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The Toronto Hospital Canada
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Policy and procedure manuals

Series consists of policy manuals from The Toronto Hospital, Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital, and University Health Network which have been superseded.

Annual General Meeting minutes

The first Annual General Meeting for the University Health Network occurred on September 15th, 1999. Series includes the contents of a binder labeled “Annual General Meeting Minutes Jun 1947-2005”. This binder included minutes of the University Health Network’s Annual General Meetings (1999-2005) as well as the minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Subscribers of its predecessor corporations The Toronto Hospital (1987-1998) and the Toronto General Hospital (1947-1986). The original purpose of these meetings was to elect Trustees. The annual meeting was extended to several meetings in 1947 and 1949 due to a lack of nominations. Minutes from September 17, 1997 are missing. Most minutes are signed originals.

University Health Network. Board of Trustees

Caring Together

Series consists of copies of Caring Together, The Toronto Hospital’s staff newsletter after the merger between OCI/PMH and TTH. This newsletter combined the news and information formerly reported in the separate publications OCI Post and Caring. The design of the newsletter reflected the new partnership with both logos being combined into one and the colours of the separate hospitals (yellow and blue) seen merging together.

The inaugural issue of Caring Together was first published on September 19, 1997 as Vol 1, Number 1. When The Toronto Hospital changed its name to University Health Network in 1999, Caring Together continued with the same name and volume and issue numbering. The only change was the subheading which now read “A newsletter for and about the staff of University Health Network”. The last issue as Caring Together was Volume 4, Number 45 from November 6, 2000. Beginning with the November 13th issue, the newsletter changed its name to UHN News but continued with the same numbering.

Issues were arranged chronologically by volume in separate binders. Some issues of ITF News, from the Integration Task Force, have been inserted. There are quite a few missing issues of Caring Together. From Volume 2, issues 26, 30, 36 and 37 are missing. From Volume 3, issues 2, 4, 13-17, 19-21, 23, 25, 27, 32, 36, 38, 40, 43-44, and 49 are missing. From Volume 4, issues 6-7, 10, 17-18, 20, 25-30, 33-34, and 43 are missing.

There is no Volume 2, issue 3 in existence. During printing what should have been Volume 2, issue 3 was incorrectly labeled Volume 2, issue 4.

University Health Network. Public Affairs & Communications

Hospital By-Laws

Series consists of one file of Medical Staff by-laws from 1991:

4.1.1 Medical Staff By-Laws: January 1991

The Toronto Hospital. Medical/Legal Affairs

Corporate Agreements

Series consists of the signed merger agreement between The Toronto Hospital and the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital:

4.2.1 Merger agreement between TTH and OCI/PMH (1997)

The Toronto Hospital. Medical/Legal Affairs

Office of the Surgeon-in-Chief records

Series consists of two separate accessions of material related to the Toronto General Hospital and accumulated by the Office of the Surgeon-in-Chief.

Files 6.1.1 to 6.1.2 consist of a half-filled bound volume of signatures spanning the time period of April 5, 1935 to January 16, 1959, and an accompanying 5 page description of its history by Ronald J. Baird, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto, and Senior Cardiovascular Surgeon at The Toronto Hospital. The book of signatures is a combination visitors’ register/attendance book with groups of signatures that do not always indicate the occasion. Some of the occasions noted include post-graduate courses and club meetings, such as for the Interurban Orthopaedic Club, McGill Toronto Surgical Club, and the Cardiovascular Surgeons Club. Notable signatories include Evarts A. Graham, Charles H. Best, Gordon Murray, Frederick G. Banting, Wilder Penfield, and Norman Bethune. Regarding the first pages of this volume, Dr. Baird remarks in his description, “what a galaxie [sic] of future stars in Toronto Surgery!” Dr. Baird’s description gives extensive details as to how the volume came to be in his possession before being passed onto Surgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Paul Walker.

Files 6.1.3 to 6.1.5 consist of various agreements and indentures that were originally kept in one file folder. The file had originally been in the possession of Dr. Alan Hudson, McCutcheon Chair and Surgeon-in-Chief at The Toronto Hospital from 1989-1991, and President and Chief Executive Officer, from 1991-2000. The file had been passed onto his successor Dr. Paul Walker, Vice President Surgical Directorate and Surgeon-in-Chief of The Toronto Hospital during a transfer of office either when Dr. Hudson became President and Chief Executive Officer (1991) or when Dr. Paul Walker resigned as the James McCutcheon Chair and Surgeon-in-Chief (March 31, 1999) to become Vice-President of the Toronto General Hospital (April 1, 1999). Subsequently the file came to be held by Dr. Walker’s successor as McCutcheon Chair in Surgery, Surgeon-in-Chief & Director of Surgical Services at University Health Network, Dr. Bryce Taylor (April 1, 1999- ).

The Toronto Hospital record group

  • CA ON00343 RG 1
  • Record group
  • 1986 - 2000

The record group includes 14 fonds:
TH 1. Nursing Education and Research Department fonds
TH 2. Department of Public Affairs and Communications fonds
TH 3. Status of Women Committee fonds
TH 4. Medical/Legal Affairs fonds
TH 5. Finance Directorate fonds
TH 6. Surgical Directorate fonds
TH 7. Medical Advisory Committee fonds
TH 8. Board of Trustees fonds
TH 9. Office of the President fonds
TH 10. Joint Hospital/University Relations Committee fonds
TH 11. Office of the Chief Operating Officer fonds
TH 12. Department of Strategic Planning fonds
TH 13. Office of the Executive Vice-President fonds
TH 14. The Toronto Hospital Auxiliary fonds

The Toronto Hospital

University Health Network record group

  • CA ON00343 RG 2
  • Record group
  • 1941-2018

The record group includes the following fonds:

UHN 1 Policy and Codes Development fonds
UHN 2 Board of Directors fonds
UHN 3 Public Affairs & Communications fonds
UHN 4 Nutrition Services fonds
UHN 5 Radiation Medicine Program fonds
UHN 6 Research fonds
UHN 7 Health Records Services fonds
UHN 8 [undesignated]
UHN 9 Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer fonds
UHN 10 Medical Affairs fonds

University Health Network

Department of Strategic Planning fonds

Fonds consists of minutes from various strategic planning committees and outgoing correspondence from Michael J. McCartney, Corporate Director of Strategic Planning. The minutes were accumulated by McCartney who served on many of the planning committees.

The fonds includes two series:

12.1 Planning Committees
12.2 Correspondence

The Toronto Hospital. Department of Strategic Planning

Department of Public Affairs and Communications fonds

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by The Toronto Hospital Department of Public Affairs and Communications. The fonds includes 12 series:

2.1 The Toronto Hospital annual reports
2.2 Caring
2.3 Correspondence
2.4 Photographs
2.5 News Releases
2.6 Medical Staff Bulletins
2.7 Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine
2.8 Archives and Historical Committee
2.9 Miscellaneous publications and minutes
2.10 Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital
2.11 Western Hours
2.12 Scrapbooks

The Toronto Hospital. Department of Public Affairs and Communications

Medical/Legal Affairs fonds

The fonds consists of by-laws and agreements maintained by Medical/Legal Affairs. The fonds includes two series:

4.1 Hospital By-Laws
4.2 Corporate Agreements

The Toronto Hospital. Medical/Legal Affairs

Finance Directorate fonds

Fonds consists of records of The Toronto Hospital’s Finance and Audit Committees from the office of Vice-President, Finance, D. Arsenault. Some are her own personal copies with her handwritten notations. Fonds also includes background documents regarding the TGH-TWH merger from the office of Vice-President, Finance, Mr. J. Elliott, financial statements from the Toronto General Hospital, and patient admission ledgers from the Toronto Western Hospital. Fonds includes five series:

5.1 Finance Committee minutes
5.2 Audit Committee minutes
5.3 TGH-TWH Merger records
5.4 Financial statements
5.5 Patient admission ledgers

The Toronto Hospital. Finance Directorate

Medical Advisory Committee fonds

Fonds consists of the bound minutes of the Medical Advisory Committees (or Boards) for the Toronto Western Hospital, the Toronto General Hospital, and later The Toronto Hospital. Minutes include discussions of by-laws, clinical policies, salaries, credentialing, and building/renovation projects; lists of appointments to staff and interns; sub-committee reports; and from time to time discussion of a patient and/or disciplinary action on staff.

The fonds includes five series:

7.1 Medical Advisory Committee Minutes / Toronto Western Hospital
7.2 Medical Advisory Board Minutes / Toronto General Hospital
7.3 Medical Advisory Committee Minutes / Toronto Hospital
7.4 Medical Advisory Board Minutes / Toronto Hospital
7.5 Ambulatory Care Committee Minutes

The Toronto Hospital. Medical Advisory Committee

Board of Trustees fonds

Fonds includes eight series of minutes:

8.1 TGH/TTH Board of Trustees minutes
8.2 Toronto Western Hospital Board of Trustees Minutes
8.3 Toronto Western Hospital Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Members
8.4 Audit Committee minutes
8.5 Clinical Quality Assurance Committee minutes
8.6 Finance Committee minutes
8.7. Human Resources Committee minutes
8.8 Planning Committee minutes

The Toronto Hospital. Board of Trustees

Office of the President fonds

The fonds includes four series of records from the Office of the President:

9.1 Miscellaneous records
9.2 Correspondence and administration
9.3 Board of Trustees correspondence
9.4. Audit reports

The Toronto Hospital. Office of the President

The Toronto Hospital ephemera collection

  • CA ON00343 TTH-EC
  • Coleção
  • 1986-1996

The Toronto Hospital ephemera collection is an assembly of material in various formats that have been accumulated by the UHN Archives from a variety of disparate sources including, but not limited to, family members of former staff or students, other repositories, or anonymous donations. Collection consists of textual records. Material in the collection relates to the history of The Toronto Hospital. Material is arranged by accession. No particular order has been imposed by the Archivist.

Collection consists of a photocopy of the Act to amalgamate TGH with TWH, and various hospital newsletters, guidelines, formularies and reports.

The Toronto Hospital