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Archival description
Records of ROM Committees
CA ON00259 RG36 · Record group · 1955-1982

Series consists of the records of various ROM committees, as well as the ROM Council.

CA ON00259 RG62 · Record group · 1955-1961

Series consists of the division of art and archaeology’s annual reports to the Board, minutes of curators’ meetings, and other records.

CA ON00259 RG67 · Record group · 1955-1982

Series consists of the Archaeological Newsletters produced by the Office of the Chief Archaeologist, as well as unprocessed project files and correspondence.

Museum Director's records
CA ON00259 RG30 · Record group · 1957-1988

Fonds consists of the records of ROM Directors. Fonds primarily consists of Director’s correspondence. The records of James Cruise, William Thorsell, and Janet Carding are as yet undescribed but can be made accessible.

CA ON00259 RG31 · Record group · 1957-1978

Series consists of the minutes of the Curatorial Heads Committee. There is a gap in the records from 1963-1973.

CA ON00259 RG8 · Record group · 1958-1990

Record group consists of annual meeting minutes, committee records and minutes, financial records and other records pertaining to and created by the Department of Museum Volunteers at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Museum Secretary's records
CA ON00259 RG22 · Record group · 1960-1968

Series consists of the outgoing correspondence of the secretary of the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as some from other museum administrators. Also included are correspondence from the museum secretary, Helen Downie, in her capacity as Programme Secretary.

European Department records
CA ON00259 RG72 · Record group · 1960-1979

Series consists of European Department correspondence and press clippings, as well as records from individual members of the department.

CA ON00259 RG23 · Record group · 1960-1969

Series consists of the Secretary-Treasurer's correspondence, copies of board agendas and minutes, and the Museum procedures manual.

CA ON00259 RG41 · Record group · 1960-1971

Series consists of the correspondence and minutes of the Art and Archaeology Curatorial Council, arranged chronologically.

Library Committee records
CA ON00259 RG46 · Record group · 1961-1993

Series consist of the correspondence and minutes of the Library Committee.

Membership records
CA ON00259 RG9 · Record group · 1961-1982

Series consists of correspondence and reports related to ROM membership, as well as the minutes of various committees and member directories. Also included are membership statistics and the members’ lounge guest books.

CA ON00259 RG68 · Record group · 1964-1971

Series consists of the correspondence of Dr. Loris Russell, sent and received in his capacity as Chief Biologist.

CA ON00259 RG78 · Record group · 1964-1965

Record group consists of correspondence and photographs from T. Cuyler Young.

The first letter, dated July 31, 1964 corresponds with the 5 photographs. It is addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young in Azerbaijan. The letter describes an archaeological dig. The photographs are described by Young in the letter, and show Young at the dig site.

The second letter is dated March 28, 1965 addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young. The letter was written in Tehran, Iran during another archaeological dig. Attached to the letter is a newspaper clipping, about a state visit to Canada of the Shahanshah and Emperess Farah.

CA ON00259 RG122 · Record group · 1965-1976

Series consists of two ROM attendance books, dated July 1965-June 1973 and July 1973- July 1976. They document visitors to the ROM.

Egyptian Department records
CA ON00259 RG77 · Record group · 1967-1974

Series consists of Winifred Needler’s files, material on an exhibition of Egyptian wall paintings, and the Egyptian Department’s 10-year forecast.

CA ON00259 RG88 · Record group · 1967-1971

Series consists of material on the Dinosaur Gallery from 1971, as well as general correspondence and photographs from 1967-1971.

CA ON00259 RG002 · Record group · 1968-1975

Series consists of two volumes of minute books and an index from the Executive Committee meetings, spanning the years 1968-1975.