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Archival description
Crown Jewels of Iran records
CA ON00259 RG137 · Record group · [196-]

Series consists of the research files of V.B. Meen and A.D. Tushingham, created during their examination of the crown jewels of Iran, and subsequent publication of their book Crown Jewels of Iran. Records include research material, photographs, draft copies of the book, and correspondence.

Also present are gem cards that include information such as object name and type of gem, colour, size, cut, and remarks. Some also include a small black and white photograph of the item.

Meen, Victor Benjamin
ROM pre-history collection
CA ON00259 RG51 · Record group · [1888-1912?]

Collection consists of records compiled by the ROM Library and Archives, documenting the ROM’s creation and its predecessors, including the museum on the biological department of the University of Toronto.

CA ON00259 RG50 · Record group · 1885-1931

Series consists of two volumes recording the ethnological and archaeological collections of the former Provincial Museum that was housed in the Normal School building.

The first volume consists of a visitors’ book for 1889 to 1896, as well as an accession register for 1885-1897. The second volume is an accession register for 1885-1931.

Ontario Provincial Museum
CA ON00259 RG5 · Record group · 1926-1936

Series consists of correspondence, plans and newspaper clippings regarding the 1933 building projects.

CA ON00003 F139 · Record group · 1755-1944

Fonds consists of genealogical records, correspondence, diaries and journals, and writings of the Mountain, Roe and Jarvis families. There are also collected materials and photographs on the families. Books from Mountain family members. Fonds consists of the following series: Series I. Mountain family records, Series II. Roe family records, Series III. Jarvis family records Series IV. Collected Mountain-Roe-Jarvis material, Series V. Mountain family books.

Mountain, Roe Jarvis family
Education Committee records
CA ON00259 RG26 · Record group · 1935-1946

Series consists of the minutes of the Education Committee and the Sub-committee on education, dating from October 22, 1934 to January 8, 1946.

[ROM] Education Committee
CA ON00259 RG15 · Record group · 1912-1950

Series consists of annual reports, financial records and correspondence of the Royal Ontario Museum of Palaeontology (ROMP), as well as a history of the museum. Also included are plans and records relating to the 1931 building, as well as artwork for the Palaeontology galleries and a book.

Royal Ontario Museum of Palaeontology
CA ON00259 RG27 · Record group · 1946-1950

Series consists of the minutes of the Carling Conservation Club Fund Committee, dating from October 24, 1946 to March 23, 1950.

The Carling Club Conservation Club Fund
CA ON00259 RG25 · Record group · 1914-1955

Series consists of the bound minutes books of the Committee of Directors, as well as reports to the committee. Each minute book includes an index.

[ROM] Committee of Directors
CA ON00259 RG12 · Record group · 1903-1956

Series consists of records relating to the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, prior to the 1955 amalgamation. Most of the documents in the first half of the series are from C.T. Currelly. Also included are records relating to the controversy over the Beardmore Relics, records from George Crofts, and various field notes.

Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology
CA ON00259 RG99 · Record group · 1927-1957

Series consists of correspondence, reports, and other documentation of the Division of Public Instruction.

[ROM] Division of Public Instruction
CA ON00259 RG14 · Record group · 1867-1957

Series consists of annual reports, publications, correspondence and a history of the Royal Ontario Museum of Mineralogy.

Royal Ontario Museum of Mineralogy
CA ON00259 RG101 · Record group · 1949-1958

Series consists of Division of Education reports to the committee of directors, filed in loose chronological order. Interfiled with these records are copies of committee of directors minutes, and the correspondence of Norma Heakes, the supervisor for the Division of Education.

CA ON00259 RG100 · Record group · 1945-[ca. 1959]

Series consists of reports and correspondence of the Division of Extension, as well as Ella Martin’s records on adult education and other topics.

CA ON00259 RG62 · Record group · 1955-1961

Series consists of the division of art and archaeology’s annual reports to the Board, minutes of curators’ meetings, and other records.

[ROM] Art & Archaeology Division
CA ON00259 RG78 · Record group · 1964-1965

Record group consists of correspondence and photographs from T. Cuyler Young.

The first letter, dated July 31, 1964 corresponds with the 5 photographs. It is addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young in Azerbaijan. The letter describes an archaeological dig. The photographs are described by Young in the letter, and show Young at the dig site.

The second letter is dated March 28, 1965 addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young. The letter was written in Tehran, Iran during another archaeological dig. Attached to the letter is a newspaper clipping, about a state visit to Canada of the Shahanshah and Emperess Farah.

[ROM] West Asian Department
CA ON00259 RG13 · Record group · 1852-1966

Series consists of annual reports, correspondence, and a history of the Royal Ontario Museum of Geology.

Royal Ontario Museum of Geology
Museum Secretary's records
CA ON00259 RG22 · Record group · 1960-1968

Series consists of the outgoing correspondence of the secretary of the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as some from other museum administrators. Also included are correspondence from the museum secretary, Helen Downie, in her capacity as Programme Secretary.

CA ON00259 RG23 · Record group · 1960-1969

Series consists of the Secretary-Treasurer's correspondence, copies of board agendas and minutes, and the Museum procedures manual.