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Archival description
Elgin County Archives fonds
Fonds · 1967-2018

Fonds consists of records created and maintained by the Elgin County Archives and is arranged into the following series:
-Accession Records series, 2001-2017
-Researcher Records series, 2004-2018

Fonds also contains digitized material related to commemorations of the fiftieth and sixtieth anniversaries of Vimy Ridge in 1967 and 1977.

Collection · 1833-2017

This collection is comprised of research notes, award and society information, letters and stamps which comprise early postal markings and history of Elgin County and the surrounding region, 1833-2017

Trillium Button Club fonds
Fonds · 1958-2017

The fonds consists of records created, collected and maintained by the Pilot Club of St. Thomas, 1958-2017. The fonds is arranged in the following series:
-Object (gavel), 1958
-Minutes, 1966-2016
-Membership, ca. 1966-2006
-Newsletters, 1966-2014
-Programs, 1966-1983
-Financial records, 1966-2017
-Publications, ca. 1980-2011
-Photographs, ca. 1980-2007

Fonds · 1941-2016

Fonds consists of records created by the Boxall Women's Institute. Fonds is arranged into the following series:
-Meeting Minutes series
-Meeting Programs series
-Tweedsmuir History series

Fonds · 1946-2016

Fonds consists of photographs, newspaper clippings and other records documenting the history of the St. Thomas plant of Canadian Timken Limited. Fonds is arranged into the following series:
-Newsletters series, 1989-1992
-Newspaper Clippings series, 1963-2016
-Photographs series, 1946-2004
-Special Events series, 1946-[ca. 2000]

Fonds · 1997-2016

Fonds consists of records created by the Municipality of Central Elgin and is arranged into the following series:
-Clerk's series, 1997
-Council series, 1998-2016

Fonds · 2000-2016

Fonds consists of records created or collected by the Bayham Historical Society. Fonds is arranged into the following series:
-Minutes series

Collection · 1928-2015

Fonds contains records created or collected by the Fritz family relating to Alma College. Includes personal records belonging to Betty Smith, a student from 1941-1945, and Mary Louise Fritz, a student from 1954-1955. Also includes a photograph album and photographic negatives compiled by Bernice Fritz (nee Eilber), who was a student from 1928-1930. Fonds also contains miscellaneous documents and ephemera relating to Alma College, ca. 1932-2015.

Don Cosens Collection
Collection · 1817-2015

Collection contains historical material pertaining to the history of Elgin County, which was collected by Don Cosens throughout his lifetime. Material includes photographs, postcards, business records, records from local families and individuals, ephemera, land records, estate records, scrapbooks, newspapers and newspaper clippings, fire insurance plans, art and reference material and books. The collection also contains material that reflects Don Cosen's personal involvement in a number of local organizations, as well as personal photographs.

The collection is arranged into the following series:

•Photographs series
•Postcards series
•William Hendershott series
•Cameron Family Records series
•Paddon Family Records series
•David Fleming Hunter Records series
•Wallace Verne Ferris Records series
•St. Thomas Jumbo Centennial Committee series
•St. Thomas Collegiate Institute Reunion series
•Edna Bennett series
•Estates Files series
•Land Records series
•Municipal World Inc. series
•Reference files series
•Scrapbook series
•Carolyn Curtis Records series
•Directories and Gazetteers series
•Elgin County Local History series
•Ephemera series
•Fire Insurance Plans series

Fonds · 1947-2015

Fonds consists of records created and maintained by both the Elgin County 4-H Association and individuals within the 4-H program. It includes the 4-H Constitution, annual reports, minutes of meetings, financial records, correspondence, lists of members, project records and workbooks done by 4-H members, newsletters, and scrapbooks.

The fonds is arranged into the following series:
-Administration series
-Members series
-Projects series

Fonds · 1888-2014

Fonds consists of records created, collected and maintained by the Clachan Women’s Institute, including minutes of meetings, records of the Clachan 4-H Homemaking Club, and six volumes of Tweedsmuir Histories.

Fonds is arranged into the following series:

  1. History series, 1888-1998
  2. Tweedsmuir Histories, 1890-2014
  3. Minutes, 1914-2014
  4. Programmes, 1928-2008
  5. 4-H Homemaking Club, 1967-1993
  6. Financial, 1984-April 2000
  7. Correspondence, 1989
Ray Galloway fonds
Fonds · 1932-2014

Fonds consists of records compiled by Ray H. Galloway during the writing of his book, "The Story of the Stolen Bicycle," and is arranged into the following series:
-Publications series
-Research Files series
-Photographs series
-Personal Records series

Fonds · 1951-[ca. 2014], predominant 1951-1990

Fonds consists of records created and maintained by the St. Thomas branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women. Fonds is arranged into the following series:
-Rules and Regulations series
-Membership and Attendance series
-Minutes series
-Annual Reports series
-General History series
-Correspondence series
-Financial Records series
-Programming series
-Special Interest Groups series
-Projects series
-Subject Files series
-Newspaper Clippings series

CA ON00340 F2955 · Fonds · 1900-2013

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1910,1911, and 1914, and marriages, 1900-1925, of Vienna Methodist Church (includes Port Burwell Circuit), 1900-1925; Trustee minutes of Port Burwell Methodist Church, 1910-1924; records of Straffordville Pastoral Charge, 2011; records, including baptismal stubs, 1944, 1946, 1949-1951, 1999, of Vienna United Church (includes Port Burwell and Wagoner Methodist Circuits), 1901-2001; records, including baptismal stubs, 1999-2000, of Port Burwell United Church, 1907-2000; records of St. Paul's Port Burwell-Vienna United Church, Port Burwell, 2000-2013.

Fonds · 1981-2013

This fonds contains records pertaining to The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE), Centennial Chapter, St. Thomas, Ontario. Records include membership records, meeting minutes and reports, programs and services, and photographs.

Records are organized into the following series:
1) Meeting Minutes and Reports, 1982-1993
2) Membership, 1981-2012
3) Newsletters, 1998-2013
4) Programs and Services, 1995, 2000-2010
5) Photographs, 1981 – 2006
6) Scrapbook, 1981-1995

Fonds · 1998-2013

Fonds consists of records created, collected and maintained by the Elgin-St. Thomas Archives Association, including general planning records, minutes of meetings, membership information, correspondence, event records and financial records.
Fonds is organized into the following series:

-General planning, 1999-2001
-Minutes, 1999-2011
-Membership, 1999-2011
-Correspondence, 1999-2011
-Event records, 2002-2011
-Financial records, 1998-2013

CA ON00340 F1213 · Fonds · 1877-2013

Fonds consists of deed of Lawrence Methodist Church, St. Lawrence Station, 1880; attendance register of Southwold Methodist Church, 1911-1920; photocopy of Session minutes of Duff's Church and Chalmer's, Dunwich, Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Chalmer's Church in Cowal, Duff's Church in Dunwich Township), 1877-1894; Session minutes of St. Columba Presbyterian Church, 1865-1869; records of Frome Congregational Church, 1860-1921; Official Board minutes of Shedden Pastoral Charge (includes Frome, Southwold, Shedden Methodist Circuit), 1922-1964; photocopy of marriage register of Lawrence Station Pastoral Charge (includes Dunwich, Chalmer's and McBride's Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Lawrence Station, McBride's Church in Southwold, Chalmer's Church in Cowal), 1897-1933; records, including baptisms, 1899-1990, marriages, 1922-1990, burials, 1955-1990, of Southwold Pastoral Charge (includes Lawrence Station, McBride's, Cowal, Shedden, Frome, Iona, Woodview), 1899-2012; records of Shedden United Church (includes Shedden Methodist Church), 1922-1965; records of Southwold United Church (includes Southwold Methodist Church), 1923-1962; records of Woodview United Church, Lawrence Station (includes Lawrence Methodist Church), 1880, 1926-1966; collection book of Frome United Church, 1932-1978; Congregational minutes of McBrides United Church in Southwold Township, 1927-1937; records of Iona United Church, 1964-1965; records of Bethany United Church (Shedden, Ont.) 1966-2013.

Fonds · 1998-2013

Fonds consists of the records of the Township of Malahide from 1998 onward and is arranged in the following series:
-Council series, 1998-2013

Paul Baldwin fonds
Fonds · 1870-2013

Fonds contains research files compiled by local historian Paul Baldwin relating to architecture and architects in St. Thomas and Elgin County, principally related to the work of John T. Findlay and Neil R. Darrach with an emphasis on Darrach. Also includes information on David Kilpatrick, Elgin County's first architect, as well as research notes that informed Baldwin's "Legacy" column published in "Community News". Finally, fonds contains original architectural plans created in circa 1903 by Neil Darrach for the St. Thomas Public Library building, as well as a photocopy of a plan for the residence of R.A. Cook.