA ON00093 2012/21
  • Fonds
  • 1992

Fonds consists of document entitled “UNPROFOR Engineer Mine Guide.” It is an early manual prepared by 1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) for identifying and clearing landmines in Yugoslavia. The manual was prepared in 1992 when 1 CER served with the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR). It includes black and white diagrams and illustrations for numerous types of mine anatomy, as well as several de-mining and explosive laying techniques.

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Combat Engineer Regiment, 1

1 Combat Group fonds

  • CA ON00093 2010/11
  • Fonds
  • 1973

Fonds consists of various documents concerning Exercise On Guard IV that took place in 1973. Documents include memoranda; general instructions on the operation; responsibilities of the operation; administrative notes; operation instructions; diagrams of ships and unit placement and a training pamphlet entitled “Training for War’ Part Three - Unit and Formation Training,” WO9626 (Part 3).

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Combat Group, 1

1 Service Battalion fonds

  • CA ON00093 87/263
  • Fonds
  • 1982-1987

Fonds consists of photocopies of the programmes for “Freedom of the City” in 1982 and the exercise of the privilege in 1987 for 1 Service Battalion and 14 Service Battalion in Calgary, Alberta. Included in the programmes are brief histories of 1 Service Battalion and 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion.

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Service Battalion, 1

1 Wing

Series consists of documents pertaining to 1 Wing. Includes a handbook providing 1 Wing Commanding Officers and their subordinates with information required to conduct their missions at a tactical level, media briefing announcing the arrival of 1 Wing to CFB Kingston and media lists. Also includes documents regarding the 1997 Battle of Britain parade in Kingston and the treatment of women at 1 Tactical Aviation Wing in Montreal.. Arranged in alphabetical order by file title.

1 Wing Headquarters fonds

  • CA ON00093 2005/4
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1998

Fonds consists of material pertaining to 1 Wing, 10 Tactical Air Group, 427 Squadron and 430 Squadron and the Kingston, Ontario area during the 1990s. Also includes reference files covering a variety of subjects. There are 4 series:

  1. 1 Wing
  2. 10 Tactical Air Group
  3. 427 Squadron and 430 Squadron
  4. Reference Files

Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Wing, 1. Headquarters

10 Tactical Air Group

Series consists of documents pertaining to 10 Tactical Air Group [TAG]. Includes files: on the biographies of former Commanders of 10 TAG; the histories of squadrons; public affairs; Canadian Forces current operations updates; honourary appointments, helicopter operations in Haiti, media awareness training and other subjects. Also includes files on Exercise Noble Lion and Operation Blueling. Arranged in alphabetical order by file title.

1000 [General Information - Subject Files]

Series consists of black and white photographs depicting various personnel, ships, establishments and functions of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Includes photographs regarding frigates, destroyers, corvettes and minesweepers, the reserves, as well as photographs documenting the visits of state and foreign dignitaries and military officers. Also includes captions, some individual and some in list format, and a small number of press clippings, press releases, itineraries and binders cataloguing press release dates. There are some subject files consisting of textual material and covering a wide variety of subjects.

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