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R.A.M. Stewart fonds
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This photograph shows one of the first street cars in Guelph, parked at its central location in St. George's Square. The cars left on three separate tracks through the city. The rail system was built by George Sleeman.

Train wreck

This photograph shows the train wreck at Tramor's cut across from the Ontario Reformatory.

Train wreck behind O.R.

This photograph shows the train wreck at Tramor's cut across from the Ontario Reformatory.

Dorothy Stewart Bealtie

This photograph shows Dorothy Stewart Bealtie from Fergus, Ontario at the age of 9 months.

David E Hastings

This is a photograph of David Hastings who was mayor of Guelph from 1958-1960.

Margaret Carroll

This is a photograph of Margaret Carroll who married Mr. Mullen.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot

This is Mr. And Mrs. Elliott's wedding photograph taken in Wingham, Ontario.

Orval Medly

This photograph shows (left to right) Orval Medly, Jack Home and Harvey Hall sitting on a fence.

Thomas Lynch

This photograph shows Thomas Lynch, Guelph's first born male child.


This photograph shows the Priory with then owners David Allan Sr. and Mrs. Allan with their two children William Jr. and Margaret Jane (she became Mrs. N. Higinbotham). Also pictured is the gardener Sandy Glass.

The Priory

This image shows the Priory from the east side.

The Priory

This photograph shows the Priory, the first structure built in the City of Guelph, during the time it was used as a train station.

Allan's Bridge

Allan's Bridge can be seen in this photograph, looking westwards from atop Horsman's Hill (the hill located on the east side of the Speed River).

The Higinbothams on the porch of Riverview

This image shows the Higinbothams and other relatives standing on the porch of their home "Riverview," situated at 5 Queen Street, Guelph. In front are William A. Higinbotham and John D. Higinbotham (holding doll). In the back stand W.Y. Smith, Lt. Col. N. Higinbotham holding Edward, Mrs. N. Higinbotham, and Miss Agnes Idington.

Prof. Panton's botany class

This photograph was taken at the Elora Gorge and shows the botany class of a Professor Panton. To the lower right can be seen John McCrae, author of the poem "In Flanders Field."

Carden Street

This picture of Carden Street looks west to Wilson Street and shows the businesses along the north side of the street. In the distance, on the hill, can be seen the Church of Our Lady shortly after its construction, before the addition of the twin spires.

Guelph firemen

This photograph was likely taken from a newspaper and shows the Guelph fire brigade standing in front of a fire engine.

Guelph firemen

In this photograph, a number of firemen are standing in front of Guelph's former City Hall.

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