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Dr. Joseph Medill

This image shows Dr. Medill in the US Army Medical Corps in WWI.

Leona Medill

This image shows Leona Medill and her husband, who was a Dutch minister.

Mrs. McFarlane

This is an image of Annie Crabtree (Mrs. McFarlane).

Carden Street

This photograph shows the north side of Carden St. looking east.

Toronto Suburban Rail

This photograph shows the Toronto Suburban with trailer on Carden St. in front of CNR station.

View at Allan's bridge

This photograph shows Allan's bridge and the Carding shed looking south along the Speed River.

Charles Raymond

This photograph shows Charles Raymond, owner of the Raymond Sewing Machine Co. on Yarmouth Street, Guelph.

St. Agnes School

This photograph shows the front of St Agnes school on Cork St.

Royal Carpet Co.

This photograph shows the Royal Carpet Company located at the corner of Norfolk and Paisley Streets.

Suspension bridge

This photograph shows a suspension bridge and an old streetcar at Riverside Park, Guelph.

Wyndham and Surrey

This photograph shows the demolition of a building on the corner of Wyndham and Surrey Streets. This could be the old Light and Heat building.

Cook's Mills

This photograph shows Cook's Mills between Arkell and Guelph.

Oatmeal Mill

This photograph shows an oatmeal mill at Eden Mills, Ontario.


This photograph shows the Priory at Allan's Bridge, Guelph's first permanent structure that was later converted into the City's CPR station.

Harris house

This photograph shows the Harris house, at the top of a hill in Rockwood.

Workmen's houses

This photograph shows workmen's quarters at the Harris Woollen Mills in Rockwood.

Hill house

This photograph shows Hill Home across the road from Armstrong's Mill. This house is gone now, demolished about 1925

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