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Архівний опис
CA ON00154 2009.19.2.1 · Item · 1984

Item is a quilted wall-hanging, showing buildings of Port Hope. The buildings depicted on the quilt are as follows: Dunain, Belgrave's Water Tower (Greenwood Towers), The Octagon House, Pinehurst, The Bluestone, The Cone, St. Mark's Anglican Church, Port Hope Harbour, Town Hall, Robert Mitchell House, Forge Cottage, Chapel at Trinity College School, Walton Street, Viaduct, Ganaraska River, Wimbourne, North American Hotel, Methodist Church, United Church, CN Railway Station and The Belvedere. It was created by Betty Kerr (d. 2001) in 1984 to celebrate Port Hope's Sesquicentennial.

Chamber pot
CA ON00428 2013.04 · Item · ca. 1902 - ca. 1926

Item is one chamber pot, or portable toilet, with lid and handle. Produced by Dudson Wilcox & Till Ltd. It features embossing and the floral "clio" print from their range of transferware patterns. The pot itself has a green design, whereas the design on the lid is in dark blue and the floral pattern differs slightly. This may suggests the lid is not the original.

Chamber pots were often kept under a bed or in a nightstand. They remained a common household item until the mid twentieth century, but variations of the chamber pot are still in use today.

Framed lace collar
CA ON00428 2016.03 · Item · ca. 1912

The item is a handmade fine lace collar that features a Maltese cross pattern. It is laid flat in a gold gilt frame. A handwritten note attached to the back of the frame identifies it as being produced in Nottingham England, and brought to Canada sometime in 1915.

Wash basin
CA ON00428 2018.01 · Item · ca. 1890 - 1925

Item is a wash basin that would have likely been part of a larger chamber set that would include items like a chamber pot, toothbrush holder, pitcher, and soap holder. The basin features embossing around the lip of the bowl and has a dark blue floral transferware pattern that is marked as the "Nancy" pattern.

CA ON00154 2019.13.2 · Item · 1884
  • this object is a "Master Sailor Certificate" on vellum.
  • the certifiacte is made out to William Wakely, dated Feb. 22, 1884. It has been signed by William Smith, Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries and A. W. McLelan Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
  • this certificate allows the bearer, W. Wakely to sail a fore and aft rigged sailing vessel in the inland waters.
Starch tin
CA ON00428 2021.15 · Item · ca. 1897

The item is a container for Ivory Gloss Starch, produced by The St. Lawrence Starch Company in Ontario. The design of the tin was registered in 1897 and is commemorative of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. The sides of the tin feature a portrait of the Monarch and directions of use. The item is indicative of what may have been used at Lambton House while it was operational.

Marbles and jacks
CA ON00428 2021.16 · Item · ca. 1900

Item consists of 60 handmade clay marbles in varying colours, all roughly 1 cm in diameter. The marbles are housed in a fabric covered cardboard box, along with a small glass jar that holds 17 metal jacks. On the bottom, and inside the lid of the box, is a handwritten inscription explaining who previously owned and played with these items, however the name is illegible.

Magnifying glass
CA ON00428 2021.19 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a magnifying glass with a painted wood handle. The maker's marks on the top of the metal frame for Bausch & Lomb Co. suggests a date earlier than 1908 when the company merged with Zeiss & Saegmuller and began using B. L. Z. S. as their trademark.

CA ON00428 2021.21 · Item · ca. 1850

Item is a pair of mid 19th century eyeglasses with a simple metal wire frame. Their original case is also included.

Cobra candlesticks
CA ON00428 2021.23 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a matching set of cobra shaped candlesticks. They are engraved with geometric and floral designs.

Child's dress
CA ON00428 2021.24 · Item · ca. 1800 - 1900

Item is one machine sewn child's dress. It features lace detailing on the collar and sleeves.

Bed warmer
CA ON00428 2021.25 · Item · ca. 1920

Item is a ceramic bed warmer or foot warmer. Originally, bed warmers used hot coals from a fire to warm the bed before use. This example, however, could stay in the bed as the user slept and would be filled with hot water.

The warmer is designed to replicate a small Gladstone bag and features faux stitching patterns along the seams. The original handle has been replaced with a leather tie, but the item still has the original wooden stopper.

Oil lamp
CA ON00428 2021.26 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a hurricane kerosene oil lamp. It features a clear glass fuel section with a handle and a stylized brass stopper. Above, the brass burner has an adjustable wick and is topped with a glass chimney.

The lamp can likely be dated to the early 1900s, before electricity became more available in homes.

Snotneus lamp
CA ON00428 2021.27 · Item · ca. 1800

Item is an early 19th century brass oil lamp. It features a removable fuel chamber with a spout where a length of wick would be fed through. When in use, the second spout would catch drips from the wick. The bottom of the lamp has a weighted base for use on a table, and a hook at the top so it could be hung against a wall.

This style of lamp was popularized by the Dutch and is known as a Snotneus lamp, which translates to nose-drip, and refers to the double spout design. Sometimes called whale oil lamps, they were typically used with animal fats.

Winston Churchill toby mug
CA ON00428 2021.29 · Item · ca. 1950

Item is one mug in the likeness of Winston Churchill. It is an example of a toby jug, a style of pottery popularized in the 19th century that consists of a seated figure usually depicted drinking or smoking.

Flour scoop
CA ON00428 2021.30 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a flour scoop with a wooden handle. It is marked with the number 3 under the handle.

Shoe last and stand
CA ON00428 2021.33 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is one shoe last and stand, or cobbler's anvil. It would be attached to the cobblers bench and would provide support while they made or repaired shoes. The last at the top of the stand is detachable and would and likely would have come in a set with different sizes.

Bickle fire extinguisher
CA ON00428 2021.35 · Item · ca. 1940

Item is one tin fire extinguisher. It was filled with sodium bicarbonate which would be thrown onto the base of a fire to smother it.

Striped wool blanket
CA ON00428 2021.41 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is one grey, wool blanket. It has black and blue stripes at either end, and is indicative of what may have been used at Lambton House while it was operational. Additionally it relates to the wool mills that would have been present in the surrounding area.

Crochet tablecloth
CA ON00428 2021.43 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is one hand crochet tablecloth. It features a round floral lace design.