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CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-102-89-4 · Item · July 11, 1945
Part of Shephard Fonds

Report No. N.35. Causes of and personnel wastage due to neuroses among Royal Air Force crew in the Mediterranean Theatre. Exhaustive tables, graphs and analysis on incidence rates by multiple factors (length of tour, role in aircrew, etc.), and comparison to other Commands.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-90-1 · Item · ca. July 1944
Part of Shephard Fonds

Report with appendices, based on observations of Normandy beachead defenses concentrating on the British beaches from D-Day +6 to early July 1944. Document subtitles: "COHQ Special Observer Party," "Report on Special Observer Party investigating the effect of fire preparation in operation 'Neptune,'" "Appendix I Description of assault beaches and immediate hinterland and general notes on the effect of fire preparation," "Appendix No. 2 Details of Strong Points and Damage," "Appendix III Notes on Pro-Forma," "Appendix 4 Batteries," "Appendix VI [copies of photos] Massive Concrete Positions , Examples of Heavy Concrete Beach Defenses , Examples of 5cm A.T.K. Positions , Open Gun Pits , "Tobruk" Type Emplacements , Concrete Positions Under Construction , Examples of Camouflaged Strong Points , Examples of Houses Damaged by Gun Fire , Beach Obstacles , Miscellaneous"

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-90-3 · Item · August 14, 1945
Part of Shephard Fonds

A.O.R.G. Report No. 292, on "accounting for the heavy casualties on the OMAHA Area and the light casualties on the UTAH Area, compared with the British Areas" during the D-Day landings. Quantitative and qualitative examination of "1. Casualties" , "2. Defensive Positions" , "3. Defending Weapons" , "4. Fire Preparation" , "5. Results of Beach Drenching Fire" , "6. Relation of Fire Support Weapons and Fire Support to Casualties" , "7. Beach Obstacles" , "8. Use of DD tanks" , "9. Defending Troops" .

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-90-4 · Item · April 21, 1945
Part of Shephard Fonds

A.O.R.G. Report No. 261 on "opposition encountered on the [D-Day] beaches," measured in delay and casualties. Description of beaches, bombardment, and assault. List of tables: "I. Table of Enemy Weapons by Sectors." , "II. Table of Enemy Weapons knocked out by Preliminary Bombard[meant]" , "III. Table of Serviceable Enemy Weapons not Manned." , "IV. Table of Lanes completed." , "V. Table of Times to Reach Various Stages from First Touch Do[illegible]" , "VI. Table showing a correlation between Enemy MGs used with Ti[illegible] 'Neutralization.'" , "VII. Table showing Number of Casualties in Assaulting Infantry B[illegible] caused by each enemy MG and Mortar used." , "VIII. Table Showing Percentage of Casualties that might have been expected to be caused to Infantry crossing a beach 200 yards wide, and a Comparison with Actual Percentage of Casualties suffered by Assaulting Infantry Bns." , "IX. Table of Numbers of Casualties Suffered on D-Day on the Beaches." , "X. Table of Percentage Casualty Rates on the Beach for Various Stages of the Assault." , "XI. Table of Armoured Vehicles Knocked Out by Gunfire."

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-90-5 · Item · ca. 1940-1950
Part of Shephard Fonds

A.O.R.G. Memorandum No. 410. Report on part of Operation Panther in Italy by British units across the River Garigliano through Minterno and Ausonia to outflank the enemy on the River Rapido and in the Cassino Valley. Includes narrative, enemy dispositions, and appendix with figures, discussion and copy of original artillery fire plan.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-90-7 · Item · ca. 1940-1950
Part of Shephard Fonds

A.O.R.G. Memorandum No. 411. Report on attack in Italy by British units across the River Garigliano through Minterno and Ausonia to outflank the enemy on the River Rapido and in the Cassino Valley. Includes intention, enemy dispositions, artillery preparation, infantry narrative, enemy casualties, with tables and maps in appendices showing shelling concentrations and intensity, with original fire plan.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-3 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

“Section 24 Artillery” p48-56 details of Royal Artillery support to 15 Scottish Division, including guns, rockets, pepperpots, counter battery, counter mortar, barrage, and smoke screens. “Employment of Contact Cars/Tanks” p63-64 on use of air-ground communication to request tactical air reconnaissance. “Appendix ‘C’ Town Clearing” p87-89 planning, principles, day/night, supporting fire, bombing and enemy methods re taking Gennep and Goch, “Appendix ‘D’ [Royal Artillery] Order of Battle” for 15 Scottish Division, 43 Infantry Division, 51 Highland Division, 53 Welsh Infantry Division, 2 Canadian Infantry Division, 3 Canadian Infantry Division, and Corps Commander Royal Artillery, plus total guns, “Appendix ‘E’ [Royal Artillery] Dumping Programme” p92 table, “Appendix ‘F’ Activities of 1 Canadian Rocket Battery During Operations Veritable and Blockbuster” p93-95 notes on nature of targets, volume of fire, ammunition, results and recommendations.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-4 · Item · ca. 1944-1945
Part of Shephard Fonds

"Aido Memorio for Reporting Results of Artillery Shoots" with cover letter, "Effect of [Artillery] fire in Attacks in Mountainous Country" from observations made on British 13 Corps' front in Italy September to October 1944, "Effect of Artillery Fire III" from observations on British Fifth Corps' front by Po Valley November to December 1944, "Effect of [Artillery] Fire in Attacks in Mountainous Country" , further study based on 78 Division's front in October 1944, "Effect of [Artillery] Fire IV" based on 5 Corps front observations December 1944 to January 1945, "Reasons for failure of attacks with [Artillery support]" , "Effect of Artillery Fire in Attacks in Mountainous Country" further observations on British 13 Corps' front in Italy September to October 1944.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-5 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

H.S. Freeth, Operational Research Staff Officer. Entries cover 18 September to 27 December 1944 on the Italian Front. Detailed itinerary of unit visits and observations of combat operations. Includes operational plan, artillery targets and barrage trace for "Gardenia" in support of attack 23 November 1944.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-6 · Item · ca. June 1947
Part of Shephard Fonds

Military Operational Research Report No. 44. Quantitative assessment of the Churchill flamethrower tank based on 175 Crocodile infantry action in Northwest Europe. Tables and analysis on "The Effectiveness of the Crocodile as an Infantry Weapon" , "The Lethal Effect of Flame, Fuel, Expenditure and Enemy Casualties" , "Crocodile and Trailer Casualties" . Appendices include detailed tables of all Crocodile - infantry actions studied, plus breakdowns of day and night actions, friendly and enemy casualties and relevant mathematical calculations.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-7 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

Report on fire support for D-Day landings compiled from information of the 21st Army Group Special Observer Party, Allied Expeditionary Air Forces, plus 8th and 9th US Air Force Operational Research Sections. "Section II Batteries" , "Section III Drenching and Aimed Fire - Beach Defenses" , "Section IV Intelligence and P.O.W. Interrogation" , with appendices on Batteries and Beach Defenses.