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United Church of Canada. Division of Communication. Subseries
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Office Files

Series contains office files concerning: Computers, Software and Websites; Division Events; Historical Documents; Inter-church Correspondence; Manuals, Policies and Guides; Objectives and Organizational Structure; Personnel and Job Descriptions; and Records Management and Archives 1967-2001.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records relating to Resource Centres

Resources Centres were hubs for the distribution of United Church produced material. The Resource Distribution Department and UCRD worked with Presbytery and Conference resource centres and outlets across Canada to deliver a comprehensive range of United Church and other recommended resources, bringing information, advice and resource access to church members. Under the umbrella of Resources Centres were Book Rooms: retail outlets overseen by the Conferences and Presbyteries. AVEL outlets were also under this umbrella offering free AV resources to Conferences. At some point some AVEL Outlets began to sell resources in order to counteract a lack of funding.

Subseries contains records relating to the various types of Resource Centres which included administrative groups like the Retail Distribution Branch Managers, the Resource Centre Administrative Task Group, the Book Room Branch Managers, and the Retail Operations Management Team. Files and subsequent arrangement reflect the type of resources centres including Presbytery Resource Centres, Book Rooms and AVEL outlets

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of Senior Editors

The role of Senior Editor was created in 2002 as part of Resource Coordination. Rebekah Chevalier held the position from 2002 until 2015. The Senior Editor was the manager of the resource coordinators. They were responsible for overseeing the processes involved in resource coordination, namely, editing, proofreading, and reviewing graphic layouts.

Subseries contains the records of Rebekah Chevalier pertaining to her work on coordinating mission resources via the Mission Theme Task Group 1996-2012.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Communications Documents

Subseries contains communication documents produced by the Division 1969-2016. Documents include Communiques/News Releases/Press Releases; Clippings; Daily Blues; General Council Communications; Press re Residential Schools; and Profiles.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of CEMS Executive

Subseries contains records of the Executive including minutes of annual, executive and staff meetings, correspondence, correspondence of the responsible Associate Secretary, Robert Plant, and annual reports 1971-1997.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records related to Media Plan I

Media Plan I was established out of Mediamix through Bruce Marsh. Marsh prompted the Division to design a new approach to reach United Church members through TV spots in primetime programming with the purpose of informing United Church members about the message and work of the Church in order to foster financial involvement. In that process members of the general public would be informed and develop an appreciation of the Church and its projects to prompt a positive response. Media Plan I was the name given to the pilot educational campaigns in Barrie, Peterborough and Ottawa in early 1974. The report on this project indicated that TV spots reached a broad United Church audience with strong acceptance but the radio spots followed at a distance when reaching members. However while using guest personalities on radio reached fewer people those listening were impacted.

Subseries contains correspondence, reports, promotional material, financial records and press re Media Plan I 1973-1974.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Directors

Subseries contains the records of Keith Woollard who served as the Associate Secretary responsible for the Department of Broadcasting during its existence, and the records of Des McCalmont who served as media staff. Subseries contains project files, scripts and correspondence 1942-1978.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Still Pictures Unit

Still pictures were originally the responsibility of the Audio-Visual Department within the Board of Information and Stewardship (created 1954). The programme was continued by the Division of Communication's Audio Visual Department prior to 1973 and then by the Department of Media Services/Media Resources Still Picture Unit. The Unit, housed at Berkeley Studios, was involved in the collection and production of photographs, slides, and film strips. Like most of the other units in Media Resources, Still Pictures existed largely to serve the needs of other Divisions as well as Conferences and Pastoral Charges, maintaining a library of materials. These filmstrips produced were created for educational purposes on behalf of departments and divisions of the Church, especially the Division of Mission in Canada, and the Division of World Outreach, and their antecedent bodies. They were also used for fund-raising awareness within the church.

Subseries consists of the following files: administrations, correspondence, photo collections, production lists, general production files, film strips and slides production files, presentation slides/slide set production files, caption material and filmstrip kits and production files.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Publishing Group

The Publishing Group was formed to focus on resources produced to animate a program. Specifically the Executive looked over book proposals and approved them, and then managed and oversaw the subsequent work.

Subseries contains minutes, correspondence, proposals and accompanying documents of the Publishing Group 1996-2010.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Correspondence of the Director of Press and Information/News Services/News and Public Relations

In 1968, the position of Director of Press and Information was created. Norman K. Vale held this position from 1968-1971, though the position title changed to Director of News Services in 1971. From 1971-1984, Alayne Scanlon held the position and the title change from News Services to Director of News and Public Relations in 1981.

Subseries contains correspondence and accompanying documents collected by the Directors 1973-1982.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

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