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Thom family fonds
CA ON00311 PF101 · Fondos · 1788-1896

Fonds consists of records documenting legal and financial matters of the Thom family of Quebec City, including James Thom, William Thom, Catherine Thom, and Isabella Thom. Records include wills, receipts, correspondence, court decisions, court exhibits, rental agreements, and invoices.

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David Secord fonds
CA ON00009 F 4632 · Fondos · 1788-1898

Fonds consists of records created and obtained by Major David Secord during his time in Lincoln County, 1788-1844, as well as by other Secord family members.

The majority of the records are petitions for compensation to the Province of Upper Canada for damages to David Secord's property in St. Davids during the War of 1812. Some petitions go into detail as to how the Secord family arrived in Lincoln County and the battles Secord participated in, and some petitions briefly describe his family's loyalty to Britain. An inventory list of damaged property with estimated values is also included in the fonds.

The fonds contains a family Bible with signatures of family members; David Secord's appointments to Major and Lieutenant; an early version of his will; a land grant; the American citizenship certificate of James Bradley, a grandson of Major David Secord through marriage, and a petition for compensation from Daniel Secord, likely a cousin of David.

Also included are copies of obituaries, a bookmark and greeting card which were originally laid in the bible.

A majority of the items have a “Thom J. Armstrong” rubber stamp imprint. He was a grandson of David Secord.

Files are in rough chronological order.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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CA ON00311 PF16 · Fondos · 1789-1827

Fonds consists of minute books that document the proceedings of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Luneburg Distict (1789-1802) and Mecklenburg District (1789-1790, 1793-1800, 1813-1816). The volumes record the dates of the court sittings, names of the defendants, charges, pleas, lists of jurors sworn, verdicts and penalties. One of the volumes also contains marriage oaths from between 1794 and 1827.

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Walter Roe fonds
CA ON00311 PF60 · Fondos · 1789, 1796

Fonds consists of certificates relating to the legal career of Walter Roe. Included is a certificate appointing Roe an advocate in the Province of Quebec and a certificate appointing Roe as Deputy Registrar of the Western District.

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Daniel Fidler fonds
CA ON00340 F3377 · Fondos · 1790-1827

Fonds consists of marriage certificates, 1797, 1807-1811; correspondence, 1790-1809, 1827.

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Clergy Reserves fonds
CA ON00003 F157 · Fondos · 1791-1854

Fonds consists of a collection of printed copies or extracts of correspondence, papers, and reports regarding Clergy Reserves, 1791-1854. Includes a circular, dated 1839, addressed: To a Christian Public and signed by many clergymen from Eastern Ontario defending the establishment of the Church of England in Canada and its rights to the Clergy Reserves (M76-16).

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CA ON00428 2019.01 · Item · 1791

Portrait is a reproduction of an 1791 painting of John Graves Simcoe, First Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.

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Kenneth Ramsay Wilson fonds
CA ON00399 87 · Fondos · 1791, 1908-1989, 1999-2000

Fonds consists of speeches and addresses given by Kenneth R. Wilson at events and symposiums including the Citizen's Forum, World Trade Forum and the National Forum (broadcast on CBC), and to groups including the Rotary Club, the Canadian Club of Toronto, the Empire Club of Canada, and the Victoria College Reunion, etc. Also contains articles written by and about him, and reports on assignments that he was on.

Fonds also includes letters of condolence to his wife Ruth after Kenneth's death in 1952 and letters of condolence addressed to Floyd S. Chalmers, the Executive Vice-President of Maclean Hunter Publishing Company, who was the boss of Kenneth R. Wilson. Contains obituaries, published tributes and the tribute given at his memorial service. Also includes records related to his estate.

Fonds contains several photographs of Kenneth R. Wilson, including a formal portrait by Yousuf Karsh. There is also a short documentary film about Wilson's life and a scrapbook assembled by him that covers his early school days until his work in England on the Canadian War effort (

Fonds also contains a scrapbook assembled by Kenneth R. Wilson's daughter, Nora Ruth Wilson. This scrapbook mainly consists of images cut out of magazines and newspapers as well as articles related to the end of the war (WWII).

Fonds also contains a notebook belonging to Kenneth R. Wilson's great-grandfather, James Wilson, and a video cassette tape of a tribute to Wilson.

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William Baldwin family fonds
CA ON00009 F 17 · Fondos · 1791-1881, [ca. 1917]

Fonds consists mainly of correspondence of various Baldwin family members, and documents relating to land transactions and business matters. Correspondence relates mainly to estate and business matters, but some letters discuss political and personal issues. Included in the correspondence are some letters of Elizabeth Russell, including a marriage proposal from Robert Baldwin. Other records include commissions, indentures, land patents, deeds, accounts, volumes of legal advice of Robert Baldwin and other lawyers, and other records.

Fonds also includes a number of business and estate papers of Quetton St. George, a French royalist officer who immigrated to Canada in 1798, became active in the fur trade, and whose business William Baldwin superintended after he returned to France in 1815.

Fonds also includes one legal size bound volume with pasted and loose inserts of eight lithographic letters by Robert Baldwin (Dec. 1847), various 1840's Reform Election Committee documents and posters, an English landscape print (published 1797), plus notes and published china and pottery markings for a Toronto auction ca. 1917. Included on one volume page is a sketch map of Thorah Township lots.

The volume's provenance can be traced to the Reform Election Committee of the Township of Thorah through its use as a canvass book for the Legislative Assembly elections of the 1840s for the York North Riding, formerly the 4th of York (County of York -- the Home District, of which Thorah was part until 1850).

The register contains lists of Thorah residents and proprietors from the 1842 Census, 1844 Assessment Roll and the 1847 canvass, with their occupation, assessed value and canvassed political allegiance. Robert Baldwin's lithographic letters soliciting support were composed for distribution to three separate audiences: new voters, supposed friends and supporters, and "to parties who formerly voted against us but who...will be induced to go with us now".

The relevance of the ca. 1917 inserts is unclear, since they may have been placed in the volume after it found itself in the Osgoode Hall Library.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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CA ON00340 F3 · Colección · 1791-1893

Collection consists primarily of records concerning mission work in Ontario (Upper Canada/Canada West) and Quebec (Lower Canada/Canada East) and the Maritimes in three overlapping series which include minutes and other records of mission areas in Canada, 1814-1867; and correspondence from missionaries, statesmen, lay leaders, and others in these mission areas, Hudson's Bay lands and British Columbia, 1791-1893. There is also some correspondence from places outside Canada.

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T. Eaton Co. fonds
CA ON00009 F 229 · Fondos · 1792-1988, predominant 1900-1960

Fonds consists of the records created, received and collected by the T. Eaton Company Limited and some of its associated operations. Most of the textual records come from the Eaton's executive offices at national headquarters, in Toronto. The fonds contains few records from lower administrative offices or from individual stores. Offices and department's represented in this fonds include: President and Vice- President, 1869-1965; Secretary, 1890-1987; Advertising and Art, 1861-1988; Controller, 1890-1975; Corporate Property Management; Public Relations, 1912-1988, Merchandise, 1889-1977; General Office, 1899-1972; Law Department; Mail Order Office, 1884-1976; Manufacturing, 1855-1961; Personnel Office, 1880-1988; Sales and Expense, 1921-1960; Statistical Insurance, 1899-1930; Staff Superintendent, 1911-1962; Store Superintendent, 1901-1979, Central Division, 1922-1979; Maritimes Division, 1897-1957, and the Western Division (Winnipeg), 1905-1961. In addition, fonds contains some textual records from the following Eaton owned companies: Brampton Tire and Rubber Company; the Eaton Knitting Company Ltd.; Guelph Stove Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Acceptance Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Acceptance Company Ltd. of Montreal; T. Eaton Maritimes Company Ltd.; T. Eaton General Insurance Company Ltd.; and T. Eaton Realty Company Ltd. Fonds also consists of ca. 90,000 photographs, created or acquired by Eaton's. Photos include prints, negatives, proofs, slides and copy prints created or supplied by Eaton's in-house photo studio and used in various departments and offices throughout the organisation. Subjects include: advertising, building expansions, displays, portraits of employees, employee activities, promotions, transportation as well as historical events such as Royal visits. Also included in the fonds are 124 posters's created between 1925 and the 1980's. Subjects are: automobiles, Centennial celebrations, clothing and dress, shoplifting and store security, department stores, paper conservation, sporting events, parades and processions, price lists, radios, restaurants, sales promotions, strikes, tapestries, and tourism. A number of items are not creations of Eaton's, including two cartoon reproductions, two Statistics Canada posters, and two posters for Sunbeam automobiles. Fonds also contains 431 architectural drawings, survey plans and decorative drawings, 1900 - 1975. These records mainly concern Eaton's merchandising properties, employee recreational facilities and Eaton family properties. There are also reference drawings for American and Western Canadian department stores by the Chicago firm, D.H. Burnham and Company, as well as mechanical designs by Russell Motor Car Company for a machine gun mounted vehicle. Also included are 16 mm. films and videotapes, created 1927-1982, pertaining to Eaton's annual Santa Claus Parade, commercials, Eaton family history, community relations, staff training and market research. As well, the fonds includes 81 hours of sound recordings (1940-1984) on audio reel and audiocassette. Sound recordings include radio commercials as well as interviews with Lady Eaton and speeches by Eaton's managers.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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Colin Russel family fonds
CA ON00009 F 4525 · Fondos · 1792-1931

Fonds consists of records relating to the financial and personal interests of several generations of the Russel family. The records are chiefly concerned with the family's landholdings and various financial enterprises.

Correspondence, financial and legal records reflect the family's extensive landholdings throughout Ontario and Quebec and the importing, merchant and metal trading businesses operated by various members of the family.

Among the records are maps of the family's property and surrounding areas.

Fonds also includes a series dealing with Colin and Sarah Russel's involvement on the Management Committee of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Montreal.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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John White fonds
CA ON00009 F 4448 · Fondos · 1792-1797

Fonds consists of one personal notebook kept by John White, the first Attorney General of Upper Canada.

The principal content of the notebook is a diary kept from 1792 until 1794. The early entries describe White's trip from Montreal to Kingston upon taking up his office. Thereafter, brief daily entries record his health, social engagements and matters relating to his working life, both as parliamentarian and as prosecutor. Among the associates frequently mentioned are Governor Simcoe and Chief Justice Osgoode. A transcription of this diary, edited by William Colgate, is published in Ontario History, vol. XLVII, no. 4, pgs. 147-170.

The diary entries conclude on 5 April 1794. A few pages following are occupied with memoranda of payments to various persons, all dated in 1797.

White also used this notebook to record his expenses, starting with his arrival at Montreal in 1792, and continuing, on a somewhat sporadic basis, until 1795. The accounts begin at the rear of the volume and are upside-down in relation to the diary entries.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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Peter Miller fonds
Fondos · 1792-1998, predominant c1905-1995

The fonds consists of four primary categories of material: personal papers, school board materials, business records of the Miller farm and genealogical research. Most of the personal papers are letters, postcards and greeting cards sent to the Millers, materials from Peter Miller’s school days and from his son, Peter Miller Junior (who was Editor of the Ernesttown Secondary School newsletter in 1962 and 1963). There are also some materials related to local Methodist activities, particularly the Switzerville Busy Bee Mission Band. Peter Miller also kept various enumeration lists for Prince Edward, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Counties from 1938 until 1984 which were useful for his activities. Five property tax rolls for Richmond Township dated between 1873 and 1894 may have been used by Peter Miller’s grandfather. The school board materials include various accounts books, minutes of meetings of the Lennox and Addington Board, assessment reviews and correspondence. There are also Minute Books for Richmond S.S. 8 (1908-1942) and for Richmond S.S. 20 (1910-1948). The Miller Family Farm was a typical Ontario mixed farming operation which included dairy cattle and grains. Most activities were wound up following the death of Peter’s father in 1964. Farm records include bills, receipts, statements, lists of expenditures, circa 1916 until 1970. There are publications concerning breeding and showing livestock and instruction manuals for operating and repairing farm machinery. The genealogical research files contain Peter Miller’s notes about his own Miller line as well as the Husband, Martin and Switzer families. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Personal papers School board materials Miller Family Farm Genealogical research

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John White fonds
CA ON00311 PF137 · Fondos · Reproduced [191-?]

Fonds consists of a copy of a personal journal kept by John White, the first Attorney General of Upper Canada (1791-1800) and the first Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada (1797-1798).

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Harold and Grace Leather fonds
Fondos · 1793-1978, predominant 1911-1978

There have been three accruals. The first accrual measures 5.9 m, and consists of photographic slides, cameras, and projectors belonging to Grace Leather. The slides cover the period 1951-1977 and are arranged by country. The second accrual (28-1996, 32-1996) measures 1.2 m, and is arranged into the following series: personal correspondence; legal correspondence and documents; Canadian Red Cross society; Samuel B. Freeman scrapbooks; memorabilia; certificates and awards; photographs and albums. It includes legal correspondence relating to the family property on 341 James St. South. The third accrual (29-1998) measures 3 cm and consists of correspondence, news clippings and a photograph.

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Fondos · 1793-1844

The Ministry of Natural Resources fonds consists of 33 large-scale plans (registered 1793-1844; incorporating annotations dating up to 1981) created by the Surveyor General’s Office documenting 23 townships along the north shore of Lake Erie. The plans show lot and concession numbers, major roads, First Nations settlements, mills, creeks, swamps, and local geographic information. Many maps contain an assortment of notes on specific geographic features and have settler names written in; others are blank. The maps were frequently used as working documents, and bear revisions and annotations dating years after their apparent creation.

Seven maps lack any sort of date; in these cases, the Archives of Ontario’s estimation has been used. In other cases, a map bears dates of annotation but no written date of registration; in these cases the date range of the annotations has been used as an approximate date.

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John Galbraith fonds
CA ON00340 F3378 · Fondos · 1793-1843

Fonds consists of a diary recording daily domestic events, mentioning early settlers in Oxford County with some description of Presbyterian church activities, 1793-1799, 1834-1843.

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Archer family fonds
CA ON00334 F187 · Fondos · 1793-1936

Letters, receipts, copybooks, songbooks and various ephemera relating to John Archer and his family. 16cm.

The papers consist of four series.

Series A: Archer family letters, most with stamped envelopes (1833-1856), Confederate money (1864) Files 1-17.

Series B: Philatelic collection, originals and xerox. (1884-1930). Many local businesses represented on envelope covers. Files 18-19B.

Series C: Receipts, invoices and deeds relating to the Archer and Breckenridge families. (1839-1930). Files 20-31.

Series D: Poetry and various other ephemera. (1793-1936). Songbooks and copybooks being the oldest in this series (1793-1837). Files 32-46.

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Jehoshaphat Mountain fonds
CA ON00003 F159 · Fondos · 1794

Fonds consists of a letter that describes Jehosaphat's opinion on the conduct of different persons of different religions to a Jew named Moses Hart.

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