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CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-316-1 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

Bibliography of reports and memoranda by Air Defence Research Development Establishment , Ministry of Supply , Army Operational Research Group , Army Operational Research Section 4a , No 1 Operational Research Section , No 1 Operational Research Section: 21 Army Group , Operational Research Section: 2nd Tactical Air Force , Operational Research Section: Middle East Force , Operational Research Section: Bomber Command , Scientific Adviser , Operational Research Section: Coastal Command , Operational Research Section: Royal Air Force Mediterranean Middle East , British Bombing Research Mission , Research Board, British Air Forces of Occupation , Operational Research Section: Psychological Warfare , Operational Research Section: India , Operation Research Service Singapore , Coast Artillery Experimental Establishment , School of Anti-Aircraft Artillery , Operational Research Section SD6, Middle East Forces , Air Defence Research Department Establishment Operational Research Group , Equipment Wing, School of Artillery , Anti-Aircraft Command , Trials Establishment: Royal Artillery.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-5-98-33-2 · File · 1939 - 1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

A report describes the work carried out by the Operational Research Section, Bomber Command, from its inception in 1941 to the end of World War II. Including the history of the advent of radar techniques (H2S, OBOE, GEE-H) and communication methods. Includes duplicates of pages.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-3 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

“Section 24 Artillery” p48-56 details of Royal Artillery support to 15 Scottish Division, including guns, rockets, pepperpots, counter battery, counter mortar, barrage, and smoke screens. “Employment of Contact Cars/Tanks” p63-64 on use of air-ground communication to request tactical air reconnaissance. “Appendix ‘C’ Town Clearing” p87-89 planning, principles, day/night, supporting fire, bombing and enemy methods re taking Gennep and Goch, “Appendix ‘D’ [Royal Artillery] Order of Battle” for 15 Scottish Division, 43 Infantry Division, 51 Highland Division, 53 Welsh Infantry Division, 2 Canadian Infantry Division, 3 Canadian Infantry Division, and Corps Commander Royal Artillery, plus total guns, “Appendix ‘E’ [Royal Artillery] Dumping Programme” p92 table, “Appendix ‘F’ Activities of 1 Canadian Rocket Battery During Operations Veritable and Blockbuster” p93-95 notes on nature of targets, volume of fire, ammunition, results and recommendations.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-5 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

H.S. Freeth, Operational Research Staff Officer. Entries cover 18 September to 27 December 1944 on the Italian Front. Detailed itinerary of unit visits and observations of combat operations. Includes operational plan, artillery targets and barrage trace for "Gardenia" in support of attack 23 November 1944.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-103-91-7 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

Report on fire support for D-Day landings compiled from information of the 21st Army Group Special Observer Party, Allied Expeditionary Air Forces, plus 8th and 9th US Air Force Operational Research Sections. "Section II Batteries" , "Section III Drenching and Aimed Fire - Beach Defenses" , "Section IV Intelligence and P.O.W. Interrogation" , with appendices on Batteries and Beach Defenses.

Notes from 5 Division
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-104-93-6 · Item · ca. 1939-1995
Part of Shephard Fonds

Excerpts from larger report. Notes on 5 [British] Division operations in Italy near the River Tiber in June 1944. Includes infantry, artillery, and air-ground operations.