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Bicentennial Quilt
Discrete Item · 1983-1985

As part of Ontario's 200 year celebration, the Halton Quilters Guild created the Bicentennial Quilt. The quilt placed 5th out of 206 entries from across the province.

Halton Quilters Guild
CA ON00420 AET · Discrete Item · [1967?]

The item is one copy of multiple duplicate albums created by the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE) to commemorate its project to break the altitude record in 1967. The Canadian record was set by Wing Commander R.A. White in the CF-104 Starfighter 12700 at the Canadian Forces Base Uplands in Ottawa. The aircraft reached 100,110 feet. The album consists of black and white photographs or photo composites showing the CF-104, White, the ground crew and other personnel preparing for the flight and after its successful completion. The documents are copies of letters of congratulations to White from the Minister of National Defense and the Chief of the Defense Staff, as well as a memorandum from the Chief of the Defense Staff to the Commander of the AETE. The diagrams are copies showing the flight profile, the climb angle, and the altitude over time. The album has a hand-written dedication to Joe by R.A. White written on its first page.

Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment
CA ON00419 FTC · Discrete Item · 1950

The item is a scrapbook containing documents and identification ribbons from the First Canadian Television Clinic, presented by the Academy of Radio Arts. The documents in the scrapbook include the brochure for the event, an open invitation letter, the agenda, and biographies on some of the speakers. The three ribbons are for identifying whether a person was event staff, a guest or a member of the press.

Academy of Radio Arts
CA ON00420 RHB · Discrete Item · 1935-11-07

The item is a report in the form of a scrapbook where narrative reporting has been typed directly on the page and maps and photographs have been glued to the pages. A Senior Air Officer requested Beard to write this report on his voyage on the Hudson Bay Company ship Nascopie in July 1935. In his introduction, Beard wrote “My opinions are naturally of limited value, as no opportunity presented itself for me to have actual flying experience…. I have therefore endeavoured to view matters as if I was to be a passenger in an aircraft, contemplating a flight to the areas mentioned, and that the pilot was dependent on me for advice as to details, or contingencies likely to be experienced.” Among the photographs, at least 6 are aerial photographs – the remaining photographs appear to have been taken during Beard’s voyage on the Nascopie. Most maps are hand traced in black ink with colour highlights. Photograph captions and the cover title are also handwritten in black ink.

Beard, Charles Taschereau, 1890-1950
Propeller Used By A.E.A.
CA ON00420 APD · Discrete Item · 1908

The item is a ink on linen drawing of a propeller used by the Aerial Experiment Association (A.E.A.). It is unclear if this is a reproduction using materials from the era (ie. linen), a contemporary copy, or an actual record from A.E.A. A section under the title called “notes” is partly obscured by mould damage. It appears to say: “On basis of 8” tip and 7 1/8 rise 2” back from Cutting Edge and with maximum thickness of 5/16” 3” back from Cutting Edge with 8” Cylinder 40 H.P. Engine turns [illegible] Revolutions. Pitch 17”. “

CA ON00353 AFC 361 · Discrete Item · ca. 1877

This photograph album was likely prepared for advertising and promotional purposes by the O'Connor and Lancaster firm, or "Popular Photo Studio". It contains prints of London, Ontario, scenes, as well as advertising and promotional information about London and some of its businesses.

O'Connor and Lancaster, Photographers
CA ON00353 AFC 334 · Discrete Item · 1866-1867

Item consists of a photograph album containing prints relating to the British military garrison at London, Ontario in the late 1860s.

Phipps, Albert Augustus