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East Durham County Land Registry Office
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Alma Division of the Sons of Temperance of Canada West

File consists of two (2) documents related to the Alma of the Sons of the Temperance of Canada West, Division #186, Township of Hope, 1867 and 1873. Each document includes a Form of Notice, Form of Resolution and Form of Decision. Names on the documents include: Richard Boney, John Westlick, Arthur Cleyhom?, J. A. Grimison, Paul Upton Oke, John Oke, James B. McMachon, Edward Brockenshire, Thomas Westlick, William H. Giddy, John W. Peacock, Thomas Wade, Jesse Wood, John Grimison, William Greenaway, William Found, Thomas Grimison and Frank Northcott.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Ambrose Family Land Transfer

File consists of a Transfer between John Charles Ambrose, his wife Julia Ambrose, of Brighton, England; George William Bawhee, Palmerston England, William Jackson, England to Thomas Hitchcock Ambrose and Henrietta Ambrose, Mortgagers on land situating in the town of Port Hope, lot 77 in original town plot, west side of Cavan Road. Instrument # 6863. Property is where the Ambrose Brewery was located.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Col. A. T. H. Williams Election Expenses Information

File consists of invoices for the expenses for the Liberal Conservation Association Candidate, Col. Arthur T. H. Williams for the 1882 federal election. Invoices include: Music Hall Rental; Duncan Chisholm, Barrister & Attorney at Law; Millbrook Store; Robert Hutchison Inn, Cavan; The Mail Printing Company, Toronto; The Daily & Weekly Guide Steam Printing & Publishing House, G. Wilson & Sons; Charles Reynolds, Furniture and Upholstery, Undertaking, etc.; Levi Reynolds; Port Hope Times Steam Printing, J. B. Trayes; Dominion Telegraph; G. N. W. Telegraph, Bethany; William Vance, Millbrook; Jacob Atkins; H. A. Ward; W. J. Beatty; T. M. Ward. Detailed statement of expenses included. George C. Ward, Returning Officer.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Declaration of the Port Hope Mechanics Institute

File consists of one (1) document registered at the registry office for the Port Hope Mechanics Institute. The document outlines the purpose of the Institute and it's chartered members. The members each paid $5.00 and signed their names as members. Some of the legible signatures include: David Smart, H. G. Taylor, J. Galbraith, W. Quay, J. B. Trayes, Duncan Chisholm. Trustees listed on the document: G. A. Stewart., W. Craig, H. M. Rose, F. E. Gandrie, L. Ross, M.P.; W. McKechum, P. T. Killaway, A Preston, ?, R. Nichols, H. G. Taylor, D. Smart.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

East Durham Land Registry Office Collection

  • CA ON00154 2004.20
  • Fonds
  • 1815-1992

Fonds consists of various textual records and objects collected by the Land Registrar of East Durham County, c1950s-1970s. For more detailed information, refer to series-level descriptions.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Hope Cheese Factory Declaration

File consists of records created by the Hope Cheese Factory, 1867-1885. It includes: Declaration of the Hope Cheese Factory, 14 Oct 1867; Declaration of the amount to Stock, 14 Jan 1871; Report 1871; Annual Reports 1872, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1884, 1885.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

J. Simpson and T. Greenwood Lease of Store

File consists of two (2) leases for store houses, 1879-1881. (1) Lease, John Hunter to Thomas Greenwood and Produce Dealers, leasing the brick structure with a stone foundation on the east side of Mill Street, 1879; (2) Lease, James Simpson and Thomas Greenwood, Grain and Wool Merchants to lease a brick structure with a stone foundation on the east side of Mill Street, 1881.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Lewis Ross' Election Expenses and Correspondence

File consists of statement of disbursements for Lewis Ross, Reform Candidate for the 1882 Federal Election. Invoices are made out to Lewis Ross, Seth Smith agent for Lewis Ross or to the Reform Association or East Durham Reform Association. There are also invoices for various Port Hope businesses: Daily & Weekly Guide Steam Printing and Publishing House, G. Wilson & Sons in the Sculthorpe Building; The Port Hope Gas Light Co; J. Craick & Co. Dry Goods; Dominion Telegraph Co; George Cochrane; J. T. George Furniture; Frank C. Lidelle; Hewson & Co. Livery and Boarding; Thomas H. Goheen, Livery Keeper; The Weekly News - Printing.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Memorial of Land for Cavan Township

File consists of a Land Deed for Lot 21 Con 4, Cavan Township. The deed was registered in Port Hope and witnessed by William Henderson of Port Hope, who also provide a witness statement. The repaired deed was mended with newsprint showing Sheriff sales in an 1824 newspaper.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

Miscellaneous Papers of the East Durham Registry Office

File consists of nine (9) miscellaneous documents from the East Durham Land Registry Office, 1870-1909. It includes: (1) State of Pennsylvania, Affidavit for Cornelius D. Scully; (2) Order for Cornell Engine and Wide Awake Separator, John Hughes, Manvers and Robert McKee Cartwright, 1884; (3) Lease of dwelling, Jane Porter to Fergus Bruce Porter for Lot 12 Con 13, Manvers Township, 1909; (4) Rules and Regulations of the Janetville Cheese and Butter Association; (5) Good Templars, Mount Pleasant, Cavan, Grand Temple # 157, Certificate 1870; (6) Cooper vs Cooper, Writ of Summons, 1879; (7) Cancelled Drafts, Bank of Toronto, 1875. Stamped Bank of Toronto, Port Hope, ON; (8) Farm Lease, Jane Cavins to Foster Scot, Lots 15 and 16 Con 11, Manvers Township; (9) Note, David Quantrill, Harrietta Quantrill and James T. Clarke, Registered Hope township, 1897.

East Durham County Land Registry Office

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