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CA ON00009 F 4357 · Collection · [185-?]-[189-?]

Collection consists of photographs believed to be taken by William Notman or Alexander Henderson depicting scenes in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Photographic subjects include: buildings, churches, trains, waterfalls, rivers and a variety of other urban and rural landscapes and portraits.

The photographs are arranged geographically.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Collection · [197-?], predominant [191-?]

Collection consists of one postcard album and several loose postcards. The postcards offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the city of Guelph and its history. Included are images of Park Ave, Paisley street, London road, main street, Eramora road, Bell Piano and Organ Company, the Opera House, and Jubilee Park. Images of the Speed River and various panoramic views of Guelph are also evident. There are also photographs taken by 19th photographers such as W. Marshall and T. Smith. The album includes approximately 40 pieces of paper ephemera.

CA ON00126 C36 · Collection · [192-?], [197-], [200-]

Collection consists of ceramic ornaments, souvenir tea cups, and plates related to the history of Guelph. A number of the objects contain the image of the Guelph (Carnegie) Public Library or of the City of Guelph’s original coat of arms with the latin inscription "Fides, Professio, Fidelitas". Other plates include the city’s current coat of arms recreated in the late 1970s. Included in this collection is a dollar coin created for Guelph's sesquicentennial in 1977.

CA ON00420 HAJ · Collection · [193-?] - 1997, predominant 1977-1997

The Collection contains draft and published articles written by Hardy and four files of correspondence sent or received by Hardy, including around 150 amicable exchanges with Jalbert or his company Jalbert Aerology Labratory, Inc. There are also letters sent to different associations and companies to promote an understanding of Jalbert’s contributions to aviation. The letters between Hardy and Jalbert often touch on the latter’s current scientific activities. Other correspondence sent by Hardy reflects his efforts to historicize Jalbert. There are also three files of clippings, photographs, notes, and other textual documents gathered by Hardy over time, and one file containing genealogical research that Hardy conducted on the Jalbert family.

CA ON00126 C32 · Collection · [198-?], 1981-1987, 1992-1994, 2000-2003, 2017-2024

Collection consists of locally published Guelph and other magazines collected by the Guelph Public Library Archives. Included in this collection are the magazines Earthkeeper, Guelph Magazine, if magazine, Sparetime Magazine, the Wellington Business Digest, Our Town, Snippets in Ink, The Sovereign, Grand, Toque, Community Captured Guelph, The Loyalist Gazette, Rex, and more.

Collection has been arranged into eighteen series based on the title of the magazine.

CA ON00279 F01-S001 · Collection · 1856 [photocopied 198-?]-2005

This is a collection of material related to the life and work of Mother Ignatia Campbell which comprises two subseries. It includes several biographical chronologies and summaries of her work which were considered in the drafting of her profile in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (University of Toronto Press). There are news clippings and photographs of the 1991 “People and the City” monument in London, Ontario which includes a depiction of Mother Ignatia Campbell. There is information related to the “Mother Ignatia Campbell Bursary for Women” introduced at Regis College, Toronto in 2005. There are genealogical research notes and correspondence about Mother Ignatia Campbell prepared by Sister Esther Bardawell. There are also several undated photographs of Mother Ignatia Campbell.

CA ON00093 2012/16 · Collection · [201-]

Collection consists of research material on Ernest Donat Therrien’s experience as a prisoner of war during the Second World War. Includes emails between Janie and Gary Therrien and Dr. Steve Harris listing the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s movements from mobilization until the end of the war. Also includes emails describing different sources of information that were consulted including Library and Archives Canada, The Red Cross, and The Memories Project. The research material contains an excerpt from the book “A Measure of Protest” written by A.H. LeReverend who was a POW at Stalag XIB with Ernest Therrien. Copies of the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s War Diary for 24 October 1944 to 29 Oct 1944, and Orders for 27 October 1944 are included in the research along with emails exchanged between Jakke Arnouts in Essen, Belgium and Janie and Gary Therrien in relation to the precise location Ernest Therrien was captured and a possible tour of the site.

ON00098 MG9 A26 · Collection · 1296 – 1989
Legal documents collection
CA ON00311 PF118 · Collection · 1565-1973

This is an artificially created collection comprised of miscellaneous legal documents from unknown sources accumulated by the Archives. Included in the collection are mortgages, affidavits, contracts, deeds, wills, correspondence, and stock certificates drawn from the files of various wound-up law firms.

Donald Plaxton collection
CA ON00311 PF119 · Collection · 1616

Collection consists of a deed dated 1616, signed by Edmund Bury and written in Latin.

Gary Lumsden collection
CA ON00408 C009 · Collection · 1639

Collection consists of a book of sermons by English theologians.

CA ON00003 F267 · Collection · 1701-1962

Collection consists of a binder of handwritten extracts from the Society's journals and printed reports, making reference to the history of the Diocese of Quebec (1788-1867); printed annual reports (1701-1962); periodicals (1851-1941) and microfilm of the journals, correspondence, reports, and manuscripts of the SPG missionary activities in Canada (1702-1889).
Periodical holdings include: The Gospel Missionary (1857); The Monthly Record of Church Missions (1855); The Mission Field (1861-1941); The Net Cast in Many Waters (1866-1898); and The Church Abroad (1903-1940).

Ontario History collection
CA ON00351 GA 6 · Collection · 1716-1950

The collection consists mainly of items relating to the history of Ontario with some items relating to other parts of Canada and the U.S. covering the period 1716 to 1950. These were items which accumulated in the office of Ontario History and which were passed to the University of Waterloo. The contents include correspondence, documents including transcriptions of petitions to the Government of Upper Canada for grants of land, pamphlets, clippings, ephemera, maps, photographs and engravings. The topical and chronological coverage of this collection is wide-ranging.

Joel Kerbel collection
CA ON00311 PF233 · Collection · 1736-1855

Collection consists of mortgages pertaining to land transfers made in the Counties of Essex, Hereford and Worcester in England during the 1700s and 1800s.

William Blainey collection
CA ON00311 PF167 · Collection · 1741-1783

Collection consists of records accumulated by William Blainey, of the law firm of Metcalfe, Blainey and Burns. The collection includes English legal documents pertaining to property transfers involving the Joseph Flood family, of Christow, County of Devon.

CA ON00340 F50 · Collection · [ca. 1744]-1929

Fonds consists of the following series: album of Ministers and Presidents of the Wesleyan Methodist Church 1744-1929; portraits and letters of the Ministers of St. James Methodist Church (Montreal) 1898; album of portraits and letters of the Ministers and Presidents of the Methodist Conference in Canada 1892; and portraits of Methodist Ministers and their wives [18--].

Vidal Family Collection
CA ON00353 AFC 457 · Collection · 1746-1980

This collection contains archival material related to the Vidal and Nisbet families of Sarnia. Graphic material (photographs, photographic plates, silhouettes, albums, artwork), newspaper materials, correspondence (letters, letter books, postcards), personal records (military, legal,marriage, wills, financial), diaries and biographical histories are included. Family members with a prominent presence in the collection include Charlotte Vidal Nisbet, Alexander Vidal, and Richard Emeric Vidal.

CA ON00009 C 11 · Collection · 1750 - 1975

Collection consists of architectural drawings and other materials generated or accumulated by J.C.B. and E.C. Horwood during their training and practice as architects within a succession of firms and work places. It includes a large amount of material from other preceding or contemporary architects and practices. These other materials came into the possession of the Horwoods' firm either through amalgamations of architectural practices, planned succession transfers from retiring architects, inheritance, or through a deliberate process by J.C.B. Horwood of acquiring precedent drawings as reference sources.

The collection contains the work of about eighty-five firms, which existed in the period 1829-1975. The projects largely emphasize Toronto, since most of the firms were based in that city. Nearly two-thirds of the series document Toronto architecture. However, the collection also contains some representation from other areas in Ontario, including Brantford, Brampton, Forest Hill Village, Gravenhurst, Guelph, Hamilton, Lorne Park, Mimico, Muskoka, Woodstock, York and North York Townships. There is also some material for the British Isles, Europe, and the United States, as well as from other parts of Canada. Included also are architectural artifacts, such as Frederic W. Cumberland's pantograph and William G. Storm's wooden writing table.

The records document many building types including schools, churches, government or institutional buildings, department stores, commercial and industrial facilities, bridges, skating rinks, funerary structures, and private residences.

The collection contains a wide variety of architectural record types, including mechanical and engineering drawings, survey drawings, site plans, water-colour perspectives, maps, and photographs. There is a vast quantity of masonry sketch work for a few of the projects, such as Osgoode Hall and University College. The collection also includes prints and engravings used as reference material by some of the architects.

The collection also includes a large number of textual items such as: written specifications, a small quantity of correspondence, accounting sheets, job ledgers, notes, building trade and advertising brochures, reports, daily record showing time spent each day by draftsmen, printed photo-mechanical illustrations, certificates and minutes of architectural societies, and some contracts.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Bertram R. Davis collection
CA ON00351 GA 52 · Collection · [176-]-[ca. 1965]

Collection consists of materials created and accumulated by Bertram R. Davis on the history of Bristol and the romantics. Includes correspondence between 164 correspondents, 45 manuscript groups, research notes, photographs, clippings, articles, offprints, excerpts, and other ephemera. Also included is a file of correspondence from Bertram donated by Kenneth Curry and a file of correspondence relating to portraits of Southey donated by Dr. Warren U. Ober.

Arranged in six series as follows:
1. Manuscripts Held in Trust
2. Chattertonian Manuscript;
3. Correspondence;
4. Articles, Offprints, etc.;
5. Bertram R. Davis Research Files;
6. Visual Materials.