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Henry Scadding collection

  • CA ON00311 PF29
  • Collectie
  • 1794-1886

Collection consists of a bound volume entitled, "A Simcoe Relic", containing material collected by Rev. Dr. Henry Scadding.

Scadding, Henry, 1813-1901

Bill McAndrew, Donald E. Graves and Michael J. Whitby collection

  • CA ON00093 95/3; 2012/12
  • Collectie
  • 1994

Fonds consists of material related to the published work "Normandy 1944. The Canadian Summer." Includes the English manuscript, the first and second French translations, the illustrations with some French captions, a mockup of the final book, in English, and several maps. Also includes a map (2012/12) of the first day of the invasion of Normandy with an overlay containing information regarding the Allied advance at Sword, Gold, and Juno Beaches as well as the German defence.

McAndrew, Bill, 1934-

William McMurray collection

  • CA ON00335 F2051
  • Collectie
  • 1852-1988, predominant 1852-1864

The collection consists of several diaries written during trips to the United States and England during the 1850s and 1860s in search of building funds for Trinity College. From his three trips to the United States in 1852 and 1853 there are five notebooks as well as a letter concerning a resolution towards the endowment of Trinity College. There are 98 Cartes de Visite as well as an extensive diary from his 1864 trip to England.

Contains series:

  1. Diaries
  2. Cartes de Visite

McMurray, William

Bertram Family Collection

  • CA ON00395 C.0002
  • Collectie
  • 1870-2002, predominant 1915-1999

The collection is comprised of a wide range of records that originate from a number of activities. These include correspondence between family members about the family history and other topics. There are also records relating to Richard Edgar Bertram's flight training for the RCAF and his death. There are copies of documents relating to memorial services for the first and second world wars. There is a large collection of Canadian Tool Works picnic ribbons and other miscellaneous ribbons from groups and events around Dundas. The largest coherent collection of records in this collection are those belonging to Janet Bertram and her genealogical research. These documents are primary copies of birth, death, baptism records along with the military service records of several family members. There are extensive handwritten notes and inventories created by Janet Bertram, including a finding aid for the records of the Dundas Historical Society Museum. A small group of newspaper articles is also included in this collection, focusing primarily on the Bertram family and their business. The collection also includes a large number of photographs that relate to the family but do not have a clear provenance or place in other fonds. The collection is comprised of the following types of documents: correspondence, a flight log book, memorial programmes, ribbons, pins, newspaper and journal articles, cemetery records, copies of: birth certificates, death certificates, baptism records, military enlistment forms, hospital records, medal award lists, genealogy notes, wedding announcements, and photographs. The collection is comprised of a number of series that have been identified by the archivist. These series were not found in any logical order and there is no sign that they were in their original order and as such have been arranged in a chronological order by the archivist. In particular, Series 8 - Janet Bertram Genealogy Research 19- - 2002: Sub - series 3 - Establishment of Dundas Historical Museum Records 1953 - 2002 has been arranged in a chronological order by mail recipient as this was the way that they were arranged, imperfectly, when they came into his care. This series of records is also closely related to the records in the Henry Graham Bertram fonds, in that many of the records in this series are copies of the originals in the Henry Graham Bertram fonds. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1 - Publications 1977 - 1983 Series 2 - Correspondence 1915 - 1996 Series 3 - Richard Edgar Bertram Records ca.1940 - 1947 Series 4 - James B. Bertram Records 1906 - 1965 Series 5 - Memorial Records 1914 - 1947 Series 6 - Ribbons and Pins 1885 - 1915 Series 7 - Miscellaneous Records 1888 - 2000 Series 8 - Janet Bertram Genealogy Research 19- - 2002 Series 9 - Newspapers 1896 - 1992 Series 10 - Wedding Announcements 1953 - 1982 Series 11 - Photographs 1870 - 2000

Bertram (family)

Larry Becker collection

  • CA ON00210 34
  • Collectie
  • 1882-1996

The fonds consists of items collected by Larry Becker including postcards, bulletins from Ontario Jewish organizations, sermons, periodicals, books, hand painted lantern slides documenting scenes of Jews in early Toronto, and other material relating to Ontario's Jewry.

Becker, Larry

Walter Bernard Williston collection

  • CA ON00311 PF151
  • Collectie
  • 1900

Collection consists of a photocopy of a letter from Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Justice William Falconbridge, accumulated by Walter Bernard Williston.

Williston, Walter Bernard, 1919-1980

Legal documents collection

  • CA ON00311 PF118
  • Collectie
  • 1698-1973

This is an artificially created collection comprised of miscellaneous legal documents from unknown sources accumulated by the Archives. Included in the collection are mortgages, affidavits, contracts, deeds, wills, correspondence, and stock certificates drawn from the files of various wound-up law firms.

Legal documents collection

David L. Gibson collection

  • CA ON00009 F 4592
  • Collectie
  • ca. 1822-2010

Collection consists of photographs and other records, chiefly documenting the Ingersoll, Muskoka, Aylmer and St. Marys areas, collected by or given to amateur historian David L. Gibson. It includes photographs in several formats including cartes de visite, cabinet cards, tintypes, contemporary prints, and glass plate negatives and is comprised of two studio collections: the Hugill studios and the H.F. Robinson Studio. It also includes photographs and other records related to the Gibson and the Foulds families as well as records concerning David's personal research and family history.

As a child in the late 1920s, Gibson first befriended Edgar H. ("Ed") Hugill on Keewaydin Island in Muskoka where Hugill worked as the summer postmaster. Hugill operated a photo studio in Ingersoll, Ontario, initially in conjunction with his father, John, and later on his own. After Ed Hugill's death in 1955, the collection of negatives and photographs from the studio came into Gibson's possession. Gibson used the photos in writing books about Keewaydin Island and the Hugill studio.

Photographs in this collection consist of negatives and prints of family members and studio customers as well as interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses in the Ingersoll area, boats and cottages on Keewaydin and surrounding islands, and events in the Ingersoll and Muskoka areas.

Gibson also obtained the collection of another photographer, Harold Franklin ("Frank") Robinson, possibly through the estate of a Wilford Smith. The photographs included in this collection consist of individual and group portraits often taken at weddings, reunions, social events, and YWCA camps in Aylmer and St. Marys, Ontario.

Gibson was an avid genealogist. He gathered photographs documenting the Gibson as well as the Foulds families. The Foulds, David's maternal grandparents, were early settlers in the Brantford area and contemporaries and neighbours of Alexander Graham Bell. The photographs in this collection consist of family portraits, some of which were used to illustrate David L. Gibson's book on the Foulds family.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Hugill, John, 1829-1911

D'Arcy Martin collection

  • CA ON00311 PF120
  • Collectie
  • 1842

Collection consists of a marriage settlement from Ireland.

Martin, D'Arcy Argue Counsell, 1898-1992

Robert C. Dick collection

  • CA ON00311 PF121
  • Collectie
  • 1856-1867

Collection consists law-related items acquired and accumulated by Ontario lawyer Robert C. Dick. They include a Crown land grant, issued by the Province of Ontario in 1856, and a handwritten copy of a legal textbook.

Dick, Robert Campbell

Charles Samuel Scime collection

  • CA ON00311 PF127
  • Collectie
  • 1888

Collection consists of a sworn declaration by Frederick J. Fulton, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Scime, Charles Samuel

William McKay Wright collection

  • CA ON00311 PF129
  • Collectie
  • 1742

Collection consists of a 1742 assignment of a 1704 English annuity, acquired and kept by William McKay Wright, an Ontario Lawyer.

Wright, William McKay, 1890-1975

University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy collection

  • CA ON00009 F 4363
  • Collectie
  • 1854-1953

Collection consists of prescription books, formula books, accounting and financial records, and publications, as well as orders and customer testimonials, created by several pharmacies in various cities throughout Ontario.

Toronto based pharmacies, individuals and laboratories identified in the creation of these records include the Northrop and Lyman Company, the Osgoode Hall Pharmacy, B. Jackes Brothers and Jackes Brothers Toronto Laboratory, and Harry G. Hillier. Other pharmacies located in Ontario identified in these records include: the Taylor Drug Company Pharmacy (Guelph, Ontario); Willow Pharmacy (Scarborough, Ontario); Dyer's Drug Store (Scarborough, Ontario); S. D. Radley and Radley's Medicine Company (Chatam, Ontario); C. E. Nasmyth Company (Stratford, Ontario); and Schryver's Pharmacy (Bellville, Ontario). Pharmacies with unidentified locations include Lemp's Pharmacy and the Nathan N. Bosworth Pharmacy.

Pharmacists and physicians identified in these series of records include: Physician Robert M. Wilson (Niagara, Ontario); Pharmacist Justin H. Dyer who was associated with the Willow Pharmacy (Scarborough, Ontario); R. A. Harrison (Dunnville, Ontario), Thomas H. Ralph (Dundas, Ontario); H. W. Ralph (Hamilton, Ontario); as well as Dr. Schooley, F. J. Capell, F. T. Hutchinson, and W. C. George who were based in unidentified locales in Ontario.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

John Dryden collection

  • CA ON00009 F 73
  • Collectie
  • 1891-1902

Collection consists of fifteen volumes of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, published 1891-1902, relating to the political career of John Dryden. References include: provincial elections, Dryden's tenure as minister and numerous contemporary political issues.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Dryden, John, 1840-1909

Herbert A. Bruce collection

  • CA ON00009 F 78
  • Collectie
  • 1932-1938

Collection consists of 18 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings concerning Herbert A. Bruce's tenure as Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, 1932-1937. Topics include: Bruce's speeches, sterilisation, King George V's Silver Jubilee, and the Lieutenant-Governor's Committee on Housing.

Collection also includes three photographs. Subjects include: Bruce's swearing in ceremony, 1932; his first formal appearance as Lieutenant- Governor, 1932; and a group of officials with the Duke of Kent.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Bruce, Herbert A. (Herbert Alexander), 1868-1963

Charles Ernest Smalley-Baker collection

  • CA ON00311 PF136
  • Collectie
  • 1867

Collection was accumulated by Charles Ernest Smalley-Baker, a New Brunswick-born lawyer and Dean Emeritus of Osgoode Hall Law School. The collection is comprised of one legal document, a English letters patent issued in 1867.

Smalley-Baker, Charles Ernest, 1891-1972

J.C.B. and E.C. Horwood collection

  • CA ON00009 C 11
  • Collectie
  • 1750 - 1975

Collection consists of architectural drawings and other materials generated or accumulated by J.C.B. and E.C. Horwood during their training and practice as architects within a succession of firms and work places. It includes a large amount of material from other preceding or contemporary architects and practices. These other materials came into the possession of the Horwoods' firm either through amalgamations of architectural practices, planned succession transfers from retiring architects, inheritance, or through a deliberate process by J.C.B. Horwood of acquiring precedent drawings as reference sources.

The collection contains the work of about eighty-five firms, which existed in the period 1829-1975. The projects largely emphasize Toronto, since most of the firms were based in that city. Nearly two-thirds of the series document Toronto architecture. However, the collection also contains some representation from other areas in Ontario, including Brantford, Brampton, Forest Hill Village, Gravenhurst, Guelph, Hamilton, Lorne Park, Mimico, Muskoka, Woodstock, York and North York Townships. There is also some material for the British Isles, Europe, and the United States, as well as from other parts of Canada. Included also are architectural artifacts, such as Frederic W. Cumberland's pantograph and William G. Storm's wooden writing table.

The records document many building types including schools, churches, government or institutional buildings, department stores, commercial and industrial facilities, bridges, skating rinks, funerary structures, and private residences.

The collection contains a wide variety of architectural record types, including mechanical and engineering drawings, survey drawings, site plans, water-colour perspectives, maps, and photographs. There is a vast quantity of masonry sketch work for a few of the projects, such as Osgoode Hall and University College. The collection also includes prints and engravings used as reference material by some of the architects.

The collection also includes a large number of textual items such as: written specifications, a small quantity of correspondence, accounting sheets, job ledgers, notes, building trade and advertising brochures, reports, daily record showing time spent each day by draftsmen, printed photo-mechanical illustrations, certificates and minutes of architectural societies, and some contracts.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Horwood, J.C.B., 1864-1938

Baldwin and Cawthra family photographs collection

  • CA ON00009 C 144
  • Collectie
  • ca. 1884, predominant 1891-ca.1902

Collection consists of 49 photographs including cabinet cards, cartes de visite, an album containing 28 portraits and 3 stereographs. Photographs show formal group and individual portraits of several generations of two prominent families in nineteenth century Ontario - the Baldwins and the Cawthras. Robert Baldwin was a leading Upper Canadian Reform politician and an architect of Responsible Goverment. Photographs in this collection are of the family of Baldwin's son, Robert Junior, and his granddaughter, Elizabeth Mary Baldwin.

Collection also includes an album containing cabinet cards showing descendants of William Cawthra, one of Upper Canada's wealthiest merchants. The album is identified on inside cover as being "from Anthony Adamson".

Collection has been arranged in two series, by family.
For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Baldwin, William (family)

Frank Wright collection

  • CA ON00009 C 171
  • Collectie
  • [ca. 1890]-1962

Fonds consists of glass plate negatives and lantern slides of miscellaneous subjects, and acetate negatives of the construction of the Burlington Skyway and also of vessels in Burlington Bay. Glass plate negatives and lantern slides show various subjects including photographers with their cameras and equipment; photographers at work; portraits; and also landscape scenes. Negatives show the construction of the concrete and steel supports and framework of the Burlington Beach Skyway, as well as images of various shipping vessels and tugs in Burlington Bay.

Fonds is described in two series : 1.) Frank Wright collection of glass plate negatives and lantern slides; and 2.) Burlington Skyway construction and Burlington Bay.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Wright, Frank

George Hutchison collection

  • CA ON00009 C 289
  • Collectie
  • 1991-1994

Collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by George Hutchison with political leaders, advisors, speech writers and political columnists in regard to Ontario politics during the period 1960-1994.

Interviewees include Norman Atkins, William Davis, Cardinal Emmett Carter, Donald MacDonald, Robert Nixon, David Peterson, and Claire Hoy.

Collection also includes 14 colour photographs depicting some of the interviewees at the time of the interviews.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Hutchison, George, 1940-

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