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Fonds Minou-Petrowski
CA ON00341 P115 · Fonds · 19--

Le fonds comprend une copie annotée d'une pièce de théâtre de Minou Petrowski, intitulée Le Départ.

George Hill fonds
CA ON00159 P225 · Fonds · 1940-2019 (predominant 1940-1962)

The George Hill fonds documents a period of 20 years of the Dominion Tar and Chemical Company Canada Creosoting Division, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) creosote plant in Sudbury. Composed of photographs, a notebook of memorabilia with a preamble, records from the plant, and maps relating to the CPR Creosote plant in Sudbury, the fonds provides an overview of the operations and the workflow involved, but also illustrates the layout of the plant, including the different buildings and machinery. The preamble, consisting of comments and explanations by Hill, provides an understanding not only of the set up required to process creosote, but also of the different steps involved. Moreover, an engineering blueprint of the layout of the plant with references to photographs and annotations by George Hill offers a visualization of the plant and the machinery.

Sheets of wages, lists of employees and their roles at the plant, and a grievance on the work conditions complete this comprehensive presentation on the CPR creosote plant.

Hill, George William
Personal Studio fonds
CA ON00351 GA 187 · Fonds · [19--]

Contents: fonds consists of negatives and proof prints taken by Robert T.G. Nicol under the name of Personal Studio between 1946 and 1996. Studio, home portraits and candid photography of families and weddings, as well as commercial jobs for many local industries and businesses document comprehensively the growth and changes in the way of life in the Waterloo Region in the post-war era. Many nationally important companies employed Nicol, some as their "house photographer": these include B.F. Goodrich, Budd Automotive, Mutual Life Insurance Co., Bell Telephone, Electrohome, Raytheon, IBM and Greb Shoes. Many types of businesses are represented: storefronts and interiors of banks, clothing, department, music, furniture and grocery stores, dairies, factories, restaurants, hotels and motels, churches, service stations, car dealerships, service industries, construction trades and more.

Nicol, Robert
CA ON00340 F2524 · Fonds · 1842-2019

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1858-1884, of Scarborough Primitive Methodist Circuit (includes Bethesda, Markham, Malvern, Bethel Church, Parsonage Church, Providence Church and Zion Church), 1853-1884; records of Parsonage Primitive Methodist Church, Scarborough, 1842-1876; Quarterly Board minutes of Scarborough Methodist Circuit (includes Don Mills, Malvern, Wexford, Bethesda Church, Parsonage Church, Providence Church), 1884-1888; records of Parsonage Methodist Church, 1884-1888; records of Zion Presbyterian Church, 1889-1922; records, including baptisms, , and marriages, 1926-1948, of Zion United Church, Scarborough (includes Zion Presbyterian Church), 1889-1954; and records, including baptisms, 1950-1964, marriages, 1950-1992, and burials, 1949-1983, of Zion-Wexford United Church, 1889-2002; records, including baptisms, 1952-2002, marriages, 1953-2002, and burials, 1954-2002, of WIlmar Heights United Church, Scarborough, 1952-2002; and records, including baptisms, 1963-2018, marriages, 1992-2019, and burials, 1984-2019, of Wexford Heights United Church, Scarborough (includes Zion-Wexford United Church and Wilmar Heights United Church), 1963-2019.

Wexford Heights United Church (Scarborough, Ont.)
ON00423 HR · Fonds · ca. 1979-2019

Fonds consists of material produced by Humber's Human Resources department. Includes material created for employee/staff recognition events, staff directories, collective agreements and other documents.

Diocese of the Arctic fonds
CA ON00003 F100 · Fonds · 1850-2019

Fonds consists of records created or accumulated by the Diocese of the Arctic. The records cover missionary work in the Arctic and include missions that were originally administered by the dioceses of the Yukon (formerly Selkirk), Keewatin, Moosonee, and Mackenzie River (1884-1970). The fonds is arranged in series which include: Administration records, bishops records, parish records, translation records, hospital records, financial records, audio-visual records, graphic records, cartographic records, printed material, and collected material from various Arctic missionaries. The bishops' records include clergy files, women workers, catechists and lay workers, mission station files, diocesan files, pastoral letters, executive committee files, Arthur Turner Training School and catechist schools files.

Diocese of the Arctic
CA ON00003 F023 · Fonds · 1989-2019

Fonds consists of terms of reference, minutes, meeting dockets, reports, correspondence, subject files, and graphic materials.
The fonds includes the records of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (1995- ), Sacred Circles, as well as the records of the department of Indigenous Ministries.

Anglican Council of Indigenous People (ACIP)
CA ON00003 F301 · Collection · 1787-2019

Collection consists of diocesan and provincial synod journals, constitution and by-laws, printed reports, Church Society reports, documents, publications, audio-visual and graphic materials related to the activities of the dioceses.
Collection is arranged in series by diocese and province. Series 501: Diocese of Algoma, 1876-2013 Series 502: Diocese of Arctic, 1961-2019 Series 503: Diocese of Athabasca, 1888-2008 Series 504: Diocese of Brandon, 1924-2018 Series 505: Diocese of British Columbia, 1886-2017 Series 506: Diocese of Caledonia, 1919-1998 Series 507: Diocese of Calgary, 1892-2004 Series 508: Diocese of Cariboo, 1914-2000 Series 509: Diocese of Edmonton, 1913-2008 Series 510: Diocese of Fredericton, 1845-2009 Series 511: Diocese of Huron, 1858-2006 Series 512: Diocese of Keewatin, 1905-1991 Series 513: Diocese of Kootenay, 1900-2009 Series 514: Diocese of Montreal, 1859-2002 Series 515: Diocese of Moosonee, 1919-2008 Series 516: Diocese of Newfoundland, 1873-1971 Series 517: Diocese of Central Newfoundland, 1975-2009 Series 518: Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, 1976-1992 Series 519: Diocese of Western Newfoundland, 1976-2001 Series 520: Diocese of New Westminster, 1886-2007 Series 521: Diocese of Niagara, 1875-2019 Series 522: Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 1787-2006 Series 523: Diocese of Ontario, 1862-2014 Series 524: Diocese of Ottawa, 1896-2009 Series 525: Diocese of Qu'Appelle, 1891-1993 Series 526: Diocese of Quebec, 1859-2007 Series 528: Diocese of Saskatchewan, 1882-2005 Series 529: Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-2008 Series 530: Diocese of Toronto, 1851-2009 Series 531: Diocese of Yukon, 1900-2010 Series 532: Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon, 1914-2006 Series 533: Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, 1861-2012 Series 534: Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, 1893-2018 Series 535: Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land , 1875-2015

Provincial and Diocesan Synods
Map Collection
CA ON00329 F 13 · Collection · 1850-2019

Collection contains a variety of maps, plans, and drawings pertaining to the Town and Township of Whitby. Maps have been physically arranged according to map type, including Street and Tourism, Physical, Political, Transit, Historical, and Architectural Drawings.

Collection · 2017 - 2019

Sites crawled include the web and social media presence of Lakehead University, and associated organizations (including students, faculty, and alumni groups.)

The Argus
Bora Laskin Faculty of Law
Lakehead Athletics
Lakehead University
Lakehead University Alumni Association
Lakehead University Archives
Lakehead University Bookstore
Lakehead University Campus Recreation
Lakehead University Faculty Association
Lakehead University Library
Lakehead University Student Union
LU Radio
Thunderwolves Hockey

CA ON00093 2002/11 · Fonds · [19-]

Le fonds comprend une étude intitulée Histoire militaire de la province de Québec. Elle est divisée en quatre parties : les origines militaires; l’invasion américaine de 1775; la guerre de 1812; et la guerre de 1914-1918.
Ce texte est une version préliminaire et incomplète d’un ouvrage publié en 1967 : Histoire politico-militaire des Canadiens-Français (1763-1945), Trois-Rivières, Éditions du Bien Public. Ce volume comprend trois parties supplémentaires portant sur les troubles de 1837-1838, la guerre des Boers et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

CA ON00340 F2991 · Fonds · 1999-2019

Fonds consists of the records of the United Church Women Helen McKay Unit, 1999-2019.

Grace United Church (Sarnia, Ont.)
CA ON00351 GA 175 · Item · [19--]

Contents: one formal group portrait. Back row, left to right: Senator Robb, N. Asmussen M.P.P., J.A. Scellen, W.T. Sass, Hon. James Malcolm, John A. Lang, W. Max Euler.
Middle row, left to right: W.J. Motz, Mr. King's secretary, H.J. Sims, Mrs. J. Cole, Mayor Greb, Premier King, Hon. W.D. Euler, Mrs. Peden Mielke, Mrs. Leonard Oliver, Senator Dr. Rankin.
Front row, left to right: Mrs. Max Euler, Miss Rankin, Mrs. W.D. Euler, Mrs. W.J. Motz.

CA ON00154 2019.1.5 a-b · Item · 2019

Item is the program and invitation to the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for the Municipality of Port Hope.

David M. Carlisle Fonds
CA ON00419 CAR · Fonds · 1958-1991, 2018-2019

The fonds includes a memoir, scrapbooks, trade literature, photographs, slides showing Telidon displays, newspaper clippings, posters, correspondence and other records that reflect Carlilse’s university career and work at IBM, Datacrown, and Infomart. The records bear witness to the technological developments and commercial pressures that shaped the early years of the computing, data processing, and videotex industries in Canada.

Carlisle, David M.
Item · [19- ]

The fonds consist of one scrapbook outlining the history of the Zorra Tug-of-War Team and returning their trophies to Oxford County in the 1970s.

Max Munro
Photograph Album Collection
Collection · 1865-2019

This collection contains photograph albums pertaining to Trinity College School dating from the earliest years at the school to the present time.

CA ON00340 F2995 · Fonds · 1920-2019

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1926-2017, marriages, 1923-2018, and burials, 1926-2019, of St. Paul's United Church, Windsor (includes Ford City Methodist Mission, Pillette Road Methodist Church, and Pillette Road United Church), 1920-2019; and records, including baptisms, 1951-1985, marriages, 1951-1983, and burials, 1952-1984, of Victoria United Church, Windsor (formerly East Sandwich), 1922-1985

St. Paul's United Church (Windsor, Ont.)