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CA ON00154 2018.6.42 · Stuk · 1847

Item is the Affidavit of Johiah Beers regarding the location of an original surveying post in the south-west corner of Lot 18 Concession 2.

Names Mentioned:
Johiah Beers
Asa Burnham, Deputy Surveyor
John H. Roche, Provincial Land Surveyor

William P. Dixon fonds
Stuk · 1836 - 1848

The fonds consists of one financial ledger created by William Prior Dixon between the years 1836 and 1848.

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Robert Terrill Rundle fonds
CA ON00340 F3212 · Archief · 1840-1848

Fonds consists primarily of photocopies of extracts of journal; and correspondence.

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Solomon Waldron fonds
CA ON00340 F3171 · Archief · [ca. 1849]

Fonds consists of title manuscript, for A sketch of the life travels and labours of Solomon Waldron ad Wesleyan Methodist Preacher [ca. 1849].

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Edward Sallows fonds
CA ON00340 F3207 · Archief · 1848-1849

Fonds consists of diary containing account of ministry on Sydenham, Ontario circuit.

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Fort Dunvegan fonds
CA ON00003 F204 · Archief · 1847-1849

The official daily journal of the post, kept by a Hudson Bay Company employee, Jan. 1, 1847-Sep. 30, 1849.

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Archief · 1802-1849

The Thomas Talbot fonds includes 45 large-format plans (registered 1802-1832; incorporating annotations dated 1810-1849) and a lease settlement register (created and maintained 1842-1846; includes retroactive entries dated 1825-1836) documenting land distribution in the town of London and the 30 townships in six counties throughout southwestern Ontario in which Talbot controlled land allocation. The plans show survey grids, clergy and school reserves, town sites (including London), First Nations villages, mill seats, footpaths, trails, waterways and crossings, local and regional roads. Most significantly, perhaps, the plans include personal land settlement information, with the names of grantees and dates of occupation penciled in by Talbot on individual lots.

A note on dating the maps: in many cases, Talbot treated them as working documents, adding, removing, overwriting and revising annotations, often over a period of several years, and, in a few instances, including information retroactive to the creation of the document. For example, item F 501-1-0-0-18 was registered in 1824, but incorporates annotations dated 1817-1840. 34 of the plans have been registered, and their registration dates have been adopted as a "date of creation". 10 plans bear no registration date, but do incorporate dated annotations: in the absence of other evidence, the earliest and latest dated annotations in these plans have been adopted as representing the plan's temporal scope. One plan (F 501-1-0-0-38) contains no dated data and has been assigned an estimated date based on internal evidence and comparison with related plans.

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CA ON00351 GA 177 · Stuk · 1849

Contents : file consists of one letter from Christian Enslin, bookseller and bookbinder, Waterloo, Ontario to Fredrick Heinitsch, M.D., Lancaster, Pennsylvania requesting the right to "Mother Drops", a medicine created by Dr. Heinitsch on which he held the patent.
The letter also includes information on bookbinding and printing practices in Upper Canada and makes reference to local figures such as Benjamin Eby, Bishop of the Mennonites.

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District of Brock fonds
Archief · 1839 - 1849

The fonds consists of one of the most complete collections of early municipal material to have been preserved in the Province of Ontario. It includes petitions, ledgers, reports, receipts, statements and correspondence. It also contains original motions and rough minutes, which are generally not kept, original by-laws (as well as some drafts and copies), summarized collectors rolls, assessment lists , and a school monies account book. The fonds provide a detailed account of activities of the newly established District Council of Brock, and its administrative and legislative powers. It also reflects very closely the primary concerns and needs of individual citizens. The social, economic and political issues confronting a municipal government during this period are also documented.

The District of Brock fonds is divided into the following series:

Series 1 – Quarter Sessions of Peace
A) Clerk of the Peace
B) Treasurer
C) Surveyor

Series 2 – District Council
A) Minutes
B) By-laws
C) Finance
C1 – Treasurer
C2 – Auditor
D) Warden
E) Clerk
F) Council
F1 – Committee Reports
F2 – Correspondence
F3 – Miscellaneous

Series 3 – Sheriff
A) Court
B) Gaol

Series 4 – Public Improvements
A) Surveyor
A1 – Accounts
A2 – Correspondence
A3 – Maps and Plans
B) Roads and Bridges
B1 – Reports
C) Indentures
D) Court House and Gaol
E) Registry Office

Series 5 – Common Schools
A) School Section Meetings (divided by Townships)
B) Financial
B1 – Trustees
B2 – Teachers
C) Reports (divided by Townships)
D) Correspondence

Series 6 – Petitions
A) Council
B) Finance
C) Public Improvements
D) Common Schools
E) Miscellaneous

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Archief · 1846-1849

The fonds consists of the following newspapers:
Woodstock Herald – 9 January 1946 – 7 January 1947.
Woodstock Herald & Brock District General Advertiser. – 7 August 1846 – 26 February 1847.
Oxford Star & Woodstock Advertiser. – 4 February 1848 – 19 January 1849.

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CA ON00428 2021.21 · Stuk · ca. 1850

Item is a pair of mid 19th century eyeglasses with a simple metal wire frame. Their original case is also included.

William Kyle fonds
CA ON00009 F 4251 · Archief · 1821-1850

Fonds consists of ten handwritten volumes kept by William Kyle in the operation of his general merchant business. There are seven ledgers, one cash book, and two orders books. Entries provide customers' names, goods purchased, prices of goods, and customers' accounts. Goods sold include potash, calico, whiskey, handkerchiefs, cough drops, furniture, butter, and tea.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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Sir Richard Airey fonds
Archief · [ca. 1850]

Fonds consists of a watercolour painting on paper by Sir Richard Airey showing Colonel Thomas Talbot in the "Den" at his home, circa 1850.

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