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Archival description
CA ON00009 F 4622 · Fonds · 1988-2011, predominant 1998-2011

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (Canada) and its predecessor, the Canadian Friends of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (NMCF). The majority of the records date from its founding in 1998 to the closure of its office in 2011. The documents consist of textual records, as well as photographs, sound and moving images, and electronic records documenting the work of the NMCF (Canada) and its founder Nelson Mandela.

The records pertain to the NMCF (Canada) operations, programs, projects and events, as well as to its founder Nelson Mandela.

The fonds is organized into four series.

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Ron Truman fonds
CA ON00009 F 4625 · Fonds · 1978-2011, predominant 1978-1987

Fonds consists primarily of photographs taken by Ron Truman during his career as a freelance journalist and photographer for The Globe and Mail and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Photographs depict a wide variety of subjects including camping, orienteering, mountaineering, hunting, sailing, canoeing, skiing, scuba diving, skeet shooting, and wildlife and nature research.

Photographs were taken between 1978 and 1987, primarily in eastern and northern Ontario. Photographs depict activities in several provincial parks including Bon Echo Provincial Park, Algonquin Provincial Park, Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Lake of the Woods Provincial Park and Polar Bear Provincial Park. Eastern Ontario sites photographed include Brighton Township, Pontypool, Prince Edward County, Cobourg, Port Hope, Trenton and the Bay of Quinte. Northern Ontario sites include Fort Severn, Winisk, Atikokan, Moose Factory, Moosonee, Fort Albany and Peawanuk.

Fonds also includes digital photographs of Globe and Mail articles written by Ron Truman. The newspaper clippings were arranged in a scrapbook and were later photographed by Mr. Truman in 2011.

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CA ON00009 F 4615 · Fonds · 1947-2010

Fonds consists of records created or acquired by the Ontario branch of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) in support of their mandate to provide services, professional standards and advocacy for children with special education needs. Records include those of the Ontario branch of the Council for Exceptional Children, an international organization, as well as those of many local branches throughout the province and various special interest groups within the organizations.

Records from the provincial organization include meeting minutes, publications, constitutions and bylaws and correspondence. Local branch records mostly concern advocacy and professional development at the local school board level.

Films, videos and sound records consist of educational resources produced by the CEC for teachers and others involved in special education.

Photographs depict conferences, award ceremonies and team-building activities.

Most of the textual records were arranged by the CEC archivists by year or local branch name.

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Ian Trowell fonds
CA ON00009 F 4603 · Fonds · 1972-1988, 2010

Fonds consists of correspondence, exhibition brochures, agendas, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, grant applications, photographs and other material related to Ian Trowell's work in founding and developing the Upper Canada Centre for the Visual Arts. It also includes material related to his tenure as President of the Ontario Society of Artists.

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David L. Gibson collection
CA ON00009 F 4592 · Collection · ca. 1822-2010

Collection consists of photographs and other records, chiefly documenting the Ingersoll, Muskoka, Aylmer and St. Marys areas, collected by or given to amateur historian David L. Gibson. It includes photographs in several formats including cartes de visite, cabinet cards, tintypes, contemporary prints, and glass plate negatives and is comprised of two studio collections: the Hugill studios and the H.F. Robinson Studio. It also includes photographs and other records related to the Gibson and the Foulds families as well as records concerning David's personal research and family history.

As a child in the late 1920s, Gibson first befriended Edgar H. ("Ed") Hugill on Keewaydin Island in Muskoka where Hugill worked as the summer postmaster. Hugill operated a photo studio in Ingersoll, Ontario, initially in conjunction with his father, John, and later on his own. After Ed Hugill's death in 1955, the collection of negatives and photographs from the studio came into Gibson's possession. Gibson used the photos in writing books about Keewaydin Island and the Hugill studio.

Photographs in this collection consist of negatives and prints of family members and studio customers as well as interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses in the Ingersoll area, boats and cottages on Keewaydin and surrounding islands, and events in the Ingersoll and Muskoka areas.

Gibson also obtained the collection of another photographer, Harold Franklin ("Frank") Robinson, possibly through the estate of a Wilford Smith. The photographs included in this collection consist of individual and group portraits often taken at weddings, reunions, social events, and YWCA camps in Aylmer and St. Marys, Ontario.

Gibson was an avid genealogist. He gathered photographs documenting the Gibson as well as the Foulds families. The Foulds, David's maternal grandparents, were early settlers in the Brantford area and contemporaries and neighbours of Alexander Graham Bell. The photographs in this collection consist of family portraits, some of which were used to illustrate David L. Gibson's book on the Foulds family.

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CA ON00009 F 4628 · Fonds · 1965-2010

Fonds consists of a nearly complete run of minutes and related documentation for various committees of the Ontario Lumber Manufacturers' Association (OLMA) for the years 1966 to 2010. Included are meeting records of the board of directors, the Forestry Committee and to OLMA annual general membership meetings.

Also included are the OLMA articles of incorporation, letters patent, supplementary letters patent and by-laws. The fonds also includes annual budgets and financial statements for the years 1986 to 2009.

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CA ON00009 F 4613 · Fonds · 2000-2010

Fonds consists of corporation documents, correspondence, agendas, minutes of meetings, membership lists, account ledgers, annual reports, newsletters and other material related to the governance of the Ontario Band Association (OBA). It also includes photographs, sound recordings, correspondence, agendas and other material related to the OBA Concert Band Festival and to the Ontario Provincial Honour Band.

The material has been arranged into three series.

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D'Arcy Martin fonds
CA ON00009 F 2190 · Fonds · [193-]-2009

Fonds consists of the professional and personal records of D'Arcy Martin. Fonds includes correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, posters, photographs, publications and presentations created and used by D'Arcy Martin in his role as an adult educator, trainer, labour arts supporter, social activist and an education co-coordinator for various unions. The records document Martin's activities in the numerous workshops, seminars and strategic planning sessions that he conducted on such topics as education, unions, training and worker-management relations for a variety of unions and community organizations.

Fonds also includes records that document Martin's writing projects, his consulting contracts and his involvement with various community and political organizations.

Fonds also consists of sound and video recordings of D'Arcy Martin participating in radio interviews and presenting at a variety of conferences. The subjects of these recordings include: Martin's career as a labour activist; the Canadian labour movement in the 1990s; the Communications and Electrical Workers of Canada (CWC); the Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto; the Canadian Institute; the International Technology Association of Canada (ITAC); and the Stelco steel company.

Fonds also includes Martin's personal records, ranging in date from childhood to student years at the University of Toronto and adulthood. His educational records are from Hillfield College, Trinity College School and University of Toronto for his three university degrees. Personal records also include correspondence with friends and family, and photographs.

Lastly, the fonds consists of posters documenting Martin's direct involvement in a number of labour movements, social causes, and arts festivals in Toronto and abroad. A selection of the posters pertain directly to Better Read, a printing and publishing operation that existed in Toronto in the 1970s and printed socially relevant material to the public education work that Martin was involved with at the time.

Fonds has been arranged and described into 13 series.

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John Macfie fonds
CA ON00009 C 330 · Fonds · [1920]-2009, predominant 1946-1980

Fonds consists of negative photographs taken by John Macfie while he worked with the Department of Lands and Forests in Northern Ontario. The photographs depict various Cree, Iroquois, and Ojibway tribes and activities in the Patricia District, an area that extended directly north of Lake Superior on the western edge of James Bay and Hudson's Bay. It included Fort Severn, Fort Albany, Attawapiskat, Landsdowne House, Sioux Lookout, Weenusk, Moose Factory, Gogoma and Mattagami Reserve.

Macfie photographed with a Kodak camera, a Rolleicord, and a Zeiss Contax for 35 mm colour slides. His images depict native people and activities and include trapping, construction of tools and artifacts, images of dwellings and community buildings and domestic activities. Macfie's photographs also depict activities relating to agriculture, maple sugar farming, the logging industry, the commercial fishing industry, archeological digs along the French and Shebeshekong rivers, site investigations in McKellar, Ontario, as well as aerial surveys of polar bears and other wildlife near James Bay and Hudson Bay. Some photographs depict Ministry staff on expeditions. Life on the Macfie family farm, and the family's timber harvesting and sawmill operations are also documented.

John Macfie provided extensive identification for all of the photographs. This information includes the date and location of the photograph, names of subjects, and description of the activities. Additionally included are articles written by Macfie that provide detail about the subject matter of the photographs.

Fonds also consists of diaries, field notes and a glossary written by John Macfie during his trips to Northern Ontario as a trapline management officer for the Department of Lands and Forests.The field notes represent his official notes of his field trips and most are accompanied by a map of the area examined on that trip. These field notes were the source material for his report on his investigation to the Department. The diaries, on the other hand, present a personal account of his experiences during his field trips. The diaries complement the photographs by describing verbally some of the items depicted in the photographs.

Also included in the fonds is a copy of a technical circular attached to which is a note by Macfie stating how this circular shaped his thinking as a trapline management officer, as well as correspondence between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Department District Officer regarding some specimens collected by Macfie.

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Eldon family fonds
CA ON00009 F 4597 · Fonds · 1725-2009, predominant 1767-1975

Fonds consists of records created or accumulated by members of the Eldon (formerly spelled Elden) family in Ireland and Ontario (initially Canada West), and includes originals and copies of text, photographs, certificates, testimonials, newspaper clippings, artifacts, and maps.

Records are predominantly associated with John Elden (ca. 1711-1785), Joseph Elden (1760-1846), Robert Eldon (1821-1894), Robert Henry Eldon (1861-1945), Frank Irving Eldon (1895-1969), and W. Donald R. Eldon (Don) (1926- ).

Material in this fonds relates to the personal and professional lives of the Elden / Eldon family including birth, marriage and death records; family photographs; land records including a 1767 Irish deed as well as copies of a registry map and land transfers for a Muskoka cottage; current Eldon Arms and Crest records; letters; education records including a yearbook and degree; work related records such as a linen seal (1802) and penmanship book (1725); and professional recognition including the King George V Silver Jubilee Medal (1935) and various certificates and testimonials.

Many of the records were used to illustrate a book prepared by Don Eldon for the Eldon family titled: New Lands, New Hopes: Emigrations of the Eldon Family (2009). Two other books by Don titled: War Poems of Frank I. Eldon: Reflections at the Front and after World War I (2008) and The Eldon Family Bibles (2003) are also part of this fonds. Don Eldon was editor of the War Poems book.

Most of the copies of photographs and text were made by the donor in recent years.

Fonds includes records relating to Frank I. Eldon and mostly his involvement in WW I.

The fonds is arranged into five series based on donor-assigned categories. Files are arranged essentially in the same order as the donor arranged them, with minor changes made by the archivist.

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Ferguson family fonds
CA ON00009 F 4599 · Fonds · 1911-[200-?], predominant 1938-1962

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by the Ferguson family of Uxbridge and later of North York, Ontario. Included are diaries, correspondence, literary journals, Christmas and greeting cards, cookbooks, and various publications.

The majority of the fonds consists of correspondence, which was written between Beatrice and Murray Ferguson, the Fergusons and their friends, and Beatrice and her mother Gertrude, as well as between Beatrice's grandparents Gertrude and Frank Botha. Included in the correspondence are letters written between Beatrice Botha Ferguson and her pen pals, one of whom was Canadian poet Louis Dudek. Fifteen volumes of the First Statement literary journal accumulated by Beatrice Botha Ferguson from 1942 to 1944 are included in the fonds, as well as fifteen volumes of diaries written by Beatrice that document a twenty-four year period from 1938 to 1962.

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Harry K. Fisher fonds
CA ON00009 F 4640 · Fonds · 1947-2000, 2003-2009

Fonds consists of the professional records of Harry K. Fisher, spanning his career as an educator in Ontario. All eras of his career are represented including: teacher; Vice-Principal; Principal; Inspector of Schools; Superintendent of Public Schools; Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent in the Ministry of Education; Assistant Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education; Director General, Council of Ministers of Education, Canada; Dean of Education at the University of Western Ontario; and education consultant.

Specific types of records include: correspondence, minutes, meeting agendas, reports, programs, published articles, clippings, contracts, certificates, conference materials, briefing notes, orders-in-council, newsletters, speeches, formal invitations, thank-you cards and memoranda. Fonds also includes photographs depicting Fisher's early classes, meetings and international events he attended. Additionally, there is one DVD of Fisher being interviewed as part of an Education Leadership Series produced by the Ontario Association of Education Administration Officials.

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Peter Favot fonds
CA ON00009 F 4563 · Fonds · 1963-2009, predominant 1975-2009

Fonds consists of project and other records documenting the last quarter century of Peter Favot's career. These records reflect Favot's architectural, urban planning and design experience. Also included are records that demonstrate his interest in new technologies and designs including energy alternatives and increased energy efficiency in building design.

The nature of the projects documented in this fonds include: urban planning in various locations in Ontario; institutional projects including master plans for educational institutions, projects created for First Nations communities in Ontario, and projects for group homes; energy-related projects created for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, as well as projects created independently by Favot; research projects created by Peter Favot both independently and with partners; residential projects in the Sudbury area; commercial projects including financial centres, shopping centres, showrooms, and historic renovations; and church and recreation projects.

Records also include Favot's architectural theses and design articles written for the Sudbury Star newspaper.

Fonds includes architectural drawings such as sketches, technical drawings, conceptual drawings, presentation drawings, plans, sections, elevations, and details.

The fonds also includes textual records which document the projects including: correspondence; cost estimates; meeting minutes; tender bids and contracts; project specifications; reports; schedules; and news clippings.

Fonds also includes photographs documenting project sites, project models and construction work, maps, and artifacts such as wood samples.

Of interest are records relating to Peter Favot's inventions and innovative design products. The design products include: energy-related projects; furniture for children; plans for innovative housing; wood densification; and others.

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CA ON00009 F 4624 · Fonds · 1922-2009

Fonds consists of the organizational and functional records of the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) including minutes of meetings, correspondence, manager's reports, president's reports, annual reports, briefs, and photographs. Some of the correspondence pertains to OFIA Workmen's Compensation. Also included are briefs submitted to the Ontario Royal Commission on Forestry, 1946.

Fonds includes records related to associations which combined offices with the OFIA over time including meeting minutes and annual reports of the Northwestern Ontario Timber Operators (1943-1971) and the Pulpwood Salvage Association (1947-1956). The donation also includes photographs pertaining to the Canadian Lumbermen's Association. These depict lumber camps, equipment, personnel, and meetings. Some of these photographs include captions identifying specific subjects and events.

Fonds has been arranged into 6 series.

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CA ON00009 F 4619 · Fonds · 1948-2008, predominant 1966-2008

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild (OHCG). The majority of records date from its founding in 1966. The documents consist of textual records, as well as photographs, sound and moving images, and electronic records documenting the work of the OHCG.

The fonds is arranged into ten series that document the correspondence, annual meetings, financial records, newsletters, and branch records of the OHCG. Also included are records documenting the work of the OHCG Board, schools and regional workshops and membership records. Records relating to rug hooking exhibitions and shows as well as photographs, videos and records concerning the craft of rug hooking are also included in the fonds.

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Easter Seals Ontario fonds
CA ON00009 F 4571 · Fonds · 1928-2008

Fonds consists of administrative and operational records of Easter Seals Ontario. The fonds primarily documents the fundraising and promotional activities of the organisation and affiliated service clubs, though the fonds also contains records relating to direct delivery of services, provision of financial support to community-based service providers, and administration of the organisation and camping sites and programs.

The records include a large body of sound and moving image materials, primarily associated with fundraising programs and promotion of Easter Seals as an organisation. The records also include correspondence and internal memoranda, research reports, financial statements and annual reports, architectural drawings and photographs, and aggregated data on Easter Seals' clients in the form of its Central Client Case File Registry.

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Bernard Rasch fonds
CA ON00009 F 4447 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-2008; predominant [194?]-2001

Fonds consists primarily of architectural drawings, project-related photographs and textual records, and business and administrative records documenting the architectural career of Bernard Rasch.

These records date back to Rasch's student days in the late 1960s and the establishment of his own firm in 1973. They also include the projects in which Rasch was the lead when he was a partner in the firms Rasch & Au Architects and Rasch, Au & Habash Architects.

Fonds also includes architectural records created by other firms where Rasch was an employee before launching his own practice, mainly Ryan & Lee Architects and Venchiarutti & Venchiarutti. There are also miscellaneous other architectural records that were acquired by Rasch and likely used by him for reference purposes.

The project-related records document the design and construction of buildings that were built, but also consist of plans for structures that were never realized. Major built projects include offices for the City of Toronto, various branches of the Sterling Trust and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and stores for Canadian Tire affiliates. The majority of the projects, however, relate to the construction or alteration of houses, apartment projects and commercial buildings; also represented are industrial, recreational and institutional buildings. While almost all of the projects were located in the Greater Toronto Area, projects in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, the United States and Costa Rica were also undertaken.

Drawings comprising this fonds document various stages of individual projects, mainly preliminary and construction stages. They include original sketches, tracings, photomechanical reproductions and CAD printouts.

Other project-related records may include specifications, contracts, notes, maps, topographical plans and photographs.

Non-project records in this fonds include business and administrative records documenting the operations of Rasch's practice, information about other architects, and records documenting Rasch's professional activities and community involvement outside his practice.

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Osgoode Society fonds
CA ON00009 C 81 · Fonds · [1965]-2008, predominant 1978-2008

Fonds consists primarily of oral history interviews of lawyers, judges and others in the legal profession, relating to various aspects of legal history in Ontario and Canada. These interviews comprise the sole activity of the Osgoode Society's Oral History Programme. Most interview documentation consists of audio cassette recordings with accompanying transcripts, although one interview on videocassette is also included.

Fonds also includes photographs of interviewees and textual research materials pertaining to several individuals involved in the Canadian legal profession, such as copies of articles, speeches and news clippings.

Fonds has been arranged into five series.

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CA ON00009 F 4618 · Fonds · 1915, 1923, 1945-2008

Fonds consists of correspondence, speeches, minutes, reports, journals, draft manuscripts, press clippings and other records related to Kel Crossley's activities as an educator, educational administrator, consultant, software developer and private citizen in Ontario in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The records are arranged into eight series. The arrangement is roughly chronogical.

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Cancer Care Ontario fonds
CA ON00009 F 4559 · Fonds · 1930-2007

Fonds consists of records relating to Cancer Care Ontario and its predecessor agency, the Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation.

Records include agency annual reports, minutes of the board and various committees, documents relating to Regional Cancer Centres, staff and board members' biographical material, as well as related legislation and agreements.

Photographic records depict staff and board members as well as social events, conferences, interior and exterior views of facilities, and special equipment.

Audio cassettes provide records of seminars, lectures, and speeches relating to cancer care.

Videocassettes capture interviews, information on cancer treatment and diagnosis, and a news item relating to a mammography controversy.

Architectural drawings depict building facades for proposed and existing facilities.

Maps depict patient travel areas for existing cancer care centres.

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