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General Administration
CA ON00093 2013/15-18-1 · Subseries · 1982-1985
Part of Nigel Brodeur fonds

Subseries consists of subject files related to Brodeur’s activities at SACLANT. Includes Standing Naval Force Atlantic change of command, staff lists, briefing cards, notebook and an information package for NATO Airborne Warning and Control System. Also includes files regarding the Naval Service of Canada 75th anniversary, Canadian Forcers organization order for the Canadian Contingent of the UN Force in Cyprus and other files.

General Administration
CA ON00093 2013/15-19-1 · Subseries · 1985-1987
Part of Nigel Brodeur fonds

Subseries consists of general subject files arranged in chronological order. These files related to special operations, special events including change of command, personnel assessments, naval career planning, defence policy, Paramax: Canadian Patrol Frigate Project Installation of First Combat System Shipset, briefing book on mobile command exercises, Notes to CMDO Regarding Extracts on Canadian Navy From Jane's Fighting Ships, defence policy review, and other miscellaneous material.

CA ON00093 2014/2-1 · Series · 1955-1984
Part of Saint-Jean Garrison collection

Series consist of Officer Profession Development Program military publications reprinted for use by the Canadian Forces. They analyze several major battles during the Second World War that occurred in both the European and the Pacific theaters. Some of the topics discussed are: the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Kursk, the Battle of Imphal and Kohima Ridge, Operation Jubilee and Operation Neptune. There are also publications dealing with the German invasion of Norway in 1940, the convoy system over the Atlantic versus the German submarine in 1943, and the Israel-Egyptian October War during 1973.

CA ON00093 2015/17-1 · Series · 1997-2009
Part of Naval Board Executive Committee fonds

Series consists of supporting documents for the Naval Board Executive Committee (NBEC) meetings during 1997 to 2009. Includes agendas, timetables, seating charts, hard copies of PowerPoint presentations, briefing notes, memoranda, records of decisions, executive summaries, reports, issue synopses, speaking notes, drafts of orders, extracts from scholarly works, and discussion points for roundtable discussions for the meetings. Some of the major subjects covered include: maritime surveillance, military readiness, naval training, command and control, command and control systems, military planning, naval facilities, recruitment, personnel management, succession planning, electronic warfare, submarine warfare, fleet management, Halifax class frigates, military force levels, officer training, human resources, budget reviews, naval organization, and fleet management. The series is arranged in chronological order.

Naval Tattoo
CA ON00093 2015/15-1-1 · Subseries · 1984-1985
Part of Canadian Naval Centennial Project collection

Sub-Series Description: Sub-series consists of documents generated during the planning and aftermath of the Canadian Forces Naval Tattoo 1985 “The Navy’s 75th Anniversary”. Types of documents include minutes of meetings, agendas, reports, production plans, casting charts, reports, newspaper articles, briefing notes, press releases, schedules, teletypes and letters. Arranged in chronological order.

North West Air Command
CA ON00093 2017/5-1-3-1 · Subseries · 1945-1951
Part of Royal Canadian Air Force Historical Section 181 Kardex Collection

Subseries consists of documents related to the North West Air Command. Some of the major subjects covered include: air bases; Operations Investigator; Operation Dodds; Operation Beetle; Exercise Musk OX; Exercise Polar Bear; operations other war; military life; honors and awards; meetings; maritime warfare; artic operations; visits and inspections; conferences; and disposal of surplus properties and buildings. The subseries is arranged in numerical order by the Kardex reference number.

CA ON00093 2017/5-3-6-1 · Subseries · 1947-1964
Part of Royal Canadian Air Force Historical Section 181 Kardex Collection

Subseries consists of 7 files regarding No. 10 Group, Maritime Group Headquarters and Maritime Air Command during 1947 to 1964. Includes personnel, mobile and working establishments, operation orders and a search and rescue summary. The major subjects include: personnel management; equipment and supplies; military cooperation; and search and rescue. Subseries is arranged by Unit and then in numerical order by the Kardex reference number.

CA ON00093 2017/5-4-6-1 · Subseries · 1945-1951
Part of Royal Canadian Air Force Historical Section 181 Kardex Collection

Subseries consists of 39 files regarding the RCAF Winter Experimental Establishment during 1947 to 1951. Includes reports on a wide variety of subjects and organization orders. The major subjects covered include: organization; various aircraft such as Lancaster, Halifax, Dakota (Douglas DC-3), Vampire, Northstar (Canadair DC-4M), Sea Fury, etc.; maintenance and repair; equipment and supplies; tests and measurement; radar equipment; reports and reporting; cold weather conditions; cold weather tests; winter operations; emergency management; and arctic regions. The subseries is arranged in numerical order by the Kardex reference number.

CA ON00093 2018/2-3-1 · Subseries · 1949-1968
Part of Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment fonds

Subseries consists of reports on the experiments and tests carried out at the Central Experimental and Proving Establishment site from 1949 to 1968. The reports contain information and/or recommendations on the performance, design and operation of various equipment. Includes information on the multiple fighter, transport, and search and rescue aircrafts, photography developments, weaponry testing, navigational devices, transceivers, and other miscellaneous aeronautical related items that were conducted at CEPE. The major aircrafts covered include the T-33 MK3 Aircraft, Canadair Sabre’s, Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck, Harvard 4 and several others. Additionally, transport and search and rescue planes (non-fighter) were tested, which include the De Havilland Otter aircraft, North Star Aircraft, Dakota Aircraft and many more. Other subjects covered were weaponry testing; the M6 Rifle-Shotgun, and .22 rocket, navigational devices; compasses and search and rescue equipment, transceivers; sloping vee antenna and radio tech. Some of the principal authors include: JK Sturrock; RD Rantz; JE Caird; ES Allen; FE Russell; LA Bowerman; TE Futcher; and H Aass. The series is arranged in numerical order by the report number.

CA ON00093 2017/7-1 · Series · 1938-1950
Part of Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Museum collection

Series consists of minutes to meeting minutes of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) Bus Service Committee for 1943 to 1946 and of the Training Centre Canteen Committee for 1944 to 1946. Also includes the minutes to meetings and proceedings on Post First World War conventions and Second World War of the RCASC Association for 1938 to 1950.

CA ON00093 75/514-1 · Series · 1917-1969
Part of F. H. Hitchins fonds

Series consists of correspondence to and from F.H. Hitchins either with private individuals or with the Department of National Defence. Subject matter varies slightly, but is usually concerned with aviation practices before and after the First World War. This includes inquiries about specific officers, recruitment and dress practices, and comments on published journal articles.

Air Defence in Europe
CA ON00093 99/7; 85/320; 112.3M2 (D570)-5-1 · Subseries · 1954-1964
Part of Directorate of Military Operations and Planning fonds

Sub-series consists of files pertaining to NATO air defence in Europe, and its efforts to integrate defence control of all member countries to enhance security and military capabilities. Topics include the development of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) Air Defence Technical Centre, as well as the development of an early warning system for allied command in Europe. Also discusses the rules of engagement for unidentified aircraft, defence against very low-flying aircraft, and long-term requirements for air defence.

Royal Artillery Notes
CA ON00093 87/243; 85/604; 85/625; 91/263; 2012/26-1 · Series · 1947-1949
Part of War Office fonds

Series consists of 6 booklets entitled “Royal Artillery Notes” (nos. 433-44, 46-49). Each booklet contains information that is standard to the Royal Artillery (RA) in the years 1947 to 1949. This includes the organization of the RA Directorate; reports on equipment (field, anti-aircraft, and coast artillery); the organization of establishments, units and commands of the RA; training; “A” Matters (selection of officers and personnel); and domestic matters. Each booklet includes an appendix that provides additional notes on equipment and technical instructions.

CA ON00093 91/128-1 · Series · 1946-1964
Part of Director of Publications and Printing fonds

Series consists of records printed, maintained and used from 1946 to 1966 by the Director of Publications and Printing: the British "Monthly Intelligence Reports" (1946-1954) and "Quartely Intelligence Reports" (1954-1964); and the Canadian "Naval Intelligence Bulletin" (1951-1955) and "Canadian Naval Intelligence Bulletin" (1955-1957).

Aircraft Inventory Cards
CA ON00093 94/9-1 · Series · 1925-
Part of Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel) fonds

Series consists of aircraft inventory cards dating from 1925 that were scanned and indexed on compact disks in a project managed by Isabel Campbell in 1996-1997. Each aircraft card may be accessed by aircraft type or by original serial number. The cards recorded such information as service entry date and place, engine type, major repairs and modifications, serial number changes, transfer orders and final disposition. The original inventory cards have been transferred to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Enhancement and enlargement of the originals took place so that some illegible portions of the cards may now be read.

Plots and Charts
CA ON00093 95/2-1 · Series · 1939-1946
Part of Naval Service Headquarters fonds

Series consists of microfiche of plots and charts relating to the organization of Canadian convoys during the Second World War. Although the plots and charts were created by Naval Service Headquarters in Ottawa, each directorate within NSHQ were assigned different responsibilities. The Directorate of Trade was responsible for the arrangement of the convoys. The Fighting Equipment Co-ordinating Authority (FECA), under the broader authority of the Directorate of Warfare and Training, ensured that the fighting ships were properly equipped. U-Boat estimates were provided by the Operational Intelligence Centre. The Directorate of Naval Operations was responsible for both the employment and disposal of ships involved in submarine warfare. The microfiche fall under the following headings: Miscellaneous (includes convoy arrangements, convoy routes, commands, and reports of U-Boat warfare); Fighting Equipment Co-ordinating Authority (FECA) Plots; and U-Boat Estimates. In addition, there are oversize prints of both Fighting Equipment Co-ordinating Authority (FECA) and Miscellaneous Plans.

United Nations Documents
CA ON00093 96/30-1 · Series · 1979-1994
Part of Claude Beauregard fonds

Series consists mainly of files about the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) but it also includes documents pertaining to other UN peacekeeping missions such as the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) and the UN missions in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Kuwait. It is mostly comprised of reports, directives, surveys and documents produced by the different UN organs such as the Department of Public Information.

Media Release Package
CA ON00093 97/1-1 · Series · 1997
Part of Director General Public Affairs fonds

Series consists of six files containing documents released to the media by the Director General Public Affairs on 17 January 1997 regarding the investigations into misconduct and poor performance by members of the unit of CANBAT 2 at Bakovici Hospital in Bosnia and Hercegovina and the mistreatment of Capt. Sandra Perron, Canada's first female infantry officer. Includes: background information on the Thomas Report, Sandra Perron, the Mercier Inquiry by Lieutenant-Colonel J.F.M. Denis Mercier and on women in the Canadian Forces; and summary investigation reports. It also includes the report by Mr Lowell Thomas, the Assistant Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (retired), a non-Canadian Forces investigator engaged to conduct the investigation, and reports by the Board of Inquiry into Command, Control and Leadership of CANBAT 2.