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Archival description
CA ON00259 RG3 · Record group · 1924-1975

Series consists of the minutes from the Acquisition Committee as well as correspondence and other records related to trust accounts, bequests, and gifts to the ROM.

ROM Acquistion Committee
Museum Director's records
CA ON00259 RG30 · Record group · 1957-1988

Fonds consists of the records of ROM Directors. Fonds primarily consists of Director’s correspondence. The records of James Cruise, William Thorsell, and Janet Carding are as yet undescribed but can be made accessible.

CA ON00259 RG12 · Record group · 1903-1956

Series consists of records relating to the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, prior to the 1955 amalgamation. Most of the documents in the first half of the series are from C.T. Currelly. Also included are records relating to the controversy over the Beardmore Relics, records from George Crofts, and various field notes.

Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology
CA ON00259 RG19 · Record group · 1981-2016

Series consists of correspondence and photographs related to the 25 Year Club. The 25 Year Club was established in 1981. Its purpose is to recognize ROM employees who have served the Museum for 25 years. It was established by Director J. E. Cruise.

In 2016 the 25 Year Club was replaced/became the ROM Employee Service Recognition Awards where milestones of service at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years were recognized. Corresponding recognition was given for number of hours worked by part-time employees.

Museum Secretary's records
CA ON00259 RG22 · Record group · 1960-1968

Series consists of the outgoing correspondence of the secretary of the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as some from other museum administrators. Also included are correspondence from the museum secretary, Helen Downie, in her capacity as Programme Secretary.

CA ON00259 RG68 · Record group · 1964-1971

Series consists of the correspondence of Dr. Loris Russell, sent and received in his capacity as Chief Biologist.

European Department records
CA ON00259 RG72 · Record group · 1960-1979

Series consists of European Department correspondence and press clippings, as well as records from individual members of the department.

[ROM] European Department
CA ON00259 RG100 · Record group · 1945-[ca. 1959]

Series consists of reports and correspondence of the Division of Extension, as well as Ella Martin’s records on adult education and other topics.

Human Resources records
CA ON00259 RG113 · Record group · 1912-2008

Series consists of personnel records on index cards, showing personal information and salaries, as well as documentation of special recognition awards and a list of the curatorial appointments at the ROM from 1912 to 1972.

CA ON00259 RG116 · Record group · 1992

Series consists of the Elspeth M. Williams research material and thesis for her Master of Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto., titled “’Finding Cleopatra’s eyeballs’ and other archaeological pursuits: A Royal Ontario Museum study of children’s perceptions of the past.”

Williams conducted a visitor evaluation study on children’s concept of archaeology, objects as a source for understanding the past, bias inherent in material evidence and the idea of cultural change and continuity. She discovered that Canadian fifth-graders had a high level of comprehension of the relationship between material evidence and the past; they generally felt that the museum’s interpretation of the past was authoritative. The study also indicated that children can handle abstract concepts and that concept learning is enhanced by museum visits.

The research material includes survey questions, sound recordings of interviews, flash cards, and marking sheets. Transcripts of the interviews are included in an appendix of the thesis.

CA ON00259 RG138 · Record group · 1986

Series consists of submissions to the Committee/Commission, minutes of meetings, interview notes, and information on budgeting.

CA ON00259 RG139 · Record group · 1989-1997

Series consists of meeting minutes and agendas, including material on loans and acquisitions, as well as departmental collection policies.

ROM Architecture
CA ON00259 RG148 · Record group · 1909-2005

Fonds consists of architectural drawings from reflecting the various phases of the ROM’s physical development. Early plans from the Heritage buildings are incomplete. The fonds also includes floor plans for gallery development and exhibitions.

CA ON00343 RG 1 · Record group · 1986 - 2000

The record group includes 14 fonds:
TH 1. Nursing Education and Research Department fonds
TH 2. Department of Public Affairs and Communications fonds
TH 3. Status of Women Committee fonds
TH 4. Medical/Legal Affairs fonds
TH 5. Finance Directorate fonds
TH 6. Surgical Directorate fonds
TH 7. Medical Advisory Committee fonds
TH 8. Board of Trustees fonds
TH 9. Office of the President fonds
TH 10. Joint Hospital/University Relations Committee fonds
TH 11. Office of the Chief Operating Officer fonds
TH 12. Department of Strategic Planning fonds
TH 13. Office of the Executive Vice-President fonds
TH 14. The Toronto Hospital Auxiliary fonds

The Toronto Hospital
CA ON00343 RG 2 · Record group · 1941-2018

The record group includes the following fonds:

UHN 1 Policy and Codes Development fonds
UHN 2 Board of Directors fonds
UHN 3 Public Affairs & Communications fonds
UHN 4 Nutrition Services fonds
UHN 5 Radiation Medicine Program fonds
UHN 6 Research fonds
UHN 7 Health Records Services fonds
UHN 8 [undesignated]
UHN 9 Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer fonds
UHN 10 Medical Affairs fonds

University Health Network
Shop Committee records
CA ON00259 RG11 · Record group · 1972

Series consists of the minutes of the Shop Committee, dating from October 18, 1972 to November 13, 1975.