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W.S. Tucker collection
CA ON00333 91-008 · Fonds · 1910-1940

Collection consists of texts of papers and speeches written by William Sansome Tucker, D.Sc., A.M.I.E.E. in his particular area of expertise-sound phenomena-as well as other topics. Also included are letters patent, photographic and diagram illustrations as well as a few tear-sheets from periodicals about his work. There are also two or three papers by Dr. Tucker's colleagues.

Tucker, W. S.
Writing magazine fonds
Fonds · 1980-1982

The fonds is arranged into two series: correspondence and manuscripts received, and layout and paste-up materials for issues 1-5, Summer 1980 to Spring 1982.

Writing (magazine)
Fonds · 1971-1994, predominant 1988-1991

The fonds consists of three accruals. The first accrual measures 13.5 m (boxes 1-91), and is arranged into eighteen series: I Membership Files; 2 Membership Committee and Committee Correspondence; 3 General Correspondence and Related Material; 4 National Council; 5 Annual General Meetings; 6 Contract Committee; 7 Copyright Committee; 8 Book and Periodical Development Council; 9 Government and Other Organizations; 10 Censorship; 11 Book Editors', Committee; 12 Newsletters, Various Committees; 13 Reading Tours; 14 Miscellaneous Files; 15 National Book Festival, Favourite Passages; 16 Manuscripts, Slides, Audio Tapes; 17 Financial Material; 18 Flat Oversized Documents. For the finding aid to the first accrual, see Carl Spadoni and Bruce Whiteman, The Writers' Union of Canada Archive, Library Research News 11, no.2 (Autumn 1987). The second accrual (15-1990) measures 7.1 m (boxes 92-114), and is arranged into five series: Government and External Organizations; Outgoing Chronological Correspondence; Annual General Meetings; National Council; and Committees. The third accrual measures 15.9 m (boxes 115-156) and dates from 1971-1994. It is arranged into eight series: 1 National Council; 2 Annual General Meeting 3 Membership Files; 4 Committees; 5 General Files; 6 Outgoing chronological correspondence; 7 Questionnaires Surveys; 8 Sound recordings and other.

Writers' Union of Canada
ON00098 MG9 A124 · Collection
Esquesing Historical Society
CA ON00093 92/74 · Fonds · 1939-1979, predominant 1941-1945

Fonds consists of material documenting some of the activities of the Wrens during the Second World War, as well as during the 1950s and 1960s. Includes newsletters, newspaper clippings, reunion programmes, photographs, memorabilia and various other documents. Also includes newsletters of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) HMCS Peregrine and HMCS Conestoga, as well as a biographical sketch of Vera Laughton Mathews (Director of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS), 1939-1946).

Wren Association of Toronto
ON00098 MG9 A65 · Collection
Esquesing Historical Society
Fonds · 1890-1912

This fonds consists of financial records maintained by the W.L. Coulter, Insurance and Real Estate business, which was located in St. Thomas.

The records are primarily invoices and receipts from St. Thomas businesses. The fonds is organized alphabetically by the first letter of the name of the business.

Included in the first file is a biographical sketch and photograph of W.R. Coulter, photocopied from the publication "St. Thomas and Its Men of Affairs," 1914.

Coulter, William R.
Worthington Family
ON00120 024 · Fonds · 1891

This fonds consists of two photographs.

Worthington (family)
CA ON00126 C9 · Collection · [1939?]-[1945?]

This collection consists of four scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from various newspapers that document the participation of Guelph residents in World War II and other issues relating to the impact of the conflict on Guelph.

CA ON00009 F 4291 · Fonds · 1885-1893

Fonds consists of one account book containing the business records of the World Printing and Publishing Company. Entries include clients' names, descriptions of jobs, and job costs. Titles of published readers are also included.

World Printing and Publishing Company
Fonds · 1924-2001

The fonds consists of the administrative records created by the departments and offices of the World Missions Division and its predecessor, the Overseas Mission Department. The fonds also consists of operational records created through the activities of individual missionaries, field stations, and missions programs. There are fifteen series. Series 1 - Directors' records. This series documents the responsibilities of the Director and the activities in which he engaged. The records consist of correspondence with individuals, branches, and other denominations, circular letters to the fellowship and the General Executive concerning world missions matters, and policy documents including the missionary policy and policies concerning allowances and benefits and the missionaries retirement fund. The records also consist of staff meeting agenda and minutes, reports including reports on the various fields by department staff, and writings. Series 2 - Missions Personnel records. This series documents the application and screening process through which missionaries are selected, the relationship between the missionary and the PAOC while they are on the field, and the resettlement of missionaries as they resume their lives in Canada . The records in this series include correspondence to and from missionaries in the field, application forms, application review forms, medical examination reports, health history questionnaires, dental examination reports, evaluations of the workers in the field, resumes and other personal information. The files in this series are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the missionary. Series 3 - Missions Communications records. This series reflects the functions of raising awareness and funds for world missions operations. The records include correspondence, circular letters, and miscellaneous publications including posters, brochures, and bulletin covers. There are also operational records which document the projects and activities in which Missions Communications was involved. There are also theme materials, biographies of missionaries, "Mission-in-Depth" publications which profile specific fields, and manuscripts. Series 4 - Missions educational records. This series reflects the means of instructing and educating missionaries before they go to the field and after they return home. Records include material from the School of Missions which includes participant lists, schedules, newsletters, circular letters, and lecture outlines and notes. The records also include handbooks entitled "Outward Bound", study notes, and Bible college curriculum regarding missions. The series includes a publication entitled "Handbook for World Missions in the Local Church", handbook inserts and a program entitled "Home Assignment Orientation". Series 5 - Missions financial records. This series reflects the financial transactions which support the missionaries. The records include proposed and actual budget reports, remuneration proposal report, mission practices survey, budget documents, payroll records and income tax records. Series 6 - Missions program records. This series documents the various programs created by the PAOC to assist the work of overseas missions . These records include correspondence, circular letters, clippings, pamphlets, leaflets and brochures relating to programs such as LITE (Leadership in Training for Evangelism), PEP (Pentecostal Evangelical Pioneers), VIM (Volunteers in Mission), and Worldshakers. Series 7 - Individual missionaries records. This series documents the information gathered about missionaries and the details of their itineration while in Canada on furlough. It consists of files arranged alphabetically according to a missionary's last name. These files consist of completed biographical questionnaires, correspondence to and from missionaries, including printouts of electronic mail messages, newsletters created by the missionaries, and reports by missionaries on their activities. The files also contain travel expense records, itineration schedules and itineration reports. Series 8 - Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) records. ERDO is the social action arm of the World Missions Division. These records consist of budgets, reports, promotional material, clippings, pamphlets, brochures and circular letters. This series also contains minutes, memos, reports, promotional material, reports on trips and annual reports of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Executive Committee, of which the PAOC is a member. Series 9 - Field records. The records in this series document the work done on specific fields around the world. The fields represented in this series include Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. They are included in one series because they tend to be fragmented or incomplete. They offer a limited view of the activities of PAOC missionaries on a particular field. The records in this series include correspondence, reports from various fields, reports from the missions of other denominations, clippings, pamphlets, "Missionary Outlook" newsletter, promotional material, information about various countries, and minutes of meetings. Series 10 - Hong Kong Field records. The records in this series reflect the various initiatives and projects undertaken in the Hong Kong field over the years. The records include correspondence, correspondence from other denominations, clippings, newsletters, minutes, financial records, news releases, publications of the Assemblies of God, and property and legal records. The series includes correspondence with missionaries who were involved in the Hong Kong field as well as correspondence, financial records and reports related to the Ecclesia Bible Institute and minutes and correspondence regarding the Hong Kong Missionary Fellowship. Series 11 - Liberia Field records. The records in this series document the projects and initiatives undertaken in the Liberia field over the years. The records include correspondence with the Assemblies of God (USA), records related to the Assemblies of God Bible school, newsletters, constitutional and policy documents, Field Council minutes, and financial records. The records also include a "Missionary Handbook" and several copies of "Report of the Liberia Interior Mission 1908-1916". The records also include clippings, news releases, correspondence with national workers, correspondence regarding the Putu Mission School, correspondence and clippings regarding the Tchien Mission Station, and writings. There is also correspondence with the missionaries in Liberia including Annie Cressman and Joy Hansell, and copies of the published translation work completed by the missionaries. Series 12 - West Indies Field records. The records in this series document the projects and initiatives undertaken in the West Indies field over the years. Some of the countries included in the West Indies field are Barbados, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, St. Vincent, and Trinidad. The records include correspondence, reports, clippings, "Missionary Outlook" newsletters, other newsletters, published histories, correspondence regarding work, loans and finances, and correspondence with the Assemblies of God. The series also includes constitution, by-laws and policy documents, financial reports, Executive Meeting minutes, Field Council minutes, conference minutes and reports, correspondence regarding loans, clippings, and publications regarding the West Indies School of Theology (WIST). There is also correspondence with various missionaries including C.A. Barker, R.J. Eames and R.L. McKillop. Series 13 - South Africa/Mozambique Field records. The records in this series document the projects and initiatives undertaken in the South Africa and Mozambique fields over the years. The records of these two fields are together because of the close ties between these two mission fields. The records include newsletters, clippings, circular letters, correspondence with the Assemblies of God, correspondence regarding the Bethanie Mission, constitutions, a copy of a correspondence course, Field Council minutes, and reports and clippings regarding the history of these mission fields. The records also include a history of the mission by Austin Chawner, minutes, reports, news releases, and brochures. There is also correspondence related to property and legal issues, correspondence and financial reports related to Emmanuel Press, and correspondence with missionaries including Austin Chawner, J.W. Skinner and R.J. Skinner. Series 14 - Argentina Field records. The records in this series document the projects and initiatives undertaken on the Argentina field over the years. The records include clippings, constitutions, and clippings, reports and newsletters regarding the history of the mission field. The records also include correspondence, clippings and publications regarding a Bible school and reports and correspondence of the Field Fellowship of the Assemblies of God. Also included in the series are correspondence regarding loans on the Evangelistic Centre, correspondence and newsletters regarding an orphanage, and correspondence and clippings related to national workers. There are also correspondence and notes regarding loans and legal and property issues, correspondence with the Assemblies of God, and correspondence with missionaries including Erling Andresen, E.H. Kerr, Paul Sorensen, and C.M. Wortman. Series 15 - Kenya Field records. The records in this series document projects and initiatives at one of the PAOC's oldest mission fields. The series contains correspondence between Otto Keller and the PAOC office beginning in 1924, other correspondence, historical writings, newsletters, clippings, and a Bible college 50th anniversary publication. The series also contains reports and correspondence regarding the Christian Council of Kenya, correspondence, reports, and clippings regarding the Evangel Press and a copy of the "Kenya Field Missionary Handbook". There are also missionary lists, plans, and maps. There are reports, a lease agreement, clippings, publications, and a prospectus regarding the Pan Africa Christian College. There are Field Council minutes, correspondence, policy documents, and original minute books. There are minutes and correspondence from the Educational Advisory Committee and minutes from the Conference of the Pentecostal Assemblies of East Africa. The series also contains minutes and correspondence from the Executive Committee of the Pentecostal Assemblies of East Africa. There are Field Council documents outlining the basis of agreement, correspondence, and minutes. The Field Council later became the Overseas Personnel Committee and this series contains the minutes of that group. The records also contain Field Secretary correspondence with missionaries, Missionary Staff Committee correspondence and minutes as well as minutes of other committees. The series includes records related to the PEP (Pentecostal Evangelistic Pioneers) program which saw PAOC members sponsor national evangelists. There is also correspondence with missionaries including Calvin Bombay, R.A. Bombay, V.R. Morrison, Wilbur V. Morrison, and Keith H. Morrison. There is also correspondence with Field Secretaries including J.M. McBride and W.C. Cornelius.

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. World Missions Division
Fonds · 1945-1999

The fonds consists of records which reflect the issues relating to missions outside Canada which were brought forward and discussed by the Committee. These records also reflect the subsequent decisions made by the Committee. The records contain minutes, agenda, and reports of the World Missions Committee and its predecessors. The records also includes minutes of other committees related to missions work such as the Study Committee on the Education of Missionaries' Children and the Missionary Status Committee. The reports include reports from individuals such as the Promotional Missionary Secretary and various Field Secretaries. These other minutes and reports provided further information about a particular issue under consideration before the Committee. The series also contains the minutes of the ERDO Committee which was created in 1982 as a sub-committee of the Overseas Missions Committee. The series also includes minutes of the Missionary Salary (or Allowance) Review Committee which made recommendations to the Overseas Missions Committee regarding allowances and salaries for missionaries.

World Missions Committee
CA ON00009 F 795 · Fonds · 1956-1975

Fonds consists of administrative records, publications, and conference records of the World Federalists of Canada.

Included is correspondence (including copies of outgoing correspondence, the correspondence of William Sheeham, National President, as well as press releases, clippings, reports, statements, and leaflets). Fonds also includes files containing correspondence, distribution material, clippings, and reference material. Also included are the records of the National Secretary, including the records of Dr. Ernest H. Nickel, Dr. E.R. Ward Neale, and Jim Armstrong. Fonds also includes the records of other association officials, including: the Administrative Secretary, the Executive Officer, and the Membership Secretary.

Fonds also contains financial records (mostly records of membership subscriptions), records of conferences (including minutes, reports, advertising, and agendas from general meetings, conferences, and conventions), distribution material (such as press releases, reports, and statements), and publications (including university calendars, issues of Canadian Labour, War/Peace, Canadian World Federalist, and the book Beyond Repair, the Urgent Need for a New World Organization). Also included is an audio cassette containing addresses by Ross Smyth and Andy Clarke.

Fonds has been arranged in 11 series.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

World Federalist Movement - Canada
CA ON00003 F166 · Fonds · 1951-1967

Fonds consists of typescripts, reports and printed material of the W.C.C. arranged in the following series: I.Constitution (1948) II. Orders of service (10 nos., 1954) III. Commission on Faith and Order. Reports (3 nos., 1951) IV. Commission on Faith and Order. Study Commission on Institutionalism. Correspondence (Dec. 20, 1955 - June 29, 1960) V. Division of World Mission and Evangelism. Executive Committee. Minutes (Apr. 5-8, 1967) VI. Faith and Order Commission on Tradition and Traditions. Correspondence (June 18, 1959-Nov. 28, 1962) VII. Miscellaneous correspondence, leaflets, pamplets and reports. Included are several printed reports from conferences, typed reports, informational booklets, promotional pamphlets and periodicals relating to the W.C.C. and the World Conference on Faith and Order. Photographs include images of the following: Geneva, Switzerland : Peace and Disarmament; India : 1961; Montreal : Faith and Order, 1963; Uganda : Rev. J.K. Russell, Bishop of Uganda (President and his wife are also present), and Nairobi, 1975. Slides were taken at the World Council of Churches Assembly, Vancouver, B.C., 1983.

World Council of Churches (W.C.C.)
Fonds · 1957-2001

The fonds consists of records which reflect the purpose, management, activities, and dissolution of the World Christian Ministries. There are five series. Series 1 - Legal and constitutional records. These records contain letters patent, supplementary letters patent, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial statements, public information returns, and notes and correspondence regarding the status of World Christian Ministries and its eventual dissolution. Series 2 - Program files. These records consist of reports, pamphlets, brochures, and correspondence that document the various programs and projects that World Christian Ministries was involved with over time. In some cases the file title bears the name of the individual involved with the project. Program files also contain samples of the published work. Series 3 - Minutes. These records contain the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings beginning in 1957. Series 4 - Circular letters and bulletins. These records include copies of "In Action" the newsletter of World Christian Ministries which reported on their activities in eastern Europe and appealed for funds. Series 5 - Financial records. These include financial statements, notes, and printouts.

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. World Christian Ministries
Workshops and Events series
CA ON00279 F01-S140 · Series · September 1953- December 2006

The series consists of records concerning reunions, festivals, workshops, and anniversaries. These records comprise of address books, booklets, ceremony schedules, correspondences, event schedules, liturgy and prayer booklets and sheets, mailing lists, former Sisters membership lists, music sheets and hymns, newspaper clippings and photocopies, postcards with envelopes, photographs, and programs.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
Workscene Gallery fonds
CA ON00012 SC057 · Fonds · 1974-1996

Fonds documents Workscene Gallery as an artist collective, artist-run gallery and publisher in Toronto, including photographs, negatives, slides , photo albums, one poster, newspaper clippings, invitations, guest books, log books, exhibition catalogues, one video tape, address stamp and corporate seal.
Contains series:

  1. Members and associate members files
  2. Exhibition files
  3. Executive Committee files
  4. Financial records
  5. Publications
  6. Correspondence
  7. Administration files
Workscene Gallery
Works Department fonds
ON00421 RG 6 · Fonds · 1879-1987, predominant 1950-1985

The records of the Works Department, RG 6, are arranged and described at the series level, with corresponding file and item lists, and consist of 6 metres of textual and photographic material, 1 scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 442 items/sets of architectural plans, and 10 artifacts. The fonds documents the activities of the Works Department in fulfilling its mandate to implement the Exhibition Place capital works program; maintain all Exhibition Place equipment, buildings and property; and to provide services to concessionaires, renters, exhibitors and other Exhibition Place departments.

Series RG 6-0-1, Works Manager's Files, RG 6-0-2, Assistant General Manager of Operations Files, RG 6-0-8, General Services Manager's Files and RG 6-0-9, Maintenance Manager's Files, form a continuum of records documenting the day-to-day management and operation of the Works, General Services and Maintenance Departments.

Series RG 6-0-3, Electrical Department Files, RG 6-0-4, Building Files, RG 6-0-5, Capital Project Files, RG 6-0-6, Photograph Albums, RG 6-0-7, Architectural Plans, RG 6-0-11, CNE Department of Works Scrapbook, illustrate the many facets of the capital works program at Exhibition Place, directed by the Works Department, and the constant evolution of the CNE grounds and buildings.

In addition to textual material, the fonds includes some unique artifacts, series RG 6-0-10, a collection of zinc printing plates designed by the Works Department to produce general floor plans of CNE Buildings that could be customized with the details of specific jobs or projects.

Works Department