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Edwin A. Osborn fonds
CA ON00154 2011.44 · Fonds · 1939 - 1945

Fonds consists of the military records and artifacts of Edwin Albert Osborn of the Canadian Army. Materials are related to E.A. Osborn's military service during World War II, 1939-1945. It has been arranged into three series: Military Documents; Artifacts / Objects; Photographs.

CA ON00154 2012.17 · Fonds · 1960

Series consists of materials which were sealed in a copper time capsule in the cornerstone of Howard Jordan Public School, 1960. It includes: Port Hope Evening Guide edition, 25 Apr 1960; History of Wm. Howard Jordan; Listing of Board of School Trutess, and the staff of Port Hope public schools, 1960; Howard Jordan Public School Official Opening Programme, 27 Apr 1960; Blueprint; Coins from 1960; Letter from Ganaraska Trail Public School principal, 2012; Print-off of digital photographs from the opening of the time capsule, 2012; Photographs; and copper time capsule.

Shakespeare's Daughters
CA ON00154 2016.38.4 · Series

Series includes one (1) copy of the 'Shakespeare's Daughters: A Fantasy in One Scene' play, copywright 1910 by Samuel French (Canada) limited, and one (1) newspaper clipping of the front page of 'The Evening Guide' (Port Hope) newspaper from Thursday, August 3, 1944 featured photos and an article about the 'Garden Fete' fundraiser, featuring the 'Shakespeare's Daughters' play.

Trott Family Photographs
CA ON00154 2016.38.5 · Series

A series of photographs of the Trott family of Port Hope, including W.H. Trott and Ruth Trott.

Telegram to Miss R.E. Trott
CA ON00154 2016.38.6 · Item

Item is a telegram with accompanying envelope, sent to Ruth E. Trott from John Barker Garnett. Dated Dec 7, year is unknown.

"Miss R.E. Trott
50 Westmoreland Ave, Oshawa, ONT
Darling arrive Kingston Saturday noon approx see you there love

CA ON00154 2016.38.7 · 1940

Item is a 'Peterborough Normal School Year Book, 1940', signed by many of the students. The Year Book includes students from Port Hope, including Ruth Trott, I. Symons, E, Retallick, M. Douglas, and M. Dunbar.

CA ON00154 2016.43 · File

Series includes hand-painted posters used to advertise movies at the Capitol Theatre, Port Hope.

CA ON00154 2016.5 · Fonds · 1918-1936

Fonds consists of eighty seven (87) invoices, cancelled cheques, and receipts pertaining to Irving Margles' clothing store in downtown Port Hope, 1918-1936. Most of the cheques were written to suppliers of Margles' store, including a few related to Port Hope: Port Hope Hydro Electric Commission, Weatherproof Rubber Coat Company, William Currie, International Association of Lions Clubs (Port Hope), Arcade Chain Stores (O. Pattenick, Prop.), W. J. Highfield Victoria Dairy.

'Dear Octopus' Programme
CA ON00154 2017.12.1 · Item · 1956

"Dear Octopus" play programme produced by the Community Theatre of Port Hope, March, 1956.

CA ON00154 2017.14.3 · Item

Item is a hand-written copy of the 'Record of Proceedings of Trustees of Hope Church" from 1861 to 1881. Includes church expenditures, notes about sermons delivered, names of congregation members, trustee business, and expenses.

CA ON00154 2017.15.1 · Item · 1817 - 1898

Item is family history page featuring the birth dates of various members of the 'Richard' family of Port Hope and Cobourg area from 1817 to 1898. This page is possibly from a family bible.

"Elizabeth and --- "
---- Richard born June 2nd 1817
Elizabeth Richard born Feb. 9th 1819
William Richard born April 7th? 1823?
Archibald Richard Dec 24 1825
Hugh Richard Sept 2 1828
Margaret Maria May 30 1831
Mary Morrison Richard Dec 21 1833

John Richard and Mary Yheu ?
children Thomas Francis Sept 22 1853
Elizabeth Richard Dec 26 1854
Cecilia Richard Feb 27 1856
Mary Josephine Richard Sept 29 1857
Harriet Richard October 27 1858
John Caldwell Richard May 20 1860
Robert William Richard March 9 1862
Stuart Grahame Richard March 6 1863
Francis Richard March 3 1865
William Albert Richard July 2 1868
Lovel Murray Richard March 2 1870
Margaret Richard 1872"

CA ON00154 2017.17.1 · Item · 1899

Item is a typed booklet of transcribed advertisements from 1899, likely from the Port Hope Guide. Includes advertisements from Port Hope businesses.

CA ON00154 2017.17.2 · Item · 1873 - 1940

Item is a book of copied handwritten information on the Welcome Circuit and parsonage. Contains 'Minute Book- Welcome Circuit 1873', and notes on subscriptions and receipts up to 1940.

Young Canada Day Program
CA ON00154 2017.17.3 · Item · 1970

Item is a program for the Port Hope Beaver Athletic Association's Young Canada Day. Includes photographs of various local hockey teams with accompanying names, and game line-ups.

CA ON00154 2017.17.4 · Item · 1813 - 1925

Item is a booklet created for the Golden Jubilee of the Port Hope Methodist Church in 1925.

Includes a short history of methodism in Canada, the history of methodism in Port Hope starting in 1813, officials and groups of the church in 1875 and 1925, and messages from ex-pastors for the anniversary.

Port Hope Receipts
CA ON00154 2017.20 · Series

See file level descriptions for details.

Dining Room at Ballintruan
CA ON00154 2017.26.1 · Item

Item is a watercolour painting of the dining room in 'Ballintruan' house, Port Hope.

This painting was likely completed by a member of the Grant family.

Form 2A Classmates Ruler
CA ON00154 2017.27.1 · Item · 1936 - 1939

Item is a wooden ruler which belonged to Port Hope student Miller George, likely while he attended Port Hope High School between 1936 and 1939.

The ruler is signed by classmates of 'Form 2A':

Miller George
R. Sweanor
F. Hodgson
V. White
J.D. Newton
Jack Kervan
D. Dodd
Norman Snelgrove
Ron Hugh
G. Martyn

Other names are visible but illegible.