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Jean Eagles Watson fonds
CA ON00126 F88 · Archief · [194-?] - [199-?]

The fonds consists of one scrapbook documenting Jean Eagles Watson’s activities in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women’s Division.

The scrapbook includes pages with captions on the top of the page that serves to organize the contents. The following is the order in which the captions to these pages are found: Farewell Gifts from G.G.H (1942) On leave Prior to Posting to RockCliffe, RockCliffe Ottawa Basic Training, No 1, T.T.S St. Thomas, Ontario (1945); No.4 Wireless School, Guelph Ontario (1945); 89 Entry A Flight I.G. Inspection; My Trip to Ward 300 Hospital St. Thomas (1943); Cards I received while in Ward 300; Hospital Staff 1944; 20th birthday (1944); and Odds and Ends.

There are photographs throughout the scrapbook some of which are captioned and or include the names of those pictured. Included are photographs of Jean Watson.

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CA ON00126 C36 · Collectie · [192-?], [197-], [200-]

Collection consists of ceramic ornaments, souvenir tea cups, and plates related to the history of Guelph. A number of the objects contain the image of the Guelph (Carnegie) Public Library or of the City of Guelph’s original coat of arms with the latin inscription "Fides, Professio, Fidelitas". Other plates include the city’s current coat of arms recreated in the late 1970s. Included in this collection is a dollar coin created for Guelph's sesquicentennial in 1977.

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CA ON00093 2012/16 · Collectie · [201-]

Collection consists of research material on Ernest Donat Therrien’s experience as a prisoner of war during the Second World War. Includes emails between Janie and Gary Therrien and Dr. Steve Harris listing the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s movements from mobilization until the end of the war. Also includes emails describing different sources of information that were consulted including Library and Archives Canada, The Red Cross, and The Memories Project. The research material contains an excerpt from the book “A Measure of Protest” written by A.H. LeReverend who was a POW at Stalag XIB with Ernest Therrien. Copies of the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s War Diary for 24 October 1944 to 29 Oct 1944, and Orders for 27 October 1944 are included in the research along with emails exchanged between Jakke Arnouts in Essen, Belgium and Janie and Gary Therrien in relation to the precise location Ernest Therrien was captured and a possible tour of the site.

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Donald Plaxton collection
CA ON00311 PF119 · Collectie · 1616

Collection consists of a deed dated 1616, signed by Edmund Bury and written in Latin.

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Gary Lumsden collection
CA ON00408 C009 · Collectie · 1639

Collection consists of a book of sermons by English theologians.

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Pewter plates
CA ON00428 2021.18 · Stuk · ca. 1700

Item is a set of four matching pewter plates. They have a motif of a bird on top of a crown stamped along the rim. The hallmarks on the back of the plate are likely pseudo marks, intended to replicate the look of silver goods. Above these, the letter X is stamped below a crown, a symbol that was often used to indicate a specific quality of metal.

John Cleaveland fonds
CA ON00340 F3056 · Archief · 1748-1759

Fonds consists of letter from Daniel Giddings to John Cleaveland about religious condition of troops at Louisbourg, 1748; sixteen letters from John Cleaveland to his wife about Louisbourg and his activities there, 1759.

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CA ON00351 GA 141 · Stuk · 1759

Contents: 7. p. ms. report dictated by Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes for his superiors, recounting in detail the events of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Major-General James Wolfe captured Quebec on Sept. 13, 1759, but died on the battlefield. His opponent, the Marquis de Montcalm died the next day. Holmes dictated a detailed account of the battle and sent two copies on separate ships to the British Admiralty. This document is the second copy of that report.

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Pewter plate
CA ON00428 2021.38 · Stuk · ca. 1740 - 1775

Item is one pewter plate. The marks on the bottom suggest it was likely produced by Samuel Duncumb, an English pewterer active in the 18th century.

Contredanses, French
CA ON00351 GA 56 · Stuk · [ca. 1780]

Fonds consists of a notebook containing diagrams of 84 contredanses with written annotations, circa 1780. Diagrams show the step by step movements of specific types of dances such as La Camille, Les Caprices de Chantenany, Les Cerises de Montmorenci, and Le Retour de Blanchard.

List of Contredanses included in Notebook:

La Camille
Les Deux Amies
La Zemia
La Labotiere
La Caprices Indiens
La Legere
La Nouvelle Etienne
La Nouvelle Monaco
Paule et Virginie
Lew Tembourins Picards
L'Union Intime
Les Trois Amis
La Champete
Les Caprices de Chantenany
Les Folies de Roncé
Les fête Villageoise
La Crécy
Les Plaisirs de Warennes
La Juno
La Petite Chasse
La Colbert
La Victoire de Cobourg
La Princesse d'Orange
La Rosalie
Le Duc d'Yorck
La Coalisée
L'arrivée du P. d'Orange
La Belle Elizabeth
Les Plaisirs d'Irlande
Carlalez [?]
La Julie
4o. La Tulipano
Le Retour Autrichien
L'Arrivée de l'Empereur
Les Cerises de Montmorenci
La Yacinte
La Belle Annete
Les Bons Amis
La Simplicie
Les Plaisirs d'Alançon
La Figaro
La Fille à Nicolas
L'inconnu à la Redoute
La Belle Poûlé
Le Plaisir de Chatenet
La Satisfaction
La Chinoise
La Petite Charmante
Le goût du jour
La Guchen
Le Plaisir de Basque
La Pastorale
La Charboniere
Les nouveaux capricieu
La Redoute
La Vandeuie
L'Enfant Trompeur
La Petite Savoyarde
Les hannetons [?]
Le Depart Indien
La Chasse d'Amour
Les Dettes
La Nouvelle Eté
La Tarare
Le Portaille Anglois
Le Caprice de Erevan
Les Amourettes
Les Pantalon
La Neuville
La Monaco
La Fête villageoise
Le Retour de Blanchard
Pierre Perret collection
CA ON00093 2008/25 · Collectie · 1762-1781

Collection consists of reproductions of late eighteenth-century documents that belonged to the heirs of Madame DesBoisrenard and related to the lands near the village of Vimy, France and the present-day Canadian National Vimy Memorial. Documents include a surveyor's map of the lands with a report, and legal documents listing the various pieces of land with their limits, names of tenants and rents in money and goods collected from the properties.

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William Blainey collection
CA ON00311 PF167 · Collectie · 1741-1783

Collection consists of records accumulated by William Blainey, of the law firm of Metcalfe, Blainey and Burns. The collection includes English legal documents pertaining to property transfers involving the Joseph Flood family, of Christow, County of Devon.

Prayer Books
CA ON00351 GA 51 · Collectie · 1783-[188-?]

Three handwritten German prayer books dating from 1783 to the late 19th century. Each book contains a series of prayers such as communion, confession, morning, and evening prayers, in addition to examples of Fraktur (folk) art in ink and watercolour.

Ranna Cossitt fonds
CA ON00003 F207 · Archief · 1785-1789. [Transcribed 1980?]

Fonds consists of letters from Cossitt to William Morice, secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and a copy of a crown grant.

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John Wesley fonds
CA ON00340 F3460 · Archief · 1739-1790

Fonds consists of correspondence, original and in facsimile of John Wesley to his family and associates.

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CA ON00428 2019.01 · Stuk · 1791

Portrait is a reproduction of an 1791 painting of John Graves Simcoe, First Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.

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Jehoshaphat Mountain fonds
CA ON00003 F159 · Archief · 1794

Fonds consists of a letter that describes Jehosaphat's opinion on the conduct of different persons of different religions to a Jew named Moses Hart.

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Walter Roe fonds
CA ON00311 PF60 · Archief · 1789, 1796

Fonds consists of certificates relating to the legal career of Walter Roe. Included is a certificate appointing Roe an advocate in the Province of Quebec and a certificate appointing Roe as Deputy Registrar of the Western District.

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James Mann fonds
CA ON00340 F3262 · Archief · 1794-1796

Fonds consists of letters to Daniel Fidler, a Methodist minister.

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