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Series consists of a ceramic depiction of a church inscribed with the word: Alajärvi (This is a depiction of the church in Alajärvi, Finland where Eeva Annikki Kantokoski was baptized in 1924.); an annotated pocket-sized "New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Translated out of the Original Greek and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by his Majesty's Special Command," published in London by Collins' Clear-Type Press in 1936 (This pocket-sized bible was a gift given to Ann Koski on the occasion of her confirmation by her Confirmation Teacher pastor [Mathew H. Lepisto], and is signed by him); and a book entitled: "Jane Withers Twentieth-Century Fox Film Star - Her Life Story," published in Racine, Wisconsin by Whitman Publishing Company, 1936 (The inside cover of the book is annotated and reads: Christmas 1936 to Anne Koski From Veikko Koski).

Bell Park

  • ON00120 015-.1-1-3
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • [194-]
  • Parte de Heit Family

File consists of one photograph taken by Jack Heit of Bell Park during the summer.

Ramsey Lake - Jack Heit took photograph

  • ON00120 015-.1-1-3-1
  • Item
  • [194-]
  • Parte de Heit Family

One annotated photograph of a crowd of over forty people gathered on a dock at Lake Ramsey in Bell Park. An individual can be seen diving off a diving board, as three boys stand on the diving board and watch.


  • ON00120 008-4-2
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • 194- - 196-
  • Parte de Denis Landry

File consists of two photographs of priests. One of these images is printed as a postcard.

School Board Blueprints

  • CA ON00154 2011.16.2.5
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • 194-

Series consists of eleven (11) blueprints for "Proposed Alterations to West Primary School;" "Retaining Wall at Port Hope Public School;" "Proposed Wall North Side of Central School," c. 1940s.

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Vinyl Record

Series consists of vinyl records produced by Trinity College School. Included are choir and bell ringer performances as well as recordings of chapel services.

Frederick William Arthur Baulch Papers

Pieces foam the Baulch Family Collection (1) "Captain James Braund" (contributed to by Fredrick Baulch) (2) Fredrick William Arthur Baulch Personal History and Business Experience. (Similar to present day resume)

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John Austin 25th Anniversary Kraft Tie Clip

Item is a gold-plated tie clip featuring the emblem of General Foods (Kraft) and three small rubies. It was given to John Austin to commemorate 25 years of service working at the Kraft plant in Port Hope, and later, Cobourg.

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Korpela Family

Series consists of one annotated family tree of the Korpela family (including a photocopy of a handwritten family tree beginning with Adolf Henriksson Koivula; an annotated photocopy of a typewritten list of the children of Sandra Korpela; and an annotated, photocopy of a typewritten and hand-drawn family tree beginning with Santra Korpela); one annotated photocopy of an annotated typewritten list of the children and descendants of Santra Korpela, beginning with Kalle Gustaf (Charles) Korpela; one annotated photocopy of an annotated typewritten list of notes regarding the Korpela family, and a list of where descendants of the Korpela family were located at the time it was written; two annotated photocopies of page 8 of the passanger list of the vessel Athenia (November 1910); a computer printout from of the Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 entry for Sandra Korpela (on the ship Athenia arriving in Saint John, New Brunswick on November 28, 1910 with ship information attached; one photocopy of an annotated printout of a newspaper article from the Sudbury Star in 2004 entitled: Well-known Sault Star columnist succumbs to cancer Sunday, concerning Mr. Oliver Lehto; one computer printout of one scanned Sudbury Star newspaper article circa 2002 entitled: Sudbury developer unveils wetland park, and one scanned photograph concerning Korpela Park in Sudbury, Ontario.

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