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Frank Birch Caldwell fonds
CA ON00093 2011/5 · Fonds · Reproduced 19- (originally created 1657, 1978)

Fonds consists of miscellaneous material from Commodore Frank Birch Caldwell’s naval career, from the period 1953-1973. Includes photographs of various ships and some crew. A few photographs have captions on the back. There are maps of Canada dated 1969-1973, as well as reproductions of historical maps of the world. The fonds also includes a citation for a Naval Medal awarded to Caldwell by the Portuguese navy, a caricature, and other memorabilia. There are reproductions of an account of Admiral Nelson’s victory over the French fleet at the battle of the Nile, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, originally published in The Times on 3 October 1798.

Simcoe family fonds
CA ON00009 F 47 · Fonds · 1665-[ca. 1918] (predominant 1762-1848)

Fonds documents the official and private lives of several members of the Simcoe family in England and Upper Canada, predominantly in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The fonds also contains records from John Graves Simcoe's Lieutenant-Governorship of Upper Canada 1792-1796. The records document the administrative and military careers of four generations of men of the Simcoe family, as well as the family's private life, including management of the family estate in Devonshire, financial matters, and genealogical research conducted by later generations of the family.

Family members represented in the fonds include Captain John Simcoe, John Graves Simcoe, Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Francis Simcoe, Eliza Simcoe, and John K. Simcoe.

Records include personal and official correspondence, letter books, reports, returns, and commissions. The fonds contains a considerable quantity of graphic materials, including watercolour paintings, drawings and prints; maps and celestial charts; architectural and technical drawings; and artifacts attributed by Simcoe descendents to John Graves and Elizabeth Simcoe.

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Jean V. Allard fonds
CA ON00093 84/126 · Fonds · [ca. 1666], 1875, 1939-1996

Fonds consists of 272 files that document both Allard's professional and personal life. Textual documents include correspondence, telegrams, memoranda, and reports. There are various personal records relating to Allard, including genealogical information, autobiographical memoirs, scrapbooks and agendas and daybooks used by Allard. There are newspaper and journal articles collected by Allard on various topics of interest to him, as well as numerous articles about him. There are also several transcripts of speeches, addresses and lectures given by Allard, as well as transcripts of interviews about him or with him.

In addition to textual records, there are approximately 450 pictures, most of which are in black and white. Many of these are of Allard at various stages of his life. Other photograph subjects include Allard's family and his ancestors, and various military ceremonies. Many of the pictures lack captions or other explanations. There are also approximately ten maps, mainly of European locations where Allard fought during the Second World War, a few drawings, blueprints, travel albums, flags, badges, greeting cards, and certificates.

Each of the stages of Allard's life is documented. From his childhood, to his personal participation in the Second World War, the Korean War, as well as Canada's more general involvement, to his years in the USSR and West Germany, to his role in the unification of the armed forces and his time as CDS, Allard's rich and varied experiences can be largely reconstructed from the diverse materials found in this fonds.

J. D. Edgar family fonds
CA ON00009 F 65 · Fonds · 1680-1988, predominant 1840-1955

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Sir James David Edgar, his wife Matilda, and various other members of the Edgar family.

Their records include correspondence, both political and personal, speeches, lecture notes, invitations, published material, scrapbooks and photographs. As J.D. Edgar was actively involved in politics, correspondents includes many prominent politicians of his day, including Alexander Mackenzie and Sir Wilfred Laurier; there are also letters regarding important political events such as the North-West Rebellion.

Fonds also contains records from other family members, such as the diaries of Maud Edgar, a hand-written Shawnee-English dictionary compiled by Thomas Ridout, a typescript copy of Thomas Ridout's Old Memoir covering the period 1786-1788, photographs of various members of the Edgar family, genealogical material, and correspondence with family in the United States and overseas.

The fonds is divided into 11 series.

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CA ON00333 05-003, 90-001, 94-002 · Fonds · 1680-1920, predominant 1750-1890

Collection consists of disparate records from and to North America. Correspondence involves numerous senders and receivers and topics covered include military matters between America and Great Britain, the North American fur trade and Upper Canadian political issues. These materials were collected by Professor David Macmillan through his interest in philately. Correspondents include John Beverley Robinson, William Berczy, Major James Clephane, Basil Hall, James Keith, John Macaulay, William Hamilton Merritt and Andrew Russell.

Edmison family fonds
CA ON00334 F2 · Fonds · 1690-1990, predominantly 1920's-1980's

This collection consists of papers relating to the Edmison family. Rev J. H. Edmison, Presbyterian minister, 1857-1928 includes sermons, news clippings and correspondence chiefly in Chelteham Ontario. Correspondence of J Alex Edmison and family, including ephemera, photographs and memorabilia of McGill, Trent University, Jarvis Collegiate, Broadview YMCA and Queen’s University in the 1920s. Some papers related to Montreal politics (1938-40); research materials related to Camp Ahmek, the Taylor Statten Memorial Fund, and camping reunions (1920s to 1970s); research materials and incidental correspondence relating to the history of Peterborough, Douro Township and other local matters (1960s and 1970s); including incidental correspondence on criminology, penal history, as well as Vercoe family history.

CA ON00009 F 604 · Fonds · 1694-1958, predominant 1723-1893

Fonds consists of personal and professional records of Charles Shirreff and other Shirreff family members. Included are correspondence, land records, genealogical information and biographical information regarding the Shirreff family, notices of appointments, diaries, and other records. Correspondence includes: letters received by Charles Sherriff before his emigration from Scotland; letters regarding Colonel John By; letters detailing Alexander Shirreff’s expenses while exploring the land between the Ottawa River and Lake Huron; letters regarding the purchase of land and the purchase of the Bytown Gazette; and letters regarding the Shirreff family’s claim to the earldom of Stirling. Land records consist of: land grants; a Scottish property transfer; a rent roll of Fitzroy Harbour lots; a statement of property at Fitzroy Harbour; maps of the land by the Carp River and part of Fitzroy Township; and a plan of the Fitzroy Harbour. Genealogical and biographical material includes newspaper clippings, manuscript histories of the family, and a history of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at Fitzroy Harbour.

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Fonds Lilianne-Frégault
CA ON00341 P258 · Fonds · 1697-1912, 1936-1995, [reproduit en 1992 et 2000], surtout 1936-1995

Le fonds témoigne partiellement de la vie personnelle et familiale de Lilianne Frégault, principalement de 1936 à 1995. Il témoigne notamment de ses études; de son intérêt pour la carrière de son mari Guy Frégault comme historien, professeur et haut-fonctionnaire et de sa collaboration à ses travaux d'historien; des hommages rendus à Guy Frégault après son décès, notamment par Jean-Claude Falardeau et la Fédération des sociétés d'histoire du Québec, aujourd'hui la Fédération des sociétés d'histoire et de généalogie du Québec. Il témoigne également des relations de Lilianne Frégault avec : Michel Brunet, historien; Jean-Claude Falardeau; Marcel Trudel, historien; Juliette Rémillard; la Fondation Lionel-Groulx; Lydia Frégault; Édith Rinfret et Gabrielle Rinfret. Le fonds est constitué de 4 séries : A) Affaires personnelles et familiales; B) Collaboratrice de Guy Frégault; C) Correspondance; D) Documentation amassée au sujet de Guy Frégault. Il comprend principalement : de la correspondance, incluant des brouillons de lettres expédiées par Lilianne Frégault; des certificats et des diplômes; des photographies, des copies de spicilèges et de coupures de presse; des textes d'allocutions; des imprimés annotés.

Naval Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0011 · Fonds · 1700-1988

The Naval Fonds contain material relating primarily to British, French, and American navies ranging from 1700 to the 1980s. The documents include ship lists and registers, naval statistics, photographs, booklets, and notes on correspondence.

Pewter plates
CA ON00428 2021.18 · Item · ca. 1700

Item is a set of four matching pewter plates. They have a motif of a bird on top of a crown stamped along the rim. The hallmarks on the back of the plate are likely pseudo marks, intended to replicate the look of silver goods. Above these, the letter X is stamped below a crown, a symbol that was often used to indicate a specific quality of metal.

Pewter plate
CA ON00428 2021.39 · Item · ca. 1700-1800

Item is one pewter plate. The hallmarks on the back of the plate are likely pseudo marks, intended to replicate the look of silver goods. Above these, the letter X is stamped below a crown, a symbol that was often used to indicate a specific quality of metal.

CA ON00311 PF61 · Fonds · [17--]-[1945?]

Fonds consists of certificates, correspondence, research material, photographs and other material relating to the legal career and research interests of William Renwick Riddell. The research material relates to William Dummer Powell and to a medieval French folktale. The fonds also consists of several legal documents collected by Riddell. The fonds includes one sous-fonds, which contains the law practice records of Alexander Macdonell, a lawyer in Toronto during the mid-nineteenth century. The sous-fonds also includes research notes by Riddell on Macdonell. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Research material Certificates and membership card Correspondence Miscellaneous legal documents Clippings Photographs Alexander Macdonell sous-fonds

CA ON00003 F267 · Collection · 1701-1962

Collection consists of a binder of handwritten extracts from the Society's journals and printed reports, making reference to the history of the Diocese of Quebec (1788-1867); printed annual reports (1701-1962); periodicals (1851-1941) and microfilm of the journals, correspondence, reports, and manuscripts of the SPG missionary activities in Canada (1702-1889).
Periodical holdings include: The Gospel Missionary (1857); The Monthly Record of Church Missions (1855); The Mission Field (1861-1941); The Net Cast in Many Waters (1866-1898); and The Church Abroad (1903-1940).

Thomas Ridout family fonds
CA ON00009 F 43 · Fonds · 1706-1960, predominant 1787-1894

Fonds consists predominantly of correspondence, diaries and copies of manuscripts relating to the Ridout family in Upper Canada in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The records document the family's service in the War of 1812, and their administrative and business careers, as well as the family's private life, including financial matters and genealogical research conducted by later members of the family.

Family members principally represented in the fonds include Thomas Ridout, Surveyor General of Upper Canada; Samuel Smith Ridout; George Ridout; Thomas Gibbs Ridout; and his wife, Matilda Bramley Ridout.

Records also include commissions, militia records, a Shawnee-English dictionary, household expenses, records relating to land transactions and Masonic Lodges, and Ridout family Bibles. The fonds also contains silhouette drawings and a plan of Samuel Smith Ridout's farm.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Ontario History collection
CA ON00351 GA 6 · Collection · 1716-1950

The collection consists mainly of items relating to the history of Ontario with some items relating to other parts of Canada and the U.S. covering the period 1716 to 1950. These were items which accumulated in the office of Ontario History and which were passed to the University of Waterloo. The contents include correspondence, documents including transcriptions of petitions to the Government of Upper Canada for grants of land, pamphlets, clippings, ephemera, maps, photographs and engravings. The topical and chronological coverage of this collection is wide-ranging.

Peter Russell fonds
CA ON00009 F 46 · Fonds · 1720-1811

Fonds contains personal and business correspondence of Peter Russell, and includes some correspondence from other family members. Included are correspondence, memoranda and circulars, diaries, copies of wills, inventories of personal belongings, commissions, receipts, bills, accounts, bonds, a table of fees, articles of agreements, a copy of an Act to prevent the Exportation of Base Coin to H.M Colonies in the West Indies and America, statements concerning the salary of Peter Russell as Receiver-General of Upper Canada, and a letters patent erecting a District Court in the Home District (with large seal attached).

Fonds also contains an account book of Peter Russell for the years 1793 to 1808. Fonds also includes a copy book of correspondence sent and received by Peter Russell as President administering the government of Upper Canada from 1796 to 1798. Correspondents include Captain Claus, Superintendent of Indians and Indian Affairs, and Captain Joseph Brant. Also included in the copy book are copies of speeches which Russell made to members of the Six Nations concerning their land grants on the Grand River, and speeches made to members of the Chippawa Nation.

The fonds is arranged chronologically, with the account book and copy book being described at the end of the chronological listing.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Ewen-Grahame fonds
CA ON00344 XS1 MS A001 · Fonds · 1723-1892, predominant 1780-1840

Correspondence, legal and business papers of John Ewen (1741-1821), merchant from Aberdeen, Scotland; his daughter Elizabeth, Mrs. James Grahame; his grandson Baron Grahame; and other members of the Grahame Family. Of particular interest for the study of Scottish Art, Business, Agriculture, Politics and Society, 1780-1840. 64 boxes, over 12 000 items. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Two groupings of correspondence: Boxes 1-26 organized by authors, boxes 27-64 by years

CA ON00313 1973-5038; 000-5007 · Fonds · 1723/4-1917

Fonds consists primarily of family correspondence received by Mark Young Stark, and by his daughter, Mary Ann. There are also some letters written by Mark Young Stark, including a number written while he was studying and travelling in Europe as a young man. The letters date from c.1723 to 1917 and are primarily from family and friends. There are journals, notebooks, documents, essays, and newspaper clippings largely related to Mark Young Stark's family and Presbyterianism in Canada. The journals are written by Mark Young Stark from 1829-1831, Mary Bannatyne Stark from 1824, and Mary Ann Stark from 1860-1891. The fonds also includes a published book of sermons written by Mark Young Stark; two small files of receipts and financial documents dating from 1854; two scrapbooks comprised of postcards, pictures, and picture cut-outs, and some original pencil sketches, ink drawings (partially coloured), and small paintings, some of which are signed by Mark Young Stark; and a small case of architect’s tools labelled as being those of Geo. Ed. Street.

Eldon family fonds
CA ON00009 F 4597 · Fonds · 1725-2009, predominant 1767-1975

Fonds consists of records created or accumulated by members of the Eldon (formerly spelled Elden) family in Ireland and Ontario (initially Canada West), and includes originals and copies of text, photographs, certificates, testimonials, newspaper clippings, artifacts, and maps.

Records are predominantly associated with John Elden (ca. 1711-1785), Joseph Elden (1760-1846), Robert Eldon (1821-1894), Robert Henry Eldon (1861-1945), Frank Irving Eldon (1895-1969), and W. Donald R. Eldon (Don) (1926- ).

Material in this fonds relates to the personal and professional lives of the Elden / Eldon family including birth, marriage and death records; family photographs; land records including a 1767 Irish deed as well as copies of a registry map and land transfers for a Muskoka cottage; current Eldon Arms and Crest records; letters; education records including a yearbook and degree; work related records such as a linen seal (1802) and penmanship book (1725); and professional recognition including the King George V Silver Jubilee Medal (1935) and various certificates and testimonials.

Many of the records were used to illustrate a book prepared by Don Eldon for the Eldon family titled: New Lands, New Hopes: Emigrations of the Eldon Family (2009). Two other books by Don titled: War Poems of Frank I. Eldon: Reflections at the Front and after World War I (2008) and The Eldon Family Bibles (2003) are also part of this fonds. Don Eldon was editor of the War Poems book.

Most of the copies of photographs and text were made by the donor in recent years.

Fonds includes records relating to Frank I. Eldon and mostly his involvement in WW I.

The fonds is arranged into five series based on donor-assigned categories. Files are arranged essentially in the same order as the donor arranged them, with minor changes made by the archivist.

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