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St. Lawrence Starch Company collection

  • CA ON00009 C 105
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1967

The collection consists of radio programs and films sponsored by the St. Lawrence Starch Company. These include programs including "What Price Loyalty," broadcast by radio station CKOK in Hamilton, as well as "Air Check, Know Your Halifax," broadcast by Halifax radio station CHNS. The scripts of these programs are also included in the collection. The collection also includes 7 reels of motion picture film, featuring skiing and figure skating.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

St. Lawrence Starch Co.

Douglas Kertland fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 13
  • Fonds
  • [192-?]-[196-?]

Fonds consists of the records of Toronto architect Douglas Kertland. Fonds includes ca. 800 architectural drawings of his various projects in Toronto. In addition, fonds contains Kertland's business correspondence arranged according to client or building.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Kertland, Douglas, 1886-1982

Earle C. Morgan fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 17
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1969

Fonds consists of architectural records of Earle C. Morgan. Fonds includes 73 sets of architectural drawings and photographs from Morgan's various projects. Principal projects represented in this fonds are: E.P. Taylor's country home, Fort Erie Racetrack, Old Woodbine Racetrack, New Woodbine Racetrack, Wrentham Estates (York Mills Shopping Centre), National Stud Farm Facilities, Mohawk Raceway, Garden City Raceway, Greenwood Stables, Blue Bonnets Raceway, and Lyford Cay Development.

In addition, fonds contains Earle C. Morgan architectural firm's textual records. These include project lists, cashbooks, ledgers, receipts and correspondence. There are also newspaper clippings relating to architectural design and arranged alphabetically into subject files.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Morgan, Earle C., 1903-1972

Alfred H. Chapman fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 18
  • Fonds
  • [1880?]-1959, 1976-[1978?]

Fonds comprises records of Alfred Chapman, a Toronto-based architect between 1906 and 1943.

Fonds consists primarily of architectural drawings associated with projects undertaken by Chapman's architectural firms: Chapman and McGiffin; Chapman and Oxley; Chapman, Oxley, and Bishop; and Chapman, Oxley and Facey. Included are specifications, correspondence, and other materials, including photographs and prints. Projects include residences, office buildings, religious houses, and public buildings, including educational institutions and recreational structures.

Fonds also contains materials related to the architectural projects. These include such as reviews of Chapman's buildings in architectural publications, and also general reference for ornamentation, decoration, and design, in the form of portfolios and loose plates, prints, and tearsheets.

The records have been augmented with materials of a biographical or genealogical nature, some collected by Chapman's son Howard D. Chapman.

Fonds has been arranged into four series according to functional differences in the records.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Chapman, Alfred H., 1875-1949

William T. Clegg fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 232
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1832]-[ca.1845]

Fonds consists of watercolours depicting various locations on the Rideau Canal created by William T. Clegg. The watercolours may have been prepared to document the construction of the canal for presentation to visiting officials. The drawings are not signed and dated, but have information regarding location written on the verso. The watercolours identify various lock stations along the Rideau Canal from Bytown (Ottawa) to Kingston: Hartwell's locks; Hog's Back; Black Rapids; Long Island; Burritt's Rapids; Nicholson's Rapids; Clow's Rapids; Merrick's Mills; Maitland's Locks; Edmund's Mills; Old Sly's Locks; Smith's Falls; First Rapids; Narrows; Isthmus; Chaffey's Mills; Davis; Brewer's Lower Mills; and Kingston's Mills.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Clegg, William T., 1796-1894

J.H. Black fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 252
  • Fonds
  • 1880-1900

Fonds consists of 64 glass plate negatives taken by J.H. Black. The photographs depict various scenes and individuals around Colchester including: Christ Church; Reverend S.J. Whealan; Grace Baldwin; Maggie Bell; Fanny Wright; Lena Bailey; Edwin Wright; the Pelaw family; the Brush family; the Klie family; Captain Little; Olly Bowring: the Hackett family; the Tofflemire family; freighter and tugs; local industry; and Colchester Beach.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Black, J.H. (James Henry), b. 1874

Multilingual Television (Toronto) Limited fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 257
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1989

Fonds consists of video cassette tapes representing programming produced by Multilingual Television Limited during the period 1979-1989. Included in the fonds are complete programs, inserts and raw footage produced by CFMT. These consist of magazines, news, variety shows, dramas, game shows, documentaries, specials and promotional programming.

Material in the fonds includes samples from each of the ethnic groups represented in CFMT's programming, in addition to selections of each type of programming as well as representative samples from each year's productions. Very little English-language programming is included in the fonds.

Included in the programming is CFMT's first broadcast from September 3, 1979. Also, a selection of native programming from "Pow-Wow" and "Native Express" is included. Programs from other ethnic groups are also represented, including Ukrainian Magazine, Dutch Magazine, and Macedonian Magazine. As well, two informational productions aimed at Asian refugees in Toronto are included, as are programs relating to a tribute to Robbie Burns, and a Citizenship Court held on Canada Day. Promotional segments for English- language programming, as well as for an Italian-language entertainment magazine, "Incontri" are included.

Fonds also includes selections of productions purchased by CFMT for use in its programming, as well as productions of unknown origin. These consist of numerous documentaries and dramatic presentations including a dramatization of a Bulgarian peasant wedding, as well as numerous news magazine items from Japan, Portugal, Germany, Armenia and Holland which were probably not created by CFMT.

Also part of the fonds are a number of programs produced by other production companies, television stations, or networks. These include "Paradox of Norval Morriseau" and a production focussing on native issues, entitled "Beauty of My People," which were both produced by the National Film Board. Also, there are dramatic episodes produced for Portuguese audiences by EDIPIM-TV, as well as episodes of "Eho Hamara Jeeuna" produced by Mandeep Film Enterprises, and an episode of "Karamchand," produced by LIN-TV. An episode of "The Late Show," with host Suzanne Somers is included, as is news footage of Grenada, produced by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Multilingual Television (Toronto) Limited

Thorkild C. Hansen fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 26
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1990

Fonds consists of material created, received, and collected by Thor Hansen and by his daughter, Sister Anitra.

Fonds includes textual material such as correspondence, architectural drawings, sketches, publications, newspaper clippings, pamphlets and memoranda from the period 1927-1990.

Also included in the fonds are 525 photographs, primarily dealing with Hansen's work as an artist. They include interior views of British-American Oil Company buildings, as well as of artwork found within those buildings, ca. 1955- 1965. As well, there are five reels of motion picture film, with subject areas including the Toronto British-American Oil Company building, Native Indian handcrafts and figures, Toronto street scenes, and Thor Hansen at work.

Fonds also includes one audio cassette, dealing with Thor Hansen's retirement party and tribute speeches, 1968. Two undated audio discs are included, with Adrienne Clarkson interviewing Thor Hansen.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Hansen, Thorkild C., 1903-1976

Arthur Heeney fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 27
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1984

Fonds consists of the records of architectural draftsman, Arthur Heeney Junior. Fonds includes ca. 1,700 architectural drawings of Heeney's numerous projects including the Toronto Hospital for Consumptives in Weston and the Muskoka Hospital in Gravenhurst. Fonds also contains ca. 210 photographs of various projects. In addition fonds contains correspondence with clients, memoranda, and newspaper clippings relating to hospitals.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Heeney, Arthur, 1900-1987

Hugh Wilson fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 271
  • Fonds
  • 1846-1887

Fonds consists of cartographic and textual records created, used and acquired by Hugh Wilson in his capacity as a public land surveyor. Included in the fonds are manuscript maps, survey contracts and instructions, pamphlets and field notes pertaining to the mineral location surveys of the north shore and islands of Lake Superior. Other items are surveys of various Ontario communities, townships, and railways, as well as a general map of the Dominion of Canada, and a few New Brunswick sheets produced by the Geological Survey of Canada. Numerous Ontario surveyors are represented in the collection including Thomas Devine, J. McNaughton, Isaac Traynor, David Gibson, and Sanford Fleming.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Wilson, Hugh, d. 1890

Harry Beattie fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 278
  • Fonds
  • [191-]

Fonds consists of photographic prints and negatives believed to have been produced by Harry Beattie. The majority of the photographs appear to have been taken in the Niagara region, particularly around the Winona area. Other Ontario locations depicted include Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Sudbury, Ruel, Owen Sound, Port Arthur, Toronto, Jerseyville and Niagara Falls. Also included in the collection are photos of Chicago, and Victoria, British Columbia.

Subjects of the prints and negatives include various aspects and scenes of orchards and vineyards, including the harvesting and transportation of fruit. Other subjects include fishing in Lake Ontario, winter scenes, views from the Niagara Escarpment, Great Lakes steamships, a 1912 train wreck at Grimsby, Ontario, and the installation of Bell telephone lines. As well, there are numerous family portraits of Beattie's family, his wife's family (the Orrs) and his mother's family (the Wentworths).

Fonds includes 195 cellulose nitrate film negatives as well as 194 black and white gelatin photographic prints.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Beattie, Harry

Sproatt and Rolph fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 292
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1965

Fonds consists of textual and photographic records created and accumulated by the architectural firm Sproatt and Rolph.

Included in the fonds are architectural drawings, including plans, elevations, sections, details and shop drawings. While most of the material deals with Toronto-based projects, those in other Ontario cities are represented, including projects in Ottawa, Cobourg, Guelph, Etobicoke Township, North York Township, Scarborough Township, Oakville, Orillia, pickering, Port Hope, St. Catharines, Sarnia, Welland, Woodstock and Whitby.

Reference drawings of work executed by other architects is contained in this fonds. These architects and firms include Abraham Wilson, William Ralston, Joseph Austin Thatcher, E.E. Woodley, Harold Carter, Charles Brammall Dolphin, George Allan, Walter N. Moorhouse, Charles J. Gibson, Bradford L. Gilbert, William A. Langton, Donald N. MacVicar, J.C.A. Heriot, and George Martell Miller, Moleworth, West and Secord, F. Hilton Wilkes, Chadwick and Beckett, James A. Murray, Stevens and Lee, R.J. Edwards and Saunders, F.R. Barnes, and Gardiner Cowan. In addition, the fonds contains the works of others associated with the firm including Charles Beverly Sproatt, Samuel George Curry and Gladstone Evans. There are also a number of measured drawings, executed by C. Peake Anderson, of British cathedrals and churches.

The fonds also contains textual material, including correspondence relating to projects carried out by the firm. Specifications to various building trades are in typescript and include instructions to tenders provided by the architects, as well as to the various engineers engaged for these projects. A few contracts are also provided for some projects. As well, a scrapbook of newspaper articles relating to architectural projects undertaken by a number of Toronto firms, including Marani, Paisley and Morris. Other published material includes various journals, pamphlets, bulletins, as well as an Order of Dedication for Knox Presbyterian Church in Ottawa. Included in the textual material are three professional certificates belonging to Henry Sproatt, including membership in the Ontario Association of Architects, a certificate of appointment to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and undated certificate appointing Sproatt as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Fonds also includes photographs depicting interior and exterior views of many of the firm's building projects. Some of the photos appear to have been used to accompany articles in architectural journals, and sheet proofs from these publications are included, with illustrations from these photographs. As well, there are many photos of bronze ornamental objects and plaques, of alabaster figurines and sculpted figures, as well as of heraldic crests and illuminated manuscripts. There also are numerous photos depicting streetscapes and buildings in the British Isles.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Sproatt and Rolph (firm)

Newton McConnell fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 301
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1904]-[ca. 1912]

Fonds consists primarily of political cartoons drawn by E.N. McConnell for the Toronto Daily News. Topics covered in the cartoons are wide ranging, and involve many political issues facing Canada, Ontario and the city of Toronto between 1904 and 1912. Chief among those occurring in the drawings is the federal Laurier administration, Robert L. Borden, Allan B. Aylesworth, Walter Scott (premier of Saskatchewan). Other topics include reciprocity (free trade) with the United States, the separate schools issue. Ontario topics include drawings on Sir James Whitney, Alexander MacKay, N.W. Rowell, and W.J. Hanna. The fonds also contains drawings on local Toronto politics, United States affairs, and Imperial (British) affairs.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

McConnell, Newton, 1877-1940

Abraham Groves fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 303
  • Fonds
  • 1871-1916, [ca.1930]- [ca.1935], [ca.1980]

Fonds consists of records created and acquired by Dr. Abraham Groves relating to his medical practice. There are also records included in the fonds that have been assembled by the donor.

The records include maps, certificates and diplomas, a notebook, a tribute poster, as well as hand-written pages of notes and correspondence pertaining to Dr. Groves' life and medical practice. The maps depict the prevalence of disease on a weekly basis annotated on the back presumably by Dr. Groves. The certificates and diplomas confirm his graduation from the University of Toronto and practicing licences from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Alberta and related courses in the North West Territories, Missouri and Michigan. The notebook reflects the period of his life in school, while the tribute poster highlights his career as a physician and surgeon, noting his achievement of 'firsts' in Ontario.

Also included are handwritten notes describing anecdotal events from his life, possibly written by Ethel Burke Groves, his second wife, and his sister, Catharine Bright. There is also correspondence sent to Dr. Groves from Dr. H. O. Walker writing from Detroit, Michigan.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Groves, Abraham, 1847-1935

H. Peters fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 312
  • Fonds
  • [191-]

Fonds consists of glass plate negatives taken by H. Peters. Photographs deal with the Ontario locales of South Porcupine, Timmins and surrounding areas. Subjects of the photographs include the Porcupine fire of July 11, 1911, flooding in Porcupine, gold mines and mining activities (especially of Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines), the Toronto and Northern Ontario Railway, early street scenes of Timmins, and photos of prospectors and settlers in the Porcupine region.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Peters, H., d. 1922

John Macfie fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 330
  • Fonds
  • [1920]-2009, predominant 1946-1980

Fonds consists of negative photographs taken by John Macfie while he worked with the Department of Lands and Forests in Northern Ontario. The photographs depict various Cree, Iroquois, and Ojibway tribes and activities in the Patricia District, an area that extended directly north of Lake Superior on the western edge of James Bay and Hudson's Bay. It included Fort Severn, Fort Albany, Attawapiskat, Landsdowne House, Sioux Lookout, Weenusk, Moose Factory, Gogoma and Mattagami Reserve.

Macfie photographed with a Kodak camera, a Rolleicord, and a Zeiss Contax for 35 mm colour slides. His images depict native people and activities and include trapping, construction of tools and artifacts, images of dwellings and community buildings and domestic activities. Macfie's photographs also depict activities relating to agriculture, maple sugar farming, the logging industry, the commercial fishing industry, archeological digs along the French and Shebeshekong rivers, site investigations in McKellar, Ontario, as well as aerial surveys of polar bears and other wildlife near James Bay and Hudson Bay. Some photographs depict Ministry staff on expeditions. Life on the Macfie family farm, and the family's timber harvesting and sawmill operations are also documented.

John Macfie provided extensive identification for all of the photographs. This information includes the date and location of the photograph, names of subjects, and description of the activities. Additionally included are articles written by Macfie that provide detail about the subject matter of the photographs.

Fonds also consists of diaries, field notes and a glossary written by John Macfie during his trips to Northern Ontario as a trapline management officer for the Department of Lands and Forests.The field notes represent his official notes of his field trips and most are accompanied by a map of the area examined on that trip. These field notes were the source material for his report on his investigation to the Department. The diaries, on the other hand, present a personal account of his experiences during his field trips. The diaries complement the photographs by describing verbally some of the items depicted in the photographs.

Also included in the fonds is a copy of a technical circular attached to which is a note by Macfie stating how this circular shaped his thinking as a trapline management officer, as well as correspondence between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Department District Officer regarding some specimens collected by Macfie.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Macfie, John, 1925-

C.W. Jefferys fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 332
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1930

Fonds consists of two drawings by C.W. Jefferys depicting historical reconstructions of significant events in Canadian history. The works entitled "Confederation Leaders" and "Opening the First Legislature in Upper Canada" were most likely done for the Ontario Department of Education's museum program. Both drawings appear to be copies after the murals of the same name by Frederick S. Challener in the Ontario Government Collection. "Confederation Leaders" is also similar to the Robert Harris painting "Fathers of Confederation" which was lost in the Parliament Buildings fire in Ottawa , in 1916.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Jefferys, C.W. (Charles William), 1869-1951

William James Thomson fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 336
  • Fonds
  • 1889-1893

Fonds consists of pen and ink drawings and prints created by William James Thomson to illustrate news stories and feature articles in the Globe newspaper from 1889 to 1893. The drawings document all aspects of the news including courts scenes from trials of the period (including the Birchall-Benwell case in Woodstock), historical events, and portraits of famous and infamous people. The fonds also contains interior and exterior views of buildings in Toronto such as Upper Canada College, various banks, businesses, schools, and hospitals; street scenes in Whitby, Oshawa, Bismark, Penetanguishene, Milton, Hamilton, Ayr, Queenston Heights, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Berlin, Waterloo, Fonthill, Woodstock, Owen Sound, Brantford and others. Other illustrations include accident scenes; events such as parades, picnics and scenery; portraits of individuals; and miscellaneous illustrations for fictional stories.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Thomson, William James, 1858-1927

Gordon W. Powley fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 5
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1962

Fonds consists of photographs taken by Gordon W. Powley, a professional photographer based in Toronto. These photographs illustrate the following subjects: industrial development, arts and sporting events, recreational activities and leisure activities, election campaigns, labour disputes, urban growth, resource exploitation in northern Ontario and the domestic war effort during World War II.

Also included are numerous formal portraits of prominent public figures of the period such as: Mr. and Mrs. Clement Atlee; Gene Autrey and Gail Davis; Ernesto Barbini; Jack Benny; Dennis Braithwaite; Olivia de Havilland; Paul Hellyer; Buster Keaton; Stanley Knowles; Allan Lamport; Joe Louis; the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland; Nathan Phillips; the Princess Royal; John Robarts and Gordon Sinclair; and Roy Rogers.

Fonds has been described in two series.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Powley, Gordon W.

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