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Records of the Conference Executive

The Conference Executive is appointed by Conference with duties and powers as determined by the Conference. The Executive may for example be given the power to act for the Conference between its regular meetings or to act for the Conference by Commission. Series consists of minutes, 1926-1991, 1993-2018, (includes official signed Records of Proceedings) and correspondence, 1993-2018, of the Conference Executive, correspondence of the Conference President, 1988-2000, and clippings, 1933, 1969.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of United Church Women

Series consists of records of the Toronto Conference United Church Women, including bylaws, 1970-2007, minutes, 1962-2001, 2003-2009, membership records, 1962-1967, annual reports, 1962-1965, 1968-1989, 1992-1996, 1998-2008, annual meeting records, 1964-1975, newsletters, 2002-2006, anniversary records, 1987-2002, biographies, [1994] and scrapbook, [1965-1966].

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of Conference programs

Series includes: records concerning Christian development/Christian formation, congregational life and leadership development, 1984-2008; records concerning camps, 1957-2008; records concerning communications, 1980-2008; records concerning stewardship, 1977-2008; records concerning finance, mission strategy and property, 1925-2008; records concerning corporations, 1961-2018; records concerning mission support grants and other grants/loans, 1974-2008; records concerning Presbyteries and Pastoral Charges, 1972-2002; records relating to personnel, 1974-2003; records concerning chaplaincy, 1977-1997; records concerning social justice, 1988-2009; and records concerning ethnic ministries, 2002-2009.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records concerning Commissions, Hearings, and Appeals

Series consists of transcripts and other records of commissions, hearings and appeals, concerning predominantly personnel as well as congregational cases presented to the Conference and/or General Council, 1973-2009. For privacy purposes, the file names are listed in the corresponding accession file.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of proceedings

Series consists of the record of the Conference's annual meeting, referred to as "Minutes" until 1940 when it became the "Record of Proceedings." In addition to the minutes of the annual meeting, a Record of Proceedings may also include a history of the Conference, compiled minutes of the Executive Committee meetings for that year, reports and the agenda distributed prior to an annual meeting, a Conference directory and an index of motions. Series consists of official bound and signed minutes/records of proceedings, 1925-1968; unofficial published records of proceedings, 1969-1987, 1989-1991, 1995-2000, 2002-2007, 2009-2014; and annual meeting agendas and workbooks, 1965-1978, 1991-2007.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of the Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary title was created in 1971, and was based on the former Secretary position: responsibilities included keeping a record of proceedings of the Conference; keeping an accurate roll of members and compiling other statistics concerning pastoral charges and ministers; conducting correspondence pursuant to the proceedings of the Conference; facilitating Presbytery procedures with training and support; acting as a resource person in new church development areas; and communicating and interpreting the policies and actions of the national Church Offices.

The Secretaries/Executive Secretaries of Toronto Conference have been: Rev. R.C. Tibb, 1925; Rev. W.J. Smith, 1926; Rev. G.W. Barker, 1927-1937; Rev. C.E. Dyer, 1938-1949; Rev. J.A.C. Kell, 1950-1958; Rev. A.G. Smith, 1959-1965; Rev. F.H. Stevens, 1966-1967; Beatrice Wilson, 1968; Rev. Paul H. Morris, 1969-1973; Rev. W.D. Lord, 1974; Rev. Lorne Taylor-Walsh, 1975-1990; Rev. George L. James, 1991; Dr. Helga Kutz-Harder, 1992-1994; Rev. Albion R. Wright, 1995; David Allen, 1996-2017, and Jody Maltby, 2017-2018.

Series consists of general correspondence, 1970-2005; and correspondence/subject files, including: annual meetings, 1986-2018, archives, 1986-2007, Bathhouse Raids in Toronto, 1981, Canadian Council of Churches, 1978-1980; casinos/lotteries, 1992-1993; Cedar Glen, 1992; Church Development Fund, 1986-2005; committee chairs workshop, 1998; Conference visioning, 2002-2006; Ethical investment in the Middle East, 2006; Five Oaks Centre, 2005; General Council, 1984-2000; Good Shepherd Community Church, 1986; Judicial Committee, 1984-1990; laity, 1977-1985; mailings to pastoral charges, 1989-2000; mailings to Presbyteries, 1991-2009; marriage, 1988-2007; Moderators’ visits, 1992-2002; Native Council of Canada, 1993; Ontario Coalition for Social Justice, 1990-1991; organizations, 1982-1991; petitions, 2002; Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, 2015-2017; staff (including meeting minutes), 1983-2009; taxation (Willis Blair Commission), 1976; Toronto Conference Consultation on Authority and Interpretation of Scripture, 1991; Toronto Star, 1980; Unification Church, 1988, and volunteers, 1996.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of Task Forces and Working Groups

Series consists of minutes and other records of various task groups or special committees created by the Toronto Conference, including: Assets and Funding Task Group, 2009; Commission on Assessments, 2007-2009; Conference Office Relocation Committee, 1989-1993; Coordinating Group for Sexual Orientation, Lifestyles and Ministry, 1987; Cultural Diversity Task Group, 1992; Ethical Investment in the Middle East Task Group, 2003-2007; Global Living Working Group, 1977-1982; Living into Right Relations Circle, 2009-2018; Partner in Residence Program Task Group, 2003-2005; Pinawa Group (Residential Schools Reconciliation), 2007-2009; Priority Implementation and Overview Committee, 1991-1994; Priority-Setting Coordinating Group, 1980-1992; Proceeds of Property Task Group, 2004; Property Policies Task Force, 2006; Residential School Resource Team, 2000-2001; Resource Pool, 1982-1986; Restructuring Committee, 2007-2011; Special Committee on Hope Report, 1951-1952; Task Force to Assess Mission Support System, 1987-1988; Task Group on Covenants in Toronto Conference, 1991-1992;Task Group on Funding, 1999; Task Group on Structures and Frequency of Meetings, 1994-1999; and Use of Assets Task Group, 1998-1999.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of Conference Committees

Conferences in the United Church of Canada appoint standing committees relating to the Divisions, Departments and standing committees of General Council and may appoint as many additional such committees as are deemed necessary. These committees consist of members from each Presbytery and other members of Conference as are necessary. The Manual’s suggested standing committees have included Settlement, Archives, Division of Mission in Canada, Ministry, Personnel and Education (or Education and Students Committee), Inter-Church and Inter-Faith Relations, Extra Appeals, Finance, Stewardship, Pension and Insurance, Communications, World Outreach, and Internship.

Series consists of minutes, correspondence, and other records of Toronto Conference committees, including: 50th Anniversary Committee, 1974-1976; Aboriginal Solidarity Sharing Circle, 2003-2009; Advisory Committee on Corporations, 1991-2008; Advisory Committee on Property, 2006-2008; Agenda Planning Committee, 1980-2010; Archives and History Committee, 1937-2008; Board of Home Missions, 1926-1942; Boundaries Committee, 1972-1991; Cedar Glen Fund Committee, 2003-2008; Christian Development Committee, 1991-2000, (including subcommittees, Coordinating Committee for Inclusive Ministry, 1994-1997; Ecumenical Decade Task Group, 1990-1995; Ministry with Children, 1994-1997, Men’s Event Planning Group, 1987-1993;Women’s Event Planning Group, 1995-1996; Worship and Liturgy, 1994-1999, Youth and Young Adults Committee, 1974-2000); Christian Formation and Congregational Development Committee, 2001-2008; Church Development Committee, 1996-2006; Christian Education Committee, 1937-1939; Church in Society Committee, 1984-2009 (including subcommittees, Environmental Work Group, 1995-1996; Faith and Creation Working Group, 1997-2000; Refugee Subcommittee, 1993-1996; Rural Life, 1962-2000); Committee, for Racial Justice, 2005-2009; Committee of Fifteen, 1970; Committee on Homes for Seniors Citizens, 1954-1957; Communications Committee, 1985-2000; Concerns of Women Committee, 1983-1996; Ethnic Ministries Committee, 1976-2009; Finance and Extra Appeals Committee, 1970-2008; Inter-Church/Inter-Faith Relations Committee, 1988-2009; International Affairs Committee, 1975; Ministry, Personnel and Education Coordinating Group, 1982-2008 (including subcommittees Chaplaincy, 1977-2008; Education and Students, 1925-2009; Interim Ministry, 1996-2009; Internship, 1983-1998; Internship and Supervised Ministry, 1998-2009; Interview Board, 1970-2009; Lay Ministry, 2001-2007; Life Long Learning, 1992-2002; Pensions and Group Insurance, 1996-2006; Retirement and Pension, 196-1994; Settlement and Pastoral Relations, 1925-2009); Mission in Canada Committee, 1963-1991 (including subcommittees Evangelism, 1983-1989; Housing, 1972-1976); Mission Support Committee (includes Block Grant Committee), 1976-2007); New Church Development/Church Redevelopment Committee, 1980-1993; Nominations Committee, 1982-2009; Program Committee, 1983-1988; Resolutions and Petitions Committee, 1981-1996; Staff Committee, 1972-2009; Stewardship Committee, 1958-2001; World Affairs Committee, 1988-2009 (including subcommittees: Mission Education, 1988-1990; Mission Internship, 1984-1987; Mission Interpretation, 1988-1994; Mutuality in Mission, 1990-1991; Research and Action, 1988-1989; Working Group on the Environment, 1991-1994; Working Group on Peace and Justice, 1980-2009); and World Outreach Committee, 1965-1987.

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of the Toronto United Church Emergency Refugee Relief Board

The Toronto United Church Emergency Refugee Relief Board was initially active as a committee to provide assistance to individual political refugees; in 1987 its mandate was expanded and it was formally constituted as a mission unit of Toronto Conference. On May 11, 1994 the TUERRB united with Working Group on Refugee Resettlement.

Series consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, and photographs of the Toronto United Church Emergency Refugee Relief Board, 1984-1994

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference

Records of ministerial and lay associations

The Toronto Ministerial Association of the United Church of Canada was active from at least 1934 and was later renamed The Toronto and Toronto District Ministerial Association in 1944. The association, made up of ministers from presbyteries in Toronto would meet monthly. Speakers were regularly planned to discuss theology and social issues, including temperance. Beginning in the 1930s, the Ministerial Association established a Committee on Assistance to Coloured Churches. This Committee collected funds for mainly the British Methodist Episcopal Church and the African Methodist Episcopal churches in Toronto until the early 1940s. The Association began to meet infrequently by mid 1960s. It is unknown when it officially disbanded.

The principal function of the Toronto Conference Lay Association was the planning of the Conference annual meeting. The Lay Association disbanded in 1963 following General Council’s assignment of these tasks to the Coordinating Committee for Lay Activities.

The Minister’s Wives Association was active at least from 1932. The association disbanded after their 1979 April 25 meeting due to declining membership.

Series consists of correspondence and newsletters of AOTS, 1983-1991; minutes of Deaconess Board, 1931-1934; minutes and correspondence of the Toronto/Toronto and District Ministerial Association, 1934-1965; correspondence and financial records of the Ministerial Association’s Committee on Assistance to Coloured Churches connected with the British Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada, 1934-1945; minutes, correspondence and scrapbooks of the Minister’s Wives Association, 1931-1979; minutes of the Porcupine Ministerial Association, 1939-1949; minutes and attendance books of the Lay Association, 1947-1963;

United Church of Canada. Toronto Conference