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Jade Pichette fonds
CA ON00047 F0116 · Fonds · [198] - 2018

The fonds consists of the personal records of Jade Pichette. This includes personal journals, workshop materials, photographs, artifacts/ephemera, books, periodicals, A/V material, and personal papers. There is also A/V Oral History material which was conducted as part of the Family Camera Network, as well as Digital Photographs from the project.

CA ON00340 F1033 · Fonds · 1925-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Records of Proceedings, 1925-2018; records of the Conference Executive, 1926-2018; records of the Conference Executive Secretary, 1970-2018; records of Conference Committees, 1925-2010; records of Task Forces and Working Groups, 1951-2018; records of Conference program work, 1925-2008; records of Hearings, Commissions, and Appeals, 1973-2009; records of Toronto United Church Emergency Refugee Relief Board, 1984-1994; records of Ministerial and Lay Associations, 1931-1979; and records of United Church Women, 1962-2009.

CA ON00340 F1064 · Fonds · 2011-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: minutes of presbytery 2012-2018; membership records, 2018; committee records, 2012-2013; records of pastoral charges, 2011-2018; and women’s groups records, 2012-2018.

Penn Kemp fonds
CA ON00353 AFC 452 · Fonds · 1944 - 2018

Fonds consists of records illustrating Kemp’s career as a poet, playwright, performer and educator as well as the activities of Pendas Productions. It also contains personal materials. It includes personal and professional correspondence, manuscripts and drafts, proofs of publications and CDs/DVDs, recordings of performances in various audiovisual formats, photographs, posters, drawings, clippings, ephemera, publicity materials, and published material.

CA ON00343 RG 2 · Record group · 1941-2018

The record group includes the following fonds:

UHN 1 Policy and Codes Development fonds
UHN 2 Board of Directors fonds
UHN 3 Public Affairs & Communications fonds
UHN 4 Nutrition Services fonds
UHN 5 Radiation Medicine Program fonds
UHN 6 Research fonds
UHN 7 Health Records Services fonds
UHN 8 [undesignated]
UHN 9 Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer fonds
UHN 10 Medical Affairs fonds

CA ON00340 F2923 · Fonds · 1896-2018

Fonds consists of Sunday School records of Salem Methodist Church, 1914-1923; records of Consecon and Hillier Mission Field, 1885-1922; records, including baptisms 1927-2012, 2014-2017, marriages 1896-2017, burials 1927-2017, of Consecon Pastoral Charge (includes Consecon, Bayside Hillier, Ameliasburg,Carrying Place, Salem, Melville), 1896-2018; records, including marriages, 1897-1929, of Consecon United Church (includes Consecon Methodist Church, Hillier, Salem, and Melville),1897-201; records of Salem United Church, 1924-1994; and records of Carrying Place United Church, 1963-2017.

Item · 1952-2018, nd.

The fonds consists of records related to the Auxiliary of the Woodstock General Hospital. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Scrapbooks (1895-2011)
Series 2: Newsletters
Series 3: Clippings
Series 4: Photographs
Series 5: Certificates
Series 6: Correspondence
Series 7: Miscellaneous (including a History of the Auxiliary)
James Henry Taylor fonds
CA ON00420 TAY · Fonds · 1943-1953, 2018

The fonds consists of Taylor’s RCAF log book, a colour photographic portrait, and two copied documents. The documents are a 1953 Canadian Armed Forces Record of Service form and a chronology for Taylor’s RCAF service created with information from the log book.

CA ON00340 F2990 · Fonds · 1959-2018

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1960-1989, of Regent Park United Church, Orillia, 1959-2018.

CA ON00340 F1066 · Fonds · 1965-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 2008-2018; records related to Pastoral Charges, 1965-2013; and records relating to personnel, 1974-2017.

CA ON00340 F1068 · Fonds · 1994-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 2012-2018; subject/correspondence files, 2013-2018; records relating to committees/organizations, 2012-2018; and records relating to personnel, 1994-2018.

CA ON00340 F1069 · Fonds · 2013-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 2013-2018; correspondence/subject files, 2013-2018; and records relating to pastoral charges, 2013-2016

CA ON00340 F2827 · Fonds · 1952-2018

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms 1952-1983, marriages 1954-1997, and burials 1953-2001, of St. John United Church, Hamilton, 1952-2018.

Collection · 1871-2018

Fonds consists of periodicals and printed materials published by Trinity College School. Included are yearbooks, calendars, magazines, leaflets, reports, and programs.

CA ON00340 F1018 · Fonds · 1956-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 1969 1987, 1994-2016; records relating to committees/organizations, 1969 2018; correspondence/subject files, 1969-2018; records relating to pastoral charges, 1957 2018; records relating to personnel, 1968- 2015; women’s group records, 1969-2018; and records of Waterloo Presbytery Extension Council, 1956-2013.

CA ON00340 F1020 · Fonds · 1924-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 1925-1998; records relating to committees/organizations, 1924-1961; records relating to personnel, 1937-1945; women's groups records, 1962-2018.

CA ON00340 F1024 · Fonds · 1903-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Presbytery minutes, 1920-1987; records relating to committees/organizations, 1903-1945; subject/correspondence files, 1955-1962; and women's groups records, 1961-2018.

CA ON00340 F500 · Fonds · 1925-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: 1) Records of meetings of the General Council, 1925-2003; 2) Records of the Executive and Sub-Executive, 1925-2018; 3) Records relating to Church Government, 1925-1975; 4) Records of relations with other church Boards and Divisions, 1940-1978; 5) Records relating to church property, 1925-1977; 6) Subject files, 1939-1980; 7) Records of relations with external bodies, 1940-1986; 8) Records of the General Council Research Office, 1962-1991; 9) Records of the Department of Planning Assistance, 1968-1974; 10) Records relating to Administrative and Social Committees, 1961-1993.

CA ON00340 F1028 · Fonds · 1956-2018

Fonds consists of the following series: Records of Proceedings of annual and general meetings, 1975-2012; records of the Executive Secretary, 1974-1995; records of the Executive and Sub-Executive, 1980-2003; records concerning the formation of Manitou Conference, 1956-1975; records relating to mission and stewardship, 1983-1999; records relating to personnel, 1962-2018; records of Conference Committees, 1975-1999, 2007-2008; records concerning presbyteries and pastoral charges, 1979-1996; financial records, 1975-1994; and records relating to United Church Women, 1975-1994, 2010.