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By-Law Pamphlets

Sub-series consists of Town of Copper Cliff by-law pamphlets.

School Board Cash Books

Sub-series consists of the Town Treasurer's cash books for the Copper Cliff School Board.

Photographic Negatives

  • ON00120 023-1-.1
  • Subsérie
  • 1939 - 1945
  • Parte de Sudbury Star

Sub-series consists of photographic negatives from the Sudbury Star.

Administrative records

  • CA ON00389 7.0-7.2
  • Subsérie
  • 1966-1994, predominant 1983-1985
  • Parte de Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of administrative materials relating to activities which Nouwen performed as a university professor within the administrative and social frameworks of the academic setting.

Medical Staff Appointments

Sub-series consists of lists of appointments to the TGH medical staff, as prepared by the Office of the Medical Director in consultation with the heads of the various medical departments and services, sanctioned by the Medical Advisory Board and the Joint Hospital Relations Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. Some files contain separate courtesy staff appointment lists.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Executive Committee records

Sub-series consists of minutes of monthly meetings of the Executive Committee of the TGH Board of Trustees December 1917-May 1946. Minutes principally contain monthly Hospital financial account records, specifically itemized lists of cheques issued to cover Hospital expenses, including pay roll, medical supplies and drugs, and food.

Minutes for November 1926-December 1927 and for February 1930-September 1932 are missing.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Annual Reports

Sub-series consists of annual reports prepared and published by the Board of Trustees. Reports contain such information as lists of administrative and medical staff; statistics and/or departmental reports illustrating major hospital functions, services and activities; summary reports by the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the hospital’s chief executive officer, and the Director of the TGH School of Nursing; annual financial statements outlining the hospital’s revenues and expenses; photographs and illustrations depicting hospital buildings, facilities, services and staff.

From ca. 1920-1926 the TGH annual report was published in the form of a report by the Superintendent entitled “For the Common Good” (see files TG 2.1.4 to TG 2.1.6). From ca. 1926-1951 no annual report was published by the TGH.

File 1.2.8 contains TGH annual reports for the years 1905-1908 which were restored and bound together in November, 1988.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees


Sub-series consists of a very small sample of the minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees and its various sub-committees.

File 1.3.5 contains minutes of sub-committees to consider practical issues relating to the plans to move the TGH to its College St./University Avenue location: Committee to Consider the Reorganization of the TGH Constitution and Government; Committee to Consider Provisions for Treating Pulmonary Tuberculosis at TGH; Building Committee (re: choosing an architect); and the Committee on the Reorganization of the Medical Staff. File 1.3.6 contains a series of excerpts from the minutes of the Board of Trustees March 1926-April 1930, concerning plans for expansion, the building fund campaign, construction and opening of new buildings.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees


Sub-series consists of correspondence to and from members of the Board of Trustees, legal counsel for the Trustees, and the Board Secretary. The greatest part of the materials contained in this Sub-series is correspondence from the chairman of the Board with subscribers to the TGH Building fund 1918-1934, including lists of subscribers and their commitments, letters of acknowledgment, receipts, subscription cards and invoices.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Membership Lists

Sub-series consists of lists of members of the Board of Trustees.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Special Events and Ceremonies

Sub-series consists of various materials relating to special events and ceremonies associated with the TGH and organized by the Board of Trustees, including invitations, event programs and commemorative publications, guest lists, statements by event organizers and participants, correspondence.

File 1.6.1 contains materials deposited in a cornerstone box in April 1911 during a ceremony marking the start of the building of the College St. site of the TGH, including lists as of April 11, 1911 of TGH House Medical Staff, nursing staff (including student nurses), and honorary governors of the Board of Trustees; “A Brief Historical Sketch of the Toronto General Hospital, its Origin and its Progress…1818 to 1911”, a manuscript by A.F. Miller, TGH Secretary and Treasurer 1876-1917; a “List of Special Grants and Subscriptions to the new TGH Building Fund” 1905-1911; and an “Original Estimate of Cost of the new Buildings of the TGH” adopted by the Board of Trustees March 2, 1910.

File 1.6.11 contains a sketchbook commissioned by Toronto General Hospital and presented to Sir John M Gibson, Lt. Governor of Ontario, to mark the opening of its new buildings, designed by Darling & Pearson at 101 College Street, June 1913 to January 1914. Gold-stamped leather binding design, title page inscription, and six black-and-brown ink drawings by J.E.H. MacDonald depicting various TGH buildings.

File 1.6.12 contains a booklet on the Private Patients Building printed by Grip Limited, Toronto for W.G. Macfarlane Ltd. With decorative borders and cover by J.E.H. MacDonald and line drawings by Tom Thomson. Undated, but probably to commemorate opening of new TGH buildings, June 1913 to January 1914.

File 1.6.13 contains the menu and program for a dinner in honour of W.E. Gallie on the occasion of his retirement from the chair of surgery at the University of Toronto, 1947. Includes illustrations designed and drawn by Mabel Gill with the aid of R.I. Harris.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Acts and By-Laws

Sub-series consists of legislative bills and acts pertaining to the Toronto General Hospital, and by-laws adopted by the TGH Board of trustees and sanctioned by the Provincial Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

Visitors Registers

Sub-series consists of visitors registers maintained by the Board of Trustees.

File 1.8.1 contains newspaper clippings, lists of Hospital Trustees and staff, and photographs pasted in the endpapers.

File 1.8.4 predominantly contains visitors’ signatures dated April 21-26, 1930 and was used to record the names of visitors to the new Private Patients Pavilion (Bell Wing).

Files 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 record admissions and visits to the Hospital by members of two independent fraternal organizations, respectively the Independent Order of Foresters and the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Property and Endowment

Sub-series consists of documents relating to the lease, mortgage, sale etc. of properties owned, occupied or managed by the Trustees of the Toronto General Hospital and documents relating to the management and disposition of estates endowed to the Trustees of the Toronto General Hospital, including wills and letters probate. Sub-series also includes a ledger of lessees to the Toronto General Hospital.

File 1.9.31 contains original deeds conveying property to the Trustees of the York Hospital (later the Toronto General Hospital) 1822-1850.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees