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Archival description
Item · 1907-2021

The fonds consists of following series and relate to history of the Oxford North Women’s Institute:

Series 1: Minutes (1907-2006)
Series 2: Tweedsmuir Scrapbooks (1910-2021)
Series 3: Programmes (1910-2018)
Series 4: Photographs ([before 1920], 2015)

Braemar Women's Institute
Item · 1947 - 2020

The fonds consist of the following Series:
Series 1: Minute Books (1947-1997)
Series 2: Tweedsmuirs (1960-before 1997)
Series 3: Financial (1987-2020)

Princess Elizabeth Branch, North Oxford Women's Institute
Item · [19- ]

The fonds consist of one scrapbook outlining the history of the Zorra Tug-of-War Team and returning their trophies to Oxford County in the 1970s.

Max Munro
Collection · 1865-?

Collection consists of records documenting the organizational history of Trinity College School, as well as activities and achievements of Trinity College School alumni and faculty and staff.

Included are newspaper clippings, photographs, play programs, reports, notes, and correspondence.

Trinity College School
Item · 1952-2018, nd.

The fonds consists of records related to the Auxiliary of the Woodstock General Hospital. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Scrapbooks (1895-2011)
Series 2: Newsletters
Series 3: Clippings
Series 4: Photographs
Series 5: Certificates
Series 6: Correspondence
Series 7: Miscellaneous (including a History of the Auxiliary)
Woodstock General Hospital Women's Auxiliary
Fonds · 1859-2018

The fonds consist of records related to the Zorra Caledonian Society. They are arranged in the following series and subseries:

Series 1: The Society
Subseries A: History
Subseries B: Meeting Minutes
Subseries C: Correspondence
Subseries D: Invitations
Subseries E: Photos
Subseries F: Record Books
Subseries G: Certificates

Series 2: Highland Games
Subseries A: History
Subseries B: Entry Forms
Subseries C: Opening Ceremony Speeches
Subseries D: Programmes and Schedules

  • File 11: 1949-1950
  • File 12: 1960-1969
  • File 13: 1970-1989
  • File 14: 1990-1999
  • File 15: 2000-2009
    Subseries E: Souvenir Programmes
  • File 16: 1937-1939
  • File 17: 1940-1959
    Subseries F: General Articles
  • File 18: 1930-1949
  • File 19: 1950-1969
  • File 20: 1970-1979
  • File 21: 1980-1989
  • File 22: 1990-2015
    Subseries G: Tug-of-War Articles
    Subseries H: Results
  • File 24: 1938-1949
  • File 25: 1950-1959
  • File 26: 1960-1969
  • File 27: 1970-1979
  • File 28: 1980-1989
    Subseries I: Awards
    Subseries J: Photos
  • File 30: 1944-1969
  • File 31: 1970-1989
  • File 32: Not Dated
    Subseries K: Advertisements
    Subseries L: Guest Book

Series 3: Events
Subseries A: Newspaper Articles
Subseries B: Programmes
Subseries C: St. Andrew’s Night Banquet Menus

  • File 37: 1930-1949
  • File 38: 1950-1959
  • File 39: 1960-1969
  • File 40: 1970-1989
  • File 41: 1990-2012
    Subseries D: Advertisements

Series 4: Miscellaneous

Series 5: Oversized Scrapbook

Zorra Caledonian Society
Item · 1922-2018

The fonds consists of records related to the history and development of the Brookdale Women’s Institute. Additionally, the fonds contains information and records pertaining to the communities in Southern Oxford County.

It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Brooksdale Tweedsmuir Volumes 1-5 (1820-2011)

Series 2: Women’s Institute Miscellaneous (1909, 1918, 1920, 1923-2017)

  • Subseries A – Quilts
  • Subseries B – Programs

Series 3: Scrapbooks (1984-2000)

Series 4: Tweedsmuir History (2001-2017)

  • Subseries A – 2001-2002
  • Subseries B – 2003-2004
  • Subseries C – 2005-2007
  • Subseries D – 2008-2009
  • Subseries E – 2010
  • Subseries F – 2011-2012
  • Subseries G – 2013-2014
  • Subseries H – 2015-2016
  • Subseries I - 2017

Series 5: Brooksdale Minute Books (1922-2018)

Brooksdale Women's Institute, Oxford District, Southern Area
Harley McCurdy collection
Collection · 1942-1945, 1994, 2012, 2016

The Collection consists of copies of military records, correspondence, newspaper clippings and photographs related to the naval career of Harley Daniel McCurdy during WWII.

Harley McCurdy
CA ON00340 F2962 · Fonds · 1891-2016

Fonds consists of records of Woodstock Methodist Sunday School District (incudes Beachville, Sweaburg, Woodstock, Salford, Oxford Centre, Eastwood, Princeton, Drumbo, Washington, Hickson, Plattsville and Bright), 1915-1921; Missionary Society collection book of Beachville Methodist Circuit (includes Beachville and Folden's), 1911-1918; records, including burials, 1922-1925, of Beachville Methodist Church, 1891-1925; records of Beachville Pastoral Charge (includes Beachville, Sweaburg, and West Oxford), 1908-2015; records of West Oxford Pastoral Charge, 1973, 2015; records of Sweaburg United Church, 1990-2010; and records of West Oxford United Church 1990-2010; records, including baptismal stubs, 1942-1980, and marriages, 1896-1942, of Beachville United Church (includes Sweaburg Methodist Circuit, Beachville Methodist Church, Sweaburg Methodist Church), 1891-2016.

Beachville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1265 · Fonds · 1839-2015

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1865-1879, and marriages, 1865-1939, of Roseville Evangelical Church, 1865-1946 (includes Roseville Evangelical Association and Blenheim Circuit); records, including baptisms, 1879-1958, of Roseville Evangelical United Brethren Church,1839-1967; records, including baptisms, 1972-2013, marriages, 1972-2007, and burials, 1972-2014, of Grace United Church, Roseville, 1902-2015.

Grace United Church (Roseville, Ont.)
Ingersoll Probus Club fonds
Item · 1999-2015

The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Ingersoll Probus Club and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Administration
Subseries A: Minute Books
Subseries B: Financial
Subseries C: Membership
Subseries D: History and Governance

Series 2: Functions, Events and Activities
Subseries A: Correspondence
Subseries B: Newsletters
Subseries C: Social Gatherings
Subseries D: Photographs
Subseries E: Miscellaneous

*More recent Financial Records of the Ingersoll Probus Club have been kept by the Archives for tax purposes. They may be destroyed after 2023.

Ingersoll Probus Club
Item · 1888 - 2015

The fonds consist of records related to the history of Woodstock Collegiate High School. They are arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Graduation/Annual Announcements
Series 2: Yearbooks (Oracles)
Series 3: Photographs
Series 4: School Functions/Events

Woodstock Collegiate Institute
1886, 1910-1977, 2014, nd.

The fonds consists of materials related to the life Frank Eaton Ellis including newspaper articles, transcription of radio addresses, family and farm photographs, and farming financial ledgers. Several materials relate to his time at the Ontario Agricultural College as well as his time as the President of the Oxford County Federation of Agriculture, President of the Ontario Hatcheries Association, as well as editor of the Family Herald.

Ellis, Frank E.
Item · 2008-2014

The fonds mostly consists of survey reports and other economic studies for Thamesford, between the years 2008 and 2014, that were created by or for the Thamesford Taking Action Group (T’TAGG) for which Marie Keasey served as Director.

Item · 1919-2005, 2014

The fonds consist of the following Series:
Series 1: Minute Books (1924-1996)
Series 2: Programmes (1919-1920, 1931-1995 – not inclusive)
Series 3: Scrapbooks (1955-2005)
Series 4: Tweedsmuirs ([199- ])
Series 5: Miscellaneous ([after 1939?], 1955, 2014)

Hickson Branch, North Oxford Women's Institute
CA ON00340 F1934 · Fonds · 1837-2012

Fonds consists of records of Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1843-1872; records, including baptisms, 1888-1891, and marriages, 1858-1885, 1896-1921, of Central Methodist Church, Woodstock, (includes Wesleyan Methodist Chapel), 1854-1924; records, including baptisms, 1852-1885, 1906-1916, marriages, 1855-1857, 1896-1916, and burials, 1906-1916, of Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Woodstock, 1837-1925; records, including baptisms, 1924-2008, marriages, 1935-2008, and burials, 1950-2008, of Chalmers United Church, Woodstock (includes Chalmers Presbyterian Church), 1887-2008; records, baptisms, 1907-2007, marriages, 1896-2007, and burials, 1907-2008, of Central United Church (includes Central Methodist Church), Woodstock, 1853-2010; records, including baptisms 2008-2010, marriages 2008-2010 and burials 2008-2011, of Faith United Church, Woodstock (includes Chalmers and Central United Churches), 2007-2012.

Faith United Church (Woodstock, Ont.)
St. Andrew's Cemetery fonds
Item · 1826-2012

The fonds consists of records related to St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Thamesford, Ontario. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

    Series 1: Administrative
Subseries A: Meeting Minutes
Subseries B: By-Laws
Subseries C: Cemetery Acts
Subseries D: Miscellaneous – Will
Subseries E: Cemetery Returns
Subseries F: Communion Roll
Series 2: History
Subseries A: General History
Subseries B: Newspaper Articles
Series 3: Financials
Series 4: Correspondence
Series 5: Photographs
St. Andrew's Cemetery Board of Trustees
Fonds · 1903 - 2011

The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Admiral Vansittart Chapter of the IODE and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Administration
Subseries A: Minute Books
Subseries B: Annual Reports
Subseries C: Financial Records
Subseries D: Membership
Subseries E: Constitution and History

Series 2: Citizenship Ceremonies

Series 3: Captain Andrew Drew Junior Chapter

Series 4: Sponsorship Programs
Subseries A: Old Crow, Yukon
Subseries B: Westwood High School, Stewart Town, Jamaica

Series 5: Opportunity Shop
Subseries A: Operations
Subseries B: Finances
Subseries C: Opportunity Tea and Coffee + One Party
Subseries D: Shop Schedules

Series 6: Special Events
Subseries A: Meetings
Subseries B: Anniversaries
Subseries C: IODE Week
Subseries D: Chapter Teas
Subseries E; Honor Student Dinners
Subseries F: Centennial Fashion Show
Subseries G: Founders Day / Old St. Paul’s
Subseries H: Scrapbooks
Subseries I: Miscellaneous

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Admiral Vansittart Chapter
Fonds · 1858-2011

The fonds consists of records related to St. John’s Masonic Lodge No. 104, Norwich and is arranged into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Administration
Subseries A: Minutes
Sub-subseries 1: Minute Books
Sub-subseries 2: Meeting Attendance Books
Subseries B: By-laws
Subseries C: History
Subseries D: Dispensations
Subseries E: Published materials
Subseries F: Miscellaneous

Series 2: Financial
Subseries A: Account Books
Subseries B: Financial Statements and Audited Reports
Subseries C: Expenses and Receipts

Series 3: Memberships
Subseries A: Membership Lists/Dues
Subseries B: Certificates
Subseries C: Petitions
Subseries D: Lodge Returns
Subseries E: Death scrolls

Series 4: Correspondence

Series 5: Events and Anniversaries
Subseries A: Summons
Subseries B: Anniversaries
Subseries C: Newspaper clippings
Subseries D: Programmes
Subseries E: Vistors/Guests
Subseries F: Tickets
Subseries G: Miscellaneous

Series 6: Photographs

Series 7: Scrapbooks

St. John's Masonic Lodge No. 104