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CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-311B-70 · Item · August 11, 1943
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Item is an incomplete document. Notes on the visit of the Western Desert and units of the 7th Armoured Division for psychiatric assessment with conclusions and recommendations.

Occupational Therapy
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-311B-6 · Item · June 5, 1942
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Origins and work in the Middle East Psychiatric Service.

Medical Administrative Instruction
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-311B-58 · Item · December 20, 1940
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Appendix 4 to unknown document. Instructions to medical officers on identifying and dealing with psychiatric cases.