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Edwin Nash Fonds
Pièce · 1919-1987

Fonds consist of negatives of photographs taken by Edwin Nash.

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Attack of Factories in Europe
122-303-1 · Pièce · 1939 - 1995

Histories of British Operational Research and general OR reports. Includes Shephard correspondence, reports on World War II OR activities, mathematical theorems, air-raid reports and ballistics reports.

Ink Blotter- F. G. Cotter & Co.
2019.8.1 · Pièce · 1940

The item is a promotional ink blotter for the F. G. Cotter & Co. in Port Hope, 1940.

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Embro School fonds
Pièce · 1898-1954

The fonds consists of cash books related to schools in the Village of Embro. They are arranged into the following Series:
Series 1: Embro Public School (1898-1954)
Series 2: Embro Continuation School (1936-1943)

Unidentified carte de viste
CA ON00428 2021.14 · Pièce · ca. 1860

Photograph is a carte de viste featuring a full length portrait of an unidentified individual. It was produced in Toronto, Ontario.

Child's dress
CA ON00428 2021.24 · Pièce · ca. 1800 - 1900

Item is one machine sewn child's dress. It features lace detailing on the collar and sleeves.

Snotneus lamp
CA ON00428 2021.27 · Pièce · ca. 1800

Item is an early 19th century brass oil lamp. It features a removable fuel chamber with a spout where a length of wick would be fed through. When in use, the second spout would catch drips from the wick. The bottom of the lamp has a weighted base for use on a table, and a hook at the top so it could be hung against a wall.

This style of lamp was popularized by the Dutch and is known as a Snotneus lamp, which translates to nose-drip, and refers to the double spout design. Sometimes called whale oil lamps, they were typically used with animal fats.

Willow pattern plate
CA ON00428 2021.32 · Pièce

Item is a blue and white ceramic plate featuring the Willow pattern. Inspired by Chinese porcelain, it depicts a landscape scene with a garden and pavilion along the water. There are many examples of ceramics with this pattern with its invention dating to roughly 1790.
This plate has no indication of manufacturer or producer making it difficult to date.

Shoe last and stand
CA ON00428 2021.33 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item is one shoe last and stand, or cobbler's anvil. It would be attached to the cobblers bench and would provide support while they made or repaired shoes. The last at the top of the stand is detachable and would and likely would have come in a set with different sizes.

Silver plated platter
CA ON00428 2021.36 · Pièce · ca. 1950

Item is one silver plated platter. It's marked Sheffield Reproduction, and specifies it was made in Canada.

Marbles and jacks
CA ON00428 2021.16 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item consists of 60 handmade clay marbles in varying colours, all roughly 1 cm in diameter. The marbles are housed in a fabric covered cardboard box, along with a small glass jar that holds 17 metal jacks. On the bottom, and inside the lid of the box, is a handwritten inscription explaining who previously owned and played with these items, however the name is illegible.

Boudoir cap
CA ON00428 2021.44 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item contains one crochet boudoir cap, or sleeping cap. The pink thread is crocheted in a small net pattern with a scalloped edge. Boudoir caps became popular in the 19th century as a sort of hairnet to protect the user’s hairstyle as they slept. By the early 1900s, caps like this lace example became popular for their femininity.

Kitchen towels
CA ON00428 2021.51 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item consists of three linen kitchen towels. They are woven in the huckaback style, which was popular during the late 1800s and early 1900 for its durability and absorbance. Two of the towels feature additional detailing on the hems, one with lace and the other with a damask pattern. The items are indicative of what may have been used at Lambton House while it was operational.

CA ON00428 2022.02 · Pièce · 1967

Set of 7 collectable tea cards from G. E. Barbour Company Limited depicting Jean-Charles Chapais (x2), James Cockburn, Sir William Howland, Sir Oliver Mowat, Sir Adams George Archibald (x2). Biographical information about each individual in English and French on back of card.

.22 Short Bullet
CA ON00428 2022.13 · Pièce · 2022

Item is one lead .22 caliber bullet. Typically, this item was used with small pocket pistols and mini revolvers.

CA ON00009 F 4536 · Pièce · 1854

Item is a one-page letter in manuscript ink on blue wove paper from Tom Elice (or Ellis), a runaway slave from Kentucky, to Mary Warner.

Mr. Elice's letter expresses both the excitement of his freedom and the pain of leaving his loved one behind. He writes of his new country, tells of catching up with mutual friends from home, and mentions that 'the girls' have joined the Methodist Church. He asks to be remembered to his former owners, William and Betsy Ellis of Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

Written from Chatham, Ontario, the letter appears to be a reassurance of safety after a journey via the 'underground railroad' through Ohio and Michigan, so-called 'free states' that nevertheless were bound by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, requiring all law enforcement officials to return runaway slaves. Bounties were posted on Tom and his six fellow fugitives, according to donor information.

The misspelling of the Ellis name suggests that the letter was written by someone else.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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John Lawrence letter
CA ON00009 F 93 · Pièce · 1837

Item is one letter written by John Lawrence to Valentine Harden Tisdale who was born in 1815 in the Long Point area of Norfolk County, Ontario.

Subject of the letter consists of an account of the William Lyon MacKenzie uprising which led to the outbreak of the Upper Canada Rebellion.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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CA ON00351 GA 10 · Pièce · 1890-1892

Scrapbook of manuscript notes, clippings, leaflets, handbills and other ephemera concerning the London, England Local Government 1890-1892.