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"The Great Farini" Research Images, 1996
996.7.2 · Série organique · 1996

Series consists of various images collected by S. Peacock during the creation of "The Great Farini," 1996. It includes: Research images, mostly from Archives of Ontario; Farini's Art, miscellaneous original sources listed; Anne Muller, Farini, images; Lulu & Edith Farini; Lulu images; Krao; Miscellaneous (Archives of Ontario); Miscellaneous Images; Port Hope and area images.

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995-18.5 · Série organique · 1980-1983

File consists of documents regarding the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority's channelization project, 1980-1983. It includes: "Floods Force Port Hope to Change" Toronto Star, 10 Jan 1983; "Engineer's report on Port Hope channelization project comments," 25 Apr 1980; image from 20 Oct 1983; image from 20 Jul 1983; "Ganny blasting starts Monday," 15 Aug 1983; "Town Pursuing more land acquisitions downtown," 15 Apr 1980; "Ganny blasts boosted;" "Channelization report ready for approval," 8 Sep 1981.

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Arthur T.H. Williams Information
Dossier · ? - 1885

File consists of copies of notes and copies of original materials relating to A. T. H. Williams, Riel Rebellion, death of A. T. H. Williams, Emily Williams, Sarah Williams. Also includes a copy of the funeral program for A. T. H. Williams and a copy of his obituary.

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Dossier · 1985

File consists of eight (8) plans / architectural drawings of interior and exterior of the CNR Station restoration and four (4) pages of notes related to the drawings. Drawings accumulated by the ACO for the restoration of the CNR Station, Port Hope, 1984-1986.

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Friends of Music Season Documents, 2002
2004.22.2.6 · Dossier · 2002

File consists of the documents used to conduct the 2002 season of the Friends of Music. It includes: Programs, contract, correspondence between Friends of Music members and Correspondence between Friends of Music and performer's agencies. Season included: Allmana Sangen and La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra.

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The Standard Ideal Company Bathtub
CA ON00154 2014.28.1 · Pièce · 1903-1967

Consists of one model of an ideal bathtub. The lining of the bathtub can be removed, leaving the bathtub base.

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CA ON00154 2014.28.3 · Série organique · 1903-1967

Series consists of three items. 1) Copies of sections from "Heritage Assessment of the Port Hope Centre Pier", November 2008. This information outlines information about Port Hope Sanitary Manufacturing Company and Standard Ideal Company. 2) Information about the Port Hope Pier and newspaper articles as well. 3) Photocopy of an advertisement from Standard Ideal Company

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Port Hope "National" Sink Poster
CA ON00154 2010.25.1 · Pièce

Consists of one (1) advertising poster for the Port Hope "National" One Piece Sink, from the Port Hope Sanitary Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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Port Hope & District Hospital Cookbook
CA ON00154 2005.5.1.4 · Pièce · Undated

Item is a cookbook prepared by the Port Hope & District Hospital with proceeds towards patient care. Recipes were provided by the nursing staff. Undated.

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"Restore St. Mark's" Cookbook
CA ON00154 2005.5.1.3 · Pièce · Undated

Item is a cookbook entitled "Restore St. Mark's Cookbook." It was sponsored by the St. Mark's Afternoon Guild of Service, undated. Recipes provided by parishioners for the purpose of raising funds for St. Mark's Restoration.

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Olde Tyme Christmas Booklet and Notes
CA ON00154 2014.22.3 · Fonds · 1979-1981

Consists of an Olde Tyme Christmas Booklet for 1979 and Notes for Olde Tyme Chirstmas in 1981. The booklet outlines the highlights, includes a map, and also showcases a calendar of events. The notes provide information about a variety of places in Port Hope (a slideshow).

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Nicholson File Company File
CA ON00154 2012.48.1 · Pièce · undated

Item is a file manufactured by Nicholson File Company, Port Hope. Imprinted label says "Nicholson - Made in Canada - Cantsaw," undated.

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Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Plot
CA ON00154 997.26 · Série organique

Series consists of a photocopy of the Wesleyan Methodist Plot along the west road running north and south. The names in this section of the cemetery are shown.

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LACAC Heritage Designated Properties Map
CA ON00154 2005.18.2 · Pièce · 1978

Item is a map highlighting all of the designated heritage properties in Port Hope (excluding the former Hope Township) as of Dec 1978.

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Heritage Port Hope Anniversary Papers
CA ON00154 2009.13.1.1 · Dossier · 2007

File consists of a guest book signed by attendees of the anniversary event, and copies of the program from the anniversary event, 2007.

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CA ON00154 2005.18.1.2 · Dossier · 1987

File consists of a study conducted by Rod Stewart Construction Limited, Inglis & Downey Architects Inc., Commonwealth Management Limited and Port Hope LACAC (in 2005 Heritage Port Hope). The report includes: Port Hope Commercial Area Facade Improvement Study, part 2, landscape section covers survey and analysis of existing landscape conditions (1987), general planning and development guidelines for the Heritage Conservation District and other parts of the downtown core; and landscape plans and guidelines for the Heritage Conservation District & Marketing Strategy for the Town of Port Hope.

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Wesleyan Cemetery Newspaper Clippings
CA ON00154 2006.9.1.2 · Dossier · 2002

File consists of notice and articles related to the removal of human remains from 72 Pine Street, Port Hope. It includes: Article "Reburial Cost Probed," Port Hope Evening Guide, 21 Jun 2002; Notice of Declaration, Port Hope Evening Guide, 4 Jul 2002, re: discovery of human remains at the former Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery.

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CA ON00154 2006.9.1.1 · Dossier · 2002-2003

File consists of materials related to the moving of human remains from the Old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery. It includes: Copy of Ontario Regulation for Burial Sites, 2002; Notice of Declaration in the matter of the discover of human remains on the Dr. Hawkins School site in 2002. Gives details of the parties involved; Letter from Rev. Paul Putman, regarding allowing Trent University to conduct studies on the remains.

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Old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Project
CA ON00154 2006.9.1.6 · Dossier · 2002-2004

File consists of a CD-ROM documenting in a Power Point Presentation the activities surrounding the Old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery. Presentation includes maps and photographs. Also, a map showing what type of coffins were found and where.

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