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"Central Ontario Lakeshore Sports Look"

Series consists of three (3) publications of "Central Ontario Lakeshore Sports Look." Publications are for Port Hope and Cobourg and cost $0.85 each. They are for week #1 (9 Feb 1990), week #2 (23 Feb 1990) and week #3 (9 Mar 1990). All three publications include; tsn tv listings, local sports information, stats, schedules and OHL information. In week #3, there is also information about spring training and a Jays and Chiefs schedule.

Long, Norman Thomas

"From Whence We Came: The Story of the Goheen Family"

Series consists of a binder of genealogical research, copies of photographs, documents, and family trees from different branches of the Goheen family, 1795-2012. It is organized into divided sections starting with the five children of Thomas Goheen Sr.: Thomas Jr., Charles, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Jesse. The research was started by Raymond Goheen Sr., and completed by Doris Goheen, 2006.

"Memoirs of My Life" by George Wilson

Series consists of a type-written copy of "Memoirs of My Life" by George Wilson, c1862. It was written in Montreal, and dedicated to Sarah (his wife). The series also includes one edition of the Port Hope Evening Guide (17 Jun 1929), as published by Geo. Wilson.

"People of Port Hope" Information

Series consists of newspaper clippings on various people from Port Hope, including: general accomplishments, retirements, birth/marriage/death announcements, interest articles, etc. The articles were clipped from the Port Hope Evening Guide by N. Tom Long.

Long, Norman Thomas

"The Bluestone House" Blueprints

Series consists of three (3) blueprints of "The Bluestone House," created by Creighton Withers, 1918-1920 and 1930. The blueprints include the layout of three floors of the house, including the basement; and contain the following text: "The Bluestone' Port Hope, Ontario Built in 1834 by J.D. Smith, Esq. Owned and occupied by grand-daughter Mrs. Creighton Withers. Measured and drawn by Creighton Withers, Architect 1918-1920 and 1930."

"The Great Farini" Biographical Information

Series consists of research notes compiled by S. Peacock during the publication of "The Great Farini," 1996. It has been arranged into forty-seven (47) files: (1) Early years: ca. 1859-1960s, miscellaneous note; (2) Niagara Falls; (3) Blondin; (4) New York "Clipper" notes and articles, 1857-1897; (5) Farini's childhood and youth - Lockport, New York; Hope township, Bowmanville; (6) Published short biographies; (7) Autobiography; (8) North American Circus days 1860-1862; (9) North American Circus days 1863-65; (10) North American Circus days 1872-79; (11) North American Circus days 1880-89; (12) North American Circus days 1860-90, miscellaneous; (13) British Showman days, 1866-1898; (14) British Showman days, 1865-69; (15) British Showman days, 1866-98, miscellaneous; (16) British Showman days, 1870s; (17) British Showman days, later days; (18) Inventions, includes Knapp roller boat, patent copies; (19) Kalahari Desert Expedition; (20) Lulu - Louis Farini, aka Sam Wasgott, El Nino and Lu Farini; (21) Farini and the American Civil War; (22) Farini's Stilt Walk at Niagara Falls, 1864; (23) Toronto, 1899-1910; (24) Personal Correspondence, 1879-1927, copies of letters and postcards to and from Farini, his wife, son, brother, niece; (25) Farini's land ownership information, Hope Township, Port Hope, London, Toronto, Dresden, etc; (26) Farini's Art; (27) Farini's poetry, short stories, essays & others, writings; (28) Farini's history of World War I; (29) "How to Grow Begonias"; (30) Anna Muller Farini's diary, 1917; (31) Anna Muller Farini's translation; (32) Record copy of Anna Muller Farini's photo album; (33) stock and investments; (34) Farini's death; Krao's death, interview notes; (35) 1945 Estate sale; (36-37) Genealogy, Farini, Hunt, Soper and Marsh; (38) Farini's sons; (39) Alice Carpenter Farini; (40) Mary Osborne; (41) Chronology, 1762-1995; (42) Correspondence to research institutions by other researchers before Shane Peacock; (43) Inventory and notes of Farini Papers at Archives of Ontario; (44) Bibliographic sources - British; (45) Scattered Bibliographic information; (46) Record copies of photographs; (47) Photocopies of images and information from books, sources listed.

Peacock, Shane

"The Great Farini" Research Images

Series consists of various images collected by S. Peacock during the creation of "The Great Farini," 1996. It includes: Images of Farini's Art; Anne Muller; Images of Farini; Lulu & Edith Farini; Krao; Miscellaneous Research Images; Port Hope and area images. Original sources for the research are noted (including the Archives of Ontario).

Peacock, Shane

"The Great Farini" Research Images, 1996

  • 996.7.2
  • Series
  • 1996

Series consists of various images collected by S. Peacock during the creation of "The Great Farini," 1996. It includes: Research images, mostly from Archives of Ontario; Farini's Art, miscellaneous original sources listed; Anne Muller, Farini, images; Lulu & Edith Farini; Lulu images; Krao; Miscellaneous (Archives of Ontario); Miscellaneous Images; Port Hope and area images.

Peacock, Shane

"The Making of Billy Bishop"

Series consists of research and documentation related to Brereton Greenhous’ book “The Making of Billy Bishop”. Included in this series are some research papers and correspondence of Philip Markham, Greenhous’ research materials and correspondence as well as press files and clippings surrounding “The Making of Billy Bishop”.

(IX/C) Second Leader of the Opposition General Correspondence

Series consists of photocopies of correspondence from Diefenbaker’s second term as the Leader of the Opposition. It principally includes documents concerning the funeral of Vice Admiral H.T.W. Grant and the frigate construction program.

(VI) PMO Numbered Series

Series consists of photocopies of John Diefenbaker’s correspondence, incoming and outgoing, when he was the Prime Minister of Canada. It includes letters from military officers, politicians and the general public. Some of the main subjects covered include: British and American submarines; naval refits, housing and military life in the RCN; Canadian defence policy; and the USS Seadragon successful completion of the Northwest Passage.

(VII/A) General References

Series consists of photocopies of documents collected when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and during his second term as Leader of the Opposition. Includes correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings. Some of the major subjects covered include: the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defence; the funeral of Vice-Admiral Harold T.W. Grant; the equipment program for the Canadian Forces; and nuclear weapons.

(XII) Personal and Confidential Series

Series consist of photocopies of documents collected when Diefenbaker was the Prime Minister of Canada. It includes memoranda to the Prime Minister, correspondence with leaders of others states, messages prepared for the House of Commons, speeches, statements, reports of various meetings, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, letters and telegrams. This series reflects Canadian and international defence and political issues during Diefenbaker’s mandate. Some of the main subjects covered include: Emergency Measures; Defence Production Sharing program; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Berlin and Cuba crisis; Law of the Sea; and Nuclear Weapons (Acquisition and Disarmament).

(XIII) Reference 1940-1957

Series consist of photocopies of the magazine “Canadian Shipping and Marine Engineering news: Royal Canadian Navy issue” for 1953.

(XIV) Memoirs

Series consist of photocopies of documents collected during the period when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister. It includes memoranda to the Prime Minister and notes covering such subjects as: nuclear weapons; the Bomarc missile; the Cuban Crisis; and Canadian Defence.

(XXIII) Cabinet Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Series consists of photocopies of statements and speeches when John G. Diefenbaker was Prime Minister. Includes an address to the Joint Convention of the Navy Leagues in 1960 and a statement at the NATO Council Meeting in 1957.

1 - Professional records

Series consists of textual records created and collected over the course of John McDermid’s working life, excluding correspondence, which is found in Series 3. This includes campaign material, predominantly from the 1984 federal election campaign, invitations and programmes for events, and certificates for awards and parliamentary appointments. The series is arranged chronologically within file groupings:

Files 1 - 30 are records accumulated during McDermid’s career, including records from before running for office, and ends with his retirement from politics.

Files 31 - 32 are signature books for multiple events, which span from his 1979 election victory to an open house held in 1989.

Files 33 - 35 are blank documents with McDermid’s professional letterhead. Note that file 20 in this series has letterhead from his 1988 election campaign.

Files 36 - 37 are records from after McDermid’s retirement, but still thematically connected to his political career.

Files 38 – 39 consist of political ephemera.

Files 40 – 41 contain certificates for an award and parliamentary appointments that McDermid received as a public figure and politician. Note that Series 7 also contains certificates.

Note that Series 2 also contains records that chronicle McDermid’s election campaigns and his achievements as a member of Parliament.

John McDermid

1 Wing

Series consists of documents pertaining to 1 Wing. Includes a handbook providing 1 Wing Commanding Officers and their subordinates with information required to conduct their missions at a tactical level, media briefing announcing the arrival of 1 Wing to CFB Kingston and media lists. Also includes documents regarding the 1997 Battle of Britain parade in Kingston and the treatment of women at 1 Tactical Aviation Wing in Montreal.. Arranged in alphabetical order by file title.

10 Tactical Air Group

Series consists of documents pertaining to 10 Tactical Air Group [TAG]. Includes files: on the biographies of former Commanders of 10 TAG; the histories of squadrons; public affairs; Canadian Forces current operations updates; honourary appointments, helicopter operations in Haiti, media awareness training and other subjects. Also includes files on Exercise Noble Lion and Operation Blueling. Arranged in alphabetical order by file title.

1000 [General Information - Subject Files]

Series consists of black and white photographs depicting various personnel, ships, establishments and functions of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Includes photographs regarding frigates, destroyers, corvettes and minesweepers, the reserves, as well as photographs documenting the visits of state and foreign dignitaries and military officers. Also includes captions, some individual and some in list format, and a small number of press clippings, press releases, itineraries and binders cataloguing press release dates. There are some subject files consisting of textual material and covering a wide variety of subjects.

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