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Archival description
School Board Blueprints
CA ON00154 2011.16.2.5 · File · 194-

Series consists of eleven (11) blueprints for "Proposed Alterations to West Primary School;" "Retaining Wall at Port Hope Public School;" "Proposed Wall North Side of Central School," c. 1940s.

Dr. M.S. Hawkins Senior Public School
CA ON00154 995.4.1 · File · 1859-1881

File consists of papers once belonging to Arthur T.H. Williams. It includes: financial records (1865-1876), Real Estate Account Book (1881), and a newspaper land re-sale advertisement (Seymour Township).

Williams, Arthur T. H. (Arthur Trefusis Heneage), 1837-1885
File · ? - 1885

File consists of copies of notes and copies of original materials relating to A. T. H. Williams, Riel Rebellion, death of A. T. H. Williams, Emily Williams, Sarah Williams. Also includes a copy of the funeral program for A. T. H. Williams and a copy of his obituary.

Williams, Arthur T. H. (Arthur Trefusis Heneage), 1837-1885
CA ON00154 2017.30.11 · File · 1896

File includes two (2) orders of service for Port Hope Methodist Church.

1) Sunday February 9th, 1896
2) Sunday, October 30th, 1904

2017.8.1.1 · File · 1845 - 1901

File consists of typed notes on the owners and tenants of 29-33 Walton Street, Port Hope (Gillett Paterson Block), from 1845-1901.

CA ON00154 2017.30.12 · File · 1906

File includes two (2) orders of service booklets for the Opening Services of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church.

1) Sunday July 15, 1906
2) Sunday July 22, 1906

Port Hope Business Receipts
CA ON00154 2017.31.3 · File · 1914 - 1915

File contains various receipts issued to the Port Hope Methodist Church, between 1914-1915.

1 a-b: Port Hope Electric Light & Power Co. Ltd., June 1914, with accompanying payment cheque
2: The Port Hope Water Commissioners, December 31, 1914

  1. Port Hope Gas Co., Jan 1 1916
  2. Thomas Hayden & Son Iron Founders, December 1 1915
  3. J.M. Rosevear & Co., Dec 2 1915
  4. George T. Hancock-General Hardware and Leather Goods, Dec 14 1915
  5. Thomas Garnett & Sons- Contractors and Builders, Dec 27 1915
  6. E. Brown & Co., Dec 31 1915
CA ON00154 2009.15.1.2 · File · 1921

Item is a copy of the "Blue & White," Spring 1921. The Blue & White was the newsletter, and later the year book produced by the Port Hope High School.

Port Hope High School
CA ON00154 2015.78.1 · File · 1923-1928

File consists of a ledger book including meeting minutes from the Port Hope Old Boys and Girls Association, Toronto Branch, 1923-1928. The book includes many historically important Port Hope Names (i.e. Brockenshire, Snell, Baulch, Merrifield, Skitch, Mackie, Byrne, Davidson, Lockington, Craig, Hacker, McLennan, Clarke, Kelly, McMahon, Wright, Martin, Kerr, etc.). Early meetings were held in the home of William Skitch (311 Jarvis Street, Toronto), with E.C. Merrifield serving as Secretary.

Port Hope Old Boys' Association
CA ON00154 2006.9.1.3 · File · 1925-1931

File consists of various documents and newspaper clippings regarding the old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, 1925-1931. It includes: (1) "Former Cemetery is now playground" no date or source; (2) "Cemetery Land, High School Board Discuss Use of Land to Rear of School for Playing Fields," Port Hope Guide, 11 Jul 1925; (3) Map of Cemetery plots at Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery; (4) Map of Wesleyan Methodist Plot, Union Cemetery; (5) Copy of the land abstract for Lot 89; (6) Copy of the resolution for the sale of the Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery lands to be sold to the Trustees of the Port Hope High School, 1930; (7) Copy of Resolution of Consent of Presbytry, 1931; (8) Copy of Judge's Order, 1931; (9) Copy of notes and minutes concerning sale of Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery Land, 1931.

Wesleyan Cemetery
CA ON00154 2005.27.1.3 · File · 1940-1941

File consists of two (2) Blue and White Yearbooks for 1940 and 1941 for Port Hope High School. Book(s) includes photographs, local advertisements, student's names, also writing by students, information on alumni of PHHS and signatures.

Port Hope High School
Cranews on War Services
CA ON00154 2019.10.1 A-J · File · 1944

The items were published by The Crane Limited and subsidiary companies for their employees in the Armed Forces and for those at home who are keenly interested in the welfare of these friends in the services. a) March 1944 b) May-June 1944 c) April 1944 d) July-August 1944 e) September 1944 f) November 1944 g) December 1944 h) January 1945 i) CWAC Digest j) Understanding your Teenager*

The Crane Limited
CA ON00154 PHA 995.48.1.1 · File · 1939 - 1960

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by a member of the Stuart family of Canton. The scrapbook begins with the Canadian tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 and ends with Vincent Massey's service as Governor-General and his death in 1967. Some of the contents include: An invitation from Mrs Vincent Massey to Mrs. Graham Stuart of Canton to meet Mrs. Massey at the Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina; Newclippings and papers concerning the Death of George VI and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; and materials realated to the Massey family and the Batterwood Estate.

Beatty Telephone System Log
CA ON00154 2006.15.1 · File · 1967

File consists of the February to December 1967 list of telephone calls made and connected by operator, Ona Gardiner.

Beatty Telephone Company, Garden Hill
CA ON00154 2006.15.2 · File · 1965-1967

File consists of two (2) receipts for phone services with Beatty Telephone System. It includes: (1) Receipt for Mr. Irwin Whitehead, RR # 2 Port Hope, 1965; Receipt for "Soper Farm" care of Mr. R. Beckmann, RR # 1 Port Hope, 1967.

Beatty Telephone Company, Garden Hill
Port Hope Hydro History
CA ON00154 995.10.1.7 · File · 1968

History written by a long time employee of Port Hope Hydro. History includes the early days of Hydro-electricity in Port Hope until ca. 1968. Discusses changes in Hydro.

Port Hope Hydro
CA ON00154 2009.24.1.1 · File · c1971

File consists of correspondence and funding information for Olde Tyme Christmas, c. 1971.

Olde Tyme Christmas Committee
CA ON00154 2006.23.3 · File · 1968-1979

File consists of the Port Hope & District Agricultural Society Fall Fair Prize Lists for the years: 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979.

Port Hope and District Agricultural Society
CA ON00154 2012.49.3 · File · 1980s

File consists of a collection of "Olde Tymes in Port Hope" posters/photographs, c. 1980s. It includes: (1) Merchants' Arch, 1860; (2) Russell's Furniture Warehouse; (3) The Bank of Upper Canada, 1860; (4) Alf George, Furniture Merchant & Undertaker. File also includes the original mailing envelope for the collection.

Olde Tyme Christmas Committee
Port Hope Fall Fair Posters
CA ON00154 2003.47 · File · 1969 - 1981

File is four (4) promotional posters for the Port Hope Fall Fair as hosted by the Port Hope and District Agricultural Society. It includes: (1) Fall Fair Poster, Sep 15-17, 1972; (2) Fall Fair Poster, Sep 12-20, 1981 (150th Anniversary); (3) Fall Fair Poster, Sep 12-13, 1969; (4) Fall Fair Poster, Sep 18-19, 1970.

Port Hope and District Agricultural Society