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John H. Riley collection
CA ON00093 2012/25 · Collection · Transcribed in [20--] (originally created [19--]

Collection consists of a document entitled “Transcription of ‘History of 4th Battalion Canadian Railway Troops Since Organization’”. It traces the history of the CRT throughout the First World War. The author is unknown.

CA ON00093 2002/11 · Fonds · [19-]

Le fonds comprend une étude intitulée Histoire militaire de la province de Québec. Elle est divisée en quatre parties : les origines militaires; l’invasion américaine de 1775; la guerre de 1812; et la guerre de 1914-1918.
Ce texte est une version préliminaire et incomplète d’un ouvrage publié en 1967 : Histoire politico-militaire des Canadiens-Français (1763-1945), Trois-Rivières, Éditions du Bien Public. Ce volume comprend trois parties supplémentaires portant sur les troubles de 1837-1838, la guerre des Boers et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

John W. Schmidt fonds
CA ON00093 2013/18 · Fonds · [19--]

Fonds consists of a manual written and published by John W. Schmidt, United States Navy, called “Ship Handling – Destroyers.” The date of publication is unknown. The manual consists of advice on how to steer and handle a destroyer in a variety of conditions. It includes illustrations of destroyers’ parts and movements, drawn by hand. Schmidt’s personal stories are also included in the book.

James Douglas Prentice fonds
CA ON00093 2002/2 · Fonds · 1899-2019

Fonds consist of material documenting the military career and civilian life of James Douglas Prentice. There are five series:

  1. Biographical Files
  2. Manuscripts
  3. First World War, Interwar, and Second World War Documents
  4. Second World War Documents
  5. Photographs of the Prentice Family
CA ON00093 2019/14 · Fonds · 1960-2018

Fonds consists of entire collection of Canadian Forces Organization Orders (CFOOs) received from Director Defence Force Planning (DDFP). The files are arranged in numerical order by Unit Identification Code (UIC) number and classification.

CA ON00093 2020/10 · Fonds · 2017

Fonds consists of 2 compact disks (CDs) containing music performed by the various bands of the Canadian Armed Forces. There is 1 series:

  1. The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces
James Robert Near fonds
CA ON00093 2002/20 · Fonds · 1876-2016

Fonds consists of material documenting the state of Canada's Army in the 1990s and issues facing the Army in the 21st century, and relating to Canadian Forces policies and doctrines, specifically, plans for special operations, the development of a new CF Spectrum of Conflict, the development of an operational level doctrine as well as policies on non-lethal weapons. There are also records on NATO/Canada activities concerning the Alliance defence planning, as well as CF training and training exercises, primarily Combat Readiness Evaluation (CRE), Land Force Development, and other Human Resources issues. Also includes first person accounts, scripts and reports of United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Balkans as well as papers prepared by General Romeo Dallaire, as well as information regarding "leadership failure" within the Canadian Forces. Finally, there are documents detailing the development of the Canadian Army’s keystone doctrine manual “CFP 300 – Canada’s Army.”
There are 10 series:

  1. Canadian Forces Doctrine
  2. Training
  3. Other Human Resources Issues
  4. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
  5. General Romeo Dallaire Material
  6. Leadership in the Canadian Forces
  7. Army Renewal, Restructure and the Future of the Army
  8. General Reference Files
  9. NATO/Canada Material
  10. CFP 300 - Canada's Army
Robert H. Caldwell fonds
CA ON00093 2013/4 · Fonds · 1941-2016

Fonds consists of the office files and research material of Robert H. Caldwell during his time as Historian at the Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH). There are 11 series:

  1. Articles, Papers and Powerpoint Presentations
  2. Barbara Dundas Files
  3. Colloquiums, Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums
  4. Gulf War Project / Combined Operations Project Files
  5. Monographs, Reports and Theses
  6. National Research Council Examination Unit Files
  7. Peer Promotion to HR-4 Files
  8. Reference Files
  9. South West Asia History Project Files
  10. Unification Files
  11. Unpublished Works
John Dicker fonds
CA ON00093 2016/2 · Fonds · 2014, 2016

Fonds consists of a publication prepared by John Dicker in 2014 and entitled “Canadian Army Pilot Training Courses: RCAF Station Centralia, CJATC [Canadian Joint Air Training Centre] Rivers 1959 to 1966.” There is also a “List of Canadian Army Aviators 1940-1970” compiled by Dicker and Brigadier-General J.K. Oakley in 2016.

Nigel Brodeur fonds
CA ON00093 2013/15 · Fonds · 1909-2015

Fonds consists of textual records and photographs spanning Vice Admiral Brodeur’s educational and naval career from 1947 to 1987 and post retirement activities to 2012 but predominantly to 2007. It is arranged in a rough chronological order, consisting of twenty-seven series of records corresponding to different functions, activities, institutions or offices that Brodeur occupied during his educational and naval careers and subsequently into retirement after 1987. Records include correspondence, lecture materials, term papers, certificates, notebooks, workbooks, personnel records, reports, biographical materials, schedules, operational records, conference materials, minutes of meetings, speeches, and other miscellaneous materials. These series comprise educational activities, career duties or postings, and retirement activities. There is also a series of colour and black and white photographs for the period up to 2011. There are 27 series:

  1. Vancouver Community College (1947-1949)
  2. Royal Roads Military College (1949-1952)
  3. Midshipman (1952-1954)
  4. Sub-Lieutenant Courses (1954-1955)
  5. Lieutenant (1956-1960)
  6. Weapons Long Course Number Two (1961-1962)
  7. Nova Scotia Technical College (1962-1963)
  8. Weapons Officer (1963)
  9. Weapons Instructor (1964-1965)
  10. HMCS Terra Nova (1966-1968)
  11. Canadian Forces Staff College (1968-1969)
  12. Directorate of Maritime Systems Engineering Section 3 (1969-1971)
  13. DDH 280 Project (1971-1972)
  14. Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare School (1971-1974)
  15. Canadian Commander 5th Destroyer Squadron [CANCOMDESRON Five] (1974-1976)
  16. National Defence College Course XXX (1976-1977)
  17. National Defence Headquarters (1978-1982)
  18. Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic [SACLANT] (1982-1985)
  19. Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (1985-1987)
  20. Principle Correspondence (1987-1990)
  21. Miscellaneous Papers and Topics of Interest (1957-2010)
  22. Defence Associations National Network - Pacific Region [DANNPAC] (1988-2006)
  23. Presentations (1988-2010)
  24. Periodicals and Publications (1983-2006)
  25. Photographs (1909-2011)
  26. Memoirs (1966-2015)
  27. Scrapbooks (1923-2015)
CA ON00093 2015/14 · Fonds · 2015

The fonds consists of a paper prepared by Richard Geoffrey St. John and entitled “The Creation of Operation Proteus (Task Force Jerusalem).” St. John provides a brief overview of the situation in Israel and Palestine, discussing Yassir Arafat, the head of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Operation Proteus’ inception was pushed by St. John’s perception of a fraying relationship between the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the US armed forces (Canadian-American bilateral military relationship). As of 2015, the Canadian Armed Force (CAF) continued to contribute to the United States Security Coordinator (USSC) in Jerusalem through Operation Proteus.

Derek M. Waller fonds
CA ON00093 2010/10 · Fonds · 1970-2015

Fonds consists of twenty-one articles prepared by Derek M. Waller and one booklet entitled “The U-Boats that Survived – The Whole Story”. The articles and booklet detail the story of the German U-Boats that surrendered at the end of World War II, as well as those captured, interned and raised afterwards. The articles discuss the policy on surrendered U-boats established by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference in 1945 and Operations Deadlight, Pledge, Cabal and Thankful. Includes a “definitive list” of the surrendered U-boats.

Fonds Christophe Moriceau
CA ON00093 2015/13 · Fonds · 2015

Le fonds explique l’histoire du U-165, de sa création (3 février 1942) jusqu’à l’annonce de sa disparition officielle (13 avril 1943). L’auteur explique principalement les activités de ce sous-marin allemand dans l’Atlantique, ce qui inclut ses différentes missions comme l’attaque de bateaux ennemis dans le Saint-Laurent et l’observation du trafic maritime canadien dans le but de planifier de futures attaques. De plus, M. Moriceau explique aussi les évènements de la bataille du le Saint-Laurent et de la bataille de l’Atlantique.

Isabel Campbell collection
CA ON00093 2015/10 · Collection · 1939-2015

The fonds consists of documents that were used by Isabel Campbell for her research for her book, Unlikely Diplomats. The Canadian Brigade in Germany, 1951-64. The majority of the files are duplicates from numerous archives and government departments, books and articles. There are 11 series:

  1. Erich Reichel Material
  2. Court Martial records from the Judge Advocate General Office
  3. Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) Collection
  4. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Documents
  5. Miscellaneous Archival Documents
  6. Chapters and Articles in Published Books
  7. Articles, Papers and Drafts
  8. List of Books and Documents for Further Research
  9. Documents Presented to an Event
  10. Interviews
  11. Miscellaneous Files
Ian Davies fonds
CA ON00093 2001/15 · Fonds · 1941-2015

Fonds consists of material compiled and written by Ian Davies pertaining to his research on Ferry Command. Most of the information refers to the BOAC Return Ferry Service Liberators crashes. Fonds includes numerous documents written by Ian Davies, maps and photographs. It also includes correspondence with DHH- Directorate of History and Heritage, photocopies of primary documents from the Ferry Command Accidents Investigation Branch, the British Airways Archives, Public Records Office material, personal testimonies, and logbooks. Fonds also includes five digital video disks (DVD) containing numerous scans of primary sources and electronic copies of some of Ian Davies’ material, such as RAF Ferry Command/45 Group Casualty Crew Assignment Cards and Crew Assignment Cards.

CA ON00093 2008/7 · Fonds · 2006-2015

Fonds consists of research papers written by various undergraduate university students during their CO-OP work terms at the Directorate of History and Heritage. The research papers are organized in chronological order by topic into the following periods:

  1. 1867-1913 [Pre-First World War period]
  2. 1914-1918 [First World War]
  3. 1919-1938 [Inter-War period]
  4. 1939-1945 [Second World War]
  5. 1946-1953 [Post Second World War to Korean War period]
  6. 1954 – [Peacekeeping period]
CA ON00093 2019/8 · Fonds · 2014

Fonds consists of the charge sheet the continuation sheets of Abd Al Hadi Al-Iraqi, a former al Qaeda leader who was charged with the alleged involvement in the killing of a Canadian soldier, Cpl Jamie Murphy on 27 January 2004. Also includes a CBC news article of the accused and his arraignment.

CA ON00093 93/110 · Fonds · 1928-2014

Collection consists of material supporting the Canadian Naval Technical History Association's (CNTHA) Naval Technical History Project in regards to the technical advances made by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in the years following the Second World War. Includes books, articles, papers, booklets, notes, technical drawings and various other documents covering a wide variety of subjects, including shipbuilding, ship repairing, Canadian patrol frigates, engineering, helicopters, hydrofoils, sonar, history, organization, personnel, submarines, training and weapons. Also includes books and magazines pertaining to marine and naval architecture, technical drawings of HMCS Crescent, HMCS Crusader, HMCS New Liskeard and Bras d'Or during the 1950s and 1960s, a United Aircraft of Canada design and acquisition proposal regarding the DDH 280 class main propulsion machinery, transcripts of interviews conducted by the Canadian Navy Defence Industrial Base (CANDIB) and developments in Canadian naval sonar technology. Finally, it includes minutes and agendas of CNTHA meetings as well as correspondence from 1996 to 1999. There are 8 series:
I. Naval Technical History Project material
II. Marine/Naval Architecture Books and Magazines
III. Ships’ Technical Drawings
IV. DDH 280 Class Main Propulsion Machinery Design and Acquisition Proposal
V. Canadian Navy Defence Industrial Base Interviews
VI. Supporting Documents for Item 449 [Canadian Naval Sonar Development]
VII. Minutes/Agendas of Meetings
VIII. Defence Research Establishment, Atlantic Oversize Technical Drawings

CA ON00093 2016/5 · Fonds · 2000-2013

Fonds consists of supporting documents for Parts 3 and 4 of the published work “408 (Goose) Squadron The Rockcliffe Years 1949-1964”. The work was compiled by Morris Gates, Clifton Kinney, Ron Cleminson, Alex Saunders, Noel Funge, Paul Nyznik, Wally Kaspar, Grant Pennington and Morris Konick. Includes e-mail correspondence, personal memoirs, maps, data, articles, reports, photos, and flight logs. Also includes 1 file “The Photo Survey Years 1945 to 1955 Memories of the Photographic Survey Camera Operators Royal Canadian Air Force.” Fonds is organized in ten files based on references within the Rockcliffe Years book

Mathias Joost collection
CA ON00093 2011/30 · Collection · 1925-2013

SCOPEANDCONTENTS Collection consists of material on a wide variety of topics gathered by Maj Joost for research purposes. Part of the collection contains material on Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Station Shirley’s Bay. Flight logs, pertinent newspaper articles and a register of planes at the base are all included. There are a number of files on mental health in the Canadian Armed Forces, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This section contains printouts from newspaper articles and websites as well as a report by Ombudsman Andre Marin’s “Special Report: Systematic Treatment of CF Members with PTSD.” There is also information on the Air Forces Amateur Radio System including correspondence, newspaper articles, excerpts from Annual Historical Reports, pages from the 103 Rescue Unit Detachment daily diary and a historical sketch on the Canadian Forces Affiliated Radio System. PDF copies of newspaper articles on a solar eclipse seen in Toronto in 1925 and documented by the RCAF are included. The final group of files includes copies of newspaper articles on various Canadian Forces hockey teams. The articles discuss the games played and player statistics.