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C42 · Collection · 2015

Collection consists of materials produced to celebrate 100 years of the poem in Flanders Fields by John McCrae. Included is a pamphlet outlining the events and speakers for the unveiling of the John McCrae Statue. There is also two booklets "In Flanders Fields at 100: Time to Remember" published by the Guelph Mercury and "John McCrae in Flanders Fields" published by New Smallprint Press.

C46 · Collection · 1951, 1993

Collection consists of two photographs. One photograph is of the Stewart family reunion held in Guelph in 1951, and the other, is of David Stewart. The textual records consist of family group record sheets, notes and a program guide for the reunion.

C47 · Collection · [between 1960 and 1980]

This collection consists of three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from various local newspapers that document the activities of the Daughters of Scotland Guelph Chapter. There are also some photographs found throughout the scrapbooks that also document the activities of the chapter.

J.P. Francis collection
CA ON00003 F129 · Collection · 1784-1926

Fonds consists of personal and official correspondence as well as official documents of the Roe and Jarvis families, arranged chronologically. Included is a file of miscellaneous documents and letters belonging and relating to several different church figures.

Francis, J.P. (Jack Peter)
Susie S. Kelsey collection
CA ON00003 F133 · Collection · 1894-1953

Collection consists of a typescript of an article written by Bishop W.C. White "Susie S. Kelsey, B.A., R.N." which was printed in Living Message, Dec. 1953. Included is correspondence relating to Miss Kelsey's sudden death and plans for erecting a plaque in her memory as well as biographical information about her.

Kelsey, Susie S. (Starkey)
CA ON00003 F146 · Collection · 1882-1912

Fonds consists of reports, articles and pamphlets outlining the work and aims of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews in England, Canada and around the world.

Missions to the Jews
Quebec cemeteries collection
CA ON00003 F222 · Collection · Transcribed 1946-1949

Consists of copies of inscriptions transcribed on cards by T.R. Millman from tombstones in the following cemeteries in Quebec: Bishop Stewart Memorial Church, Frelighsburg; Lagrange, Hunter's Mills; Ten Eyck, Dunham.

Quebec cemeteries collection
CA ON00003 F267 · Collection · 1701-1962

Collection consists of a binder of handwritten extracts from the Society's journals and printed reports, making reference to the history of the Diocese of Quebec (1788-1867); printed annual reports (1701-1962); periodicals (1851-1941) and microfilm of the journals, correspondence, reports, and manuscripts of the SPG missionary activities in Canada (1702-1889).
Periodical holdings include: The Gospel Missionary (1857); The Monthly Record of Church Missions (1855); The Mission Field (1861-1941); The Net Cast in Many Waters (1866-1898); and The Church Abroad (1903-1940).

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG)
CA ON00003 F301 · Collection · 1787-2019

Collection consists of diocesan and provincial synod journals, constitution and by-laws, printed reports, Church Society reports, documents, publications, audio-visual and graphic materials related to the activities of the dioceses.
Collection is arranged in series by diocese and province. Series 501: Diocese of Algoma, 1876-2013 Series 502: Diocese of Arctic, 1961-2019 Series 503: Diocese of Athabasca, 1888-2008 Series 504: Diocese of Brandon, 1924-2018 Series 505: Diocese of British Columbia, 1886-2017 Series 506: Diocese of Caledonia, 1919-1998 Series 507: Diocese of Calgary, 1892-2004 Series 508: Diocese of Cariboo, 1914-2000 Series 509: Diocese of Edmonton, 1913-2008 Series 510: Diocese of Fredericton, 1845-2009 Series 511: Diocese of Huron, 1858-2006 Series 512: Diocese of Keewatin, 1905-1991 Series 513: Diocese of Kootenay, 1900-2009 Series 514: Diocese of Montreal, 1859-2002 Series 515: Diocese of Moosonee, 1919-2008 Series 516: Diocese of Newfoundland, 1873-1971 Series 517: Diocese of Central Newfoundland, 1975-2009 Series 518: Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, 1976-1992 Series 519: Diocese of Western Newfoundland, 1976-2001 Series 520: Diocese of New Westminster, 1886-2007 Series 521: Diocese of Niagara, 1875-2019 Series 522: Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 1787-2006 Series 523: Diocese of Ontario, 1862-2014 Series 524: Diocese of Ottawa, 1896-2009 Series 525: Diocese of Qu'Appelle, 1891-1993 Series 526: Diocese of Quebec, 1859-2007 Series 528: Diocese of Saskatchewan, 1882-2005 Series 529: Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-2008 Series 530: Diocese of Toronto, 1851-2009 Series 531: Diocese of Yukon, 1900-2010 Series 532: Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon, 1914-2006 Series 533: Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, 1861-2012 Series 534: Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, 1893-2018 Series 535: Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land , 1875-2015

Provincial and Diocesan Synods
CA ON00009 C 11 · Collection · 1750 - 1975

Collection consists of architectural drawings and other materials generated or accumulated by J.C.B. and E.C. Horwood during their training and practice as architects within a succession of firms and work places. It includes a large amount of material from other preceding or contemporary architects and practices. These other materials came into the possession of the Horwoods' firm either through amalgamations of architectural practices, planned succession transfers from retiring architects, inheritance, or through a deliberate process by J.C.B. Horwood of acquiring precedent drawings as reference sources.

The collection contains the work of about eighty-five firms, which existed in the period 1829-1975. The projects largely emphasize Toronto, since most of the firms were based in that city. Nearly two-thirds of the series document Toronto architecture. However, the collection also contains some representation from other areas in Ontario, including Brantford, Brampton, Forest Hill Village, Gravenhurst, Guelph, Hamilton, Lorne Park, Mimico, Muskoka, Woodstock, York and North York Townships. There is also some material for the British Isles, Europe, and the United States, as well as from other parts of Canada. Included also are architectural artifacts, such as Frederic W. Cumberland's pantograph and William G. Storm's wooden writing table.

The records document many building types including schools, churches, government or institutional buildings, department stores, commercial and industrial facilities, bridges, skating rinks, funerary structures, and private residences.

The collection contains a wide variety of architectural record types, including mechanical and engineering drawings, survey drawings, site plans, water-colour perspectives, maps, and photographs. There is a vast quantity of masonry sketch work for a few of the projects, such as Osgoode Hall and University College. The collection also includes prints and engravings used as reference material by some of the architects.

The collection also includes a large number of textual items such as: written specifications, a small quantity of correspondence, accounting sheets, job ledgers, notes, building trade and advertising brochures, reports, daily record showing time spent each day by draftsmen, printed photo-mechanical illustrations, certificates and minutes of architectural societies, and some contracts.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Horwood, J.C.B., 1864-1938
CA ON00009 C 144 · Collection · ca. 1884, predominant 1891-ca.1902

Collection consists of 49 photographs including cabinet cards, cartes de visite, an album containing 28 portraits and 3 stereographs. Photographs show formal group and individual portraits of several generations of two prominent families in nineteenth century Ontario - the Baldwins and the Cawthras. Robert Baldwin was a leading Upper Canadian Reform politician and an architect of Responsible Goverment. Photographs in this collection are of the family of Baldwin's son, Robert Junior, and his granddaughter, Elizabeth Mary Baldwin.

Collection also includes an album containing cabinet cards showing descendants of William Cawthra, one of Upper Canada's wealthiest merchants. The album is identified on inside cover as being "from Anthony Adamson".

Collection has been arranged in two series, by family.
For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Baldwin, William (family)
Frank Wright collection
CA ON00009 C 171 · Collection · [ca. 1890]-1962

Fonds consists of glass plate negatives and lantern slides of miscellaneous subjects, and acetate negatives of the construction of the Burlington Skyway and also of vessels in Burlington Bay. Glass plate negatives and lantern slides show various subjects including photographers with their cameras and equipment; photographers at work; portraits; and also landscape scenes. Negatives show the construction of the concrete and steel supports and framework of the Burlington Beach Skyway, as well as images of various shipping vessels and tugs in Burlington Bay.

Fonds is described in two series : 1.) Frank Wright collection of glass plate negatives and lantern slides; and 2.) Burlington Skyway construction and Burlington Bay.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Wright, Frank
James Harrington collection
CA ON00009 C 175 · Collection · [ca.1861]-1890

Fonds consists of a collection of cartes de visites and tintypes originally housed in a Victorian photograph album. Photographs show foreign celebrities such as Abraham Lincoln, Bismarck, and members of the British Royal family. They also show Canadian public figures, most notably politicians such as John A. Macdonald and his fellow members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada during the 1860s. In addition, there are also portraits of individuals, many of whom are named, who likely were connected to the original, unidentified creator of this collection. The tintypes and cartes de visite have been removed from the album in which they were originally housed.

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David L. Thomas collection
CA ON00009 C 253 · Collection · 1962-1974

Collection consists of 35 mm negative copies of ca. 980 slides of historic photographs of the Parry Sound District.

Geographic areas documented include: Ahmic Harbour, Britt, Byng Inlet, Depot Harbour, Dunchurch, Hurdville, Lost Channel, MacTier, Footes Bay, McKellar, Nobel, Orrville, Parry Island, Rosseau and Waubamik.

Photographic subjects are: aircraft, automobiles, banks, blacksmith shops, churches, curling groups, factories, fairgrounds, fire halls, hockey teams, hotels, loggers, lumber mills, mines, parades, railways, schools, ships, smelters, stores, streets, trains, wagons, and various individuals.

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Wayne Roberts collection
CA ON00009 C 288 · Collection · 1971-1973, 1986

Collection consists of oral interviews by Dr. Wayne Roberts regarding Toronto labour history, conducted 1971-1973, as well as interviews with Jim Best in 1986 relating to the development of the Civil Service Association of Ontario.

Collection includes a 16-page summary of the contents of the interviews with Jim Best.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

George Hutchison collection
CA ON00009 C 289 · Collection · 1991-1994

Collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by George Hutchison with political leaders, advisors, speech writers and political columnists in regard to Ontario politics during the period 1960-1994.

Interviewees include Norman Atkins, William Davis, Cardinal Emmett Carter, Donald MacDonald, Robert Nixon, David Peterson, and Claire Hoy.

Collection also includes 14 colour photographs depicting some of the interviewees at the time of the interviews.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Hutchison, George, 1940-
J. Norman Lowe collection
CA ON00009 C 290 · Collection · 1904-1927

Collection consists of photographs collected by J. Normal Lowe depicting the construction of Union Station in Toronto (Series C 290-1), the construction of the National Transcontinental Railway in and around Sioux Lookout and Northern Ontario (Series C 290-2), and miscellaneous images of railways and locomotives (Series C 290-2). It includes photos of railway cars, track work, construction equipment, and interior and exterior shots of construction camps.

Also included in Series C 290-2 are photos of the first and second steam locomotives ever used in Ontario - No. 1 "the Lady Elgin" and No. 2, "the Toronto", manufactured for the Ontario Simcoe and Huron Railroad Union Co. in 1853.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Irving Abella collection
CA ON00009 C 82 · Collection · Copied 1978 (originals created 1971-1973)

Collection consists of oral history interviews with individuals involved with labour and socialist movements in Ontario and Canada. Many of the interviewees are emigrants to Canada.

Subjects include Jewish history in Eastern Europe, Nazi aggression, the Russian Revolution, development of the Canadian labour movement, and the Canadian Communist Party.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Abella, Irving, 1940-
Claire Hoy collection
CA ON00009 C 99 · Collection · 1984

Collection consists of audiocassette recordings of interviews conducted in 1985 by Hoy in preparation for his biography of former Ontario Premier William G. Davis, published in 1985. The interviews are with 55 of Davis' political acquaintances, family members and friends, including Norman Atkins, Pat Dumas, Roy McMurtry, Hugh Segal, and Larry Grossman.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Hoy, Claire, 1940-